Top 10 To Listen To This Week!

1. Fever – Yung L
2. Raingroove – Sasha P
3. Executive – Taikoon
4. Ghen Ghen love – Yemi Alade
5. Gbagaun – Illrymz ft Lynxx
6. 1Train- A$ap rocky ft Kendrick Lamar,Action Bronson,Big Krit,Danny Brown,Joey Bada$$, Danny Brown,Yelawolf
7. Guap – Big Sean
8. Lines – Big Boi ft A$ap rocky
9. Londoner – Chip ft Wretch 32,Prof Green
10. Show Sumn – League of starz ft Freddie Gibbs,Problem,Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Bad Lucc and Skeme


Nigerian Music Political Appointments

I was reading a similar article on about American artistes and decided to come up with one for our Nigerian Artistes. Here goes:

President and Vice President
Don Jazzy and D’banj

Forget that these two had a nasty split a couple of months back, they had already proven before that that they knew how to run a business and it should be easy for them to carry this over to the presidency.

Minister of Foreign affairs and Information
The minister’s job is to advise the president on foreign affairs and all that and we all remember back when this nigga was calling himself the African-American ambassador of rap music.

Alternative: XO Senavoe
I’m a big fan of this guy’s music and he stays in Ghana a lot more than he stays in Nigeria so he’ll be a good candidate for this post plus he’s got a Law degree.

Finance minister

Money! Money! Money!
The only way to get out of a recession is by spending and no one knows more about spending than the Omo Baba Olowo.

Minister of Defense

vector (1)
Dude’s mixtape was even named Bar-Racks. He was brought up the army way and he’s always name dropping his army connects. This is the best person for the post.

Minister of Justice
MI Abaga

This dude has never been afraid to call out weak rappers like he did in BEEF. He’s also one of the few educated succesful rappers out there.

Minister of Agriculture
Terry G

This dude is the stoned immaculate. People get high off his music and crazy attitude.

Minister of Education
Modenine Polymath

Dude is an engineer, been in the game for long and still relevant. He’s also known to be one of the most lyrically crazy dudes out there.

Minister for Health
Naeto C

naeto (1)
Cos we won’t be allowed to rest if we don’t give this to him

Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Women affairs
Sound Sultan and 2face

These two artistes are very vocal when it comes to the common man’s plight and Mr Idibia is known to have gone through his fair share of women.

Minister for Petroleum

Basically,this is usually given to a South South person and this dude has received cosigns from a lot of heavy weights in the game. The arguable king of the south.

And if you disagree with any of this,feel free to comment.

This week’s Top 10

1.  Yellow Tape – Fat Joe ft A$Ap Rocky,Lil Wayne, French Montana

2.  F**kin Problem – A$ap Rocky ft Kendrick Lamar,2chainz,Drake

3. Diamonds Remix – Rihanna ft Kanye West

4.  Black Lip Bastard – AbSoul ft Kendrick Lamar,Jay Rock,Schoolboy Q

5.  Survival Tactics – Joey Bada$$

6. Emi ni Baller – Chidinma ft Suspect,IllBliss

7. Bastard – Blackmagic & Ikon

8.  All Birds freestyle – SiNZU

9.  Eziokwu – Lynxxx ft Phyno,Ikechukwu,IllBliss

10. Samba ( Beat of Life) – Sarz ft Wizkid

Frenzy: An album review

Frenzy: Album Review

Artist: D’Prince

Label: Mavin Records

Genre: Afro Pop

Executive Producer: Donjazzy



This is the long awaited album of mavin record artiste D’prince. An artiste who has given us listeners some pretty dope tracks(L: and when we say dope,we mean danceable) in the past from the likes of “Jonzing world”, “Give it to me “, “Take Banana”… This is an album composed to induce a feeling of frenzy to anyone who listens, and this is my view on this album.

Bad Girls

“Don’t Hold me, ok ok ok ok ok ok”

“I dey pop, I’m not a pauper

Drinks flying around like a chopper”

Well, this track is the intro track, he’s trying signal all the bad girls to come on over so that they can get the party started. This track isn’t worth it, so I’ll just skip right next to the next.



Journey of a thousand miles ft. Donjazzy and Wande



“Night would come but day must break

There’s nobody above mistake

See for this life na give and take

That’s why I’m grateful for every breath I take”

Now, this is definitely better than the first track. It’s a inspirational song featuring his label mate Wande Coal who does his best by delivering a nice hook to it. It’s a nice composition thanks to you know who, Donjazzy himself but strangely this song doesn’t fit into this album, it just seems so outta place, this should be under a compilation album or something.


Goody Bag

“ what’s your selling point

Do you know your selling point

You gats to know your selling point

Oya identify your selling point”

Signature track from D’Prince, it has his name written all over it. This is what you would expect from him and he did not disappoint. With unmistakable stupid lyrics, an awesome instrumental to dance to, you’ll probably end up asking the question “What’s your selling point”. It’s one of the plausible hit tracks off the album. If you’re a D’Prince fan you’ll definitely love this one.


Amina ft. Dr Sid

“see me see me see this sisi go put me for trouble o

Girls of nowadays go put me for trouble eh ya

Amina come party she forget her pant mo gbe!

Even some girls for here don comot their pant troway” – D’Prince


“Are you blind abi you know say na me you dey find o

You can’t find another man we go fi handle your behind o

Omoge for your mind o you be one of a kind o “ – Dr Sid

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when Donjazzy goes wrong with a beat but this isn’t one of them. The beat is on point. The song captures a typical party situation where you find some girls with what could pass as underwear or even none at all and what most guys will make of the situation, you know. It’s a fun track, enjoy dancing to it.



Africa Zumba

“give me the hanky, I want to clean my face

No hanky panky dance like say you dey craze”

In the midst of the dance crazes that are imminent all around us from the azonto to ethigi and the likes, D’prince decides to add his own spice to the big pot. So yeah it’s a dance track and I hope there’s a cool dance to go with it but if not, I’ll just do the azonto.


Painting the town ft. Wizkid

“hopping on a G6

My swag is futuristic

Damn she’s feeling freaky she be licking off her lipstick” –D’Prince

“I’m that guy that’s painting the whole town red

I’m killing all the motherfuckas

And I descent what they say I’m making the shake down

We sending down the rain” – WizKid

As a Wizkid fan, I was expecting some wild out club rocking dope track but what I got was a FAIL!

The two of them just played the song out like some childish game, like there was no effort on this one and it was a waste of a very good beat , I’m disappointed with this.


Carry it up ft Timaya

“if you see fine girl with that booty make you tell am o

She can’t just stand there looking she must to use am o” – D’Prince

“me I want you from behind

I don’t care the way you will wind” – Timaya


I guess no album of this nature would be complete without a song about the YANSH!! And it features mister “shake ur bum bum” so you know what this is about already.

Goodlife Promotions_1300_timaya6


”for this life wey we dey we must believe in something

Make hin no be like sayyou don’t believe in nothing

Just like R Kelly I believe I can fly

Spread my wings so wide fly up into the sky”

In the general theme of the album, this is not a bad addition at all. It isn’t a noteworthy song but it has a nice vibe to it, I guess it wasn’t a bad idea.

Call Police

“smoke igbo, call mopol, wheel barrow

Smoke igbo, say na rozay

Rozay bawo”…

“see all of them red eye

Dem don dey claim Apollo

I’m waiting for the mopol” – D’Prince


There’s no great party or in this case, no frenzy without good weed and D’Prince knows this!

For a change, his lyrics are quite on point with the idea of the song and also pretty funny.

This is definitely one for them boys, you know youselves.



Real G ft. M.I

“ I don’t go shopping , I fucking blow the fucking mall away

Fucking with royalty, the fucking prince of the modern day

My mind is like on song, body like eni suru

These niggas is acting, all these niggas is francis duru” – D’Prince

Pause, Lmao


“plus I’m a big G, I’m talking capital

Since I enter industry these rappers on sabbatical

We off the chain we set the cain on loose dawg

You niggas are like apple, you need new Jobs” – M.I

It’s kinda sad but also funny that D’Prince hasn’t quite come to the full reality that he is failure when it comes to rapping. But you have to give him some credit for being to get someone like M.I on this track. And thanks to M.I for being able to salvage something from this, Kudos! To him for doing what he does best.

images (2)


Overdosing and Jonzing ft. Young Breed

“bitches they fall in love

When I fall in clubs

I order so much rozay they think he in the fucking club” – Yung Breed

“thank god for the cash flow we’re stunting on these ass holes

We’re in business this is real talk, I’m talking shipments, cargoes” – D’Prince

I really don’t know how to call this one but I put it as D’Prince’s version of Meek Mill’s “young and getting it” This track is about nothing else but the coke and fits just right on this album, I mean this is a frenzy riiiight.

images (4)


The track features young breed of the Triple C’s a group founded by Rick Ross, so you’ll hear that chic say “maybach music”. Never knew he was a rapper, though he was a MMG male groupie but lo and behold, he raps and he was damn good considering the kinda person he was working with.

images (3)



I have nothing to say on this one, I was almost like this all through.


Ife ft Tiwa Savage

“my ex girl was something

But I no go lie you be something else

You fine pass my compliments

Baby you’re the best for me “ – D’Prince

“my fears are gone away

My baby is here to stay

I’m thanking God above

Cos I’m the one he loves” – Tiwa Savage


I like love songs to be honest #NoHomo and this is a cool jam coming from D’Prince thanks to Donjazzy. It features label mate and awesome singer Tiwa Savage who does pretty well on it even though she didn’t quite meet up to expectations. I guess they added this song just to complete the album and it’s not a bad song but just why would you wanna talk about love at a frenzy? Are you a learner!?!!



By Myself

“you wish bad for me

I wish good for you

You hating on me

I’m sorry for you

Awon gbegborun won yapa on the highway

Owo ti mo ni oun yapa in the briefcase” –D’Prince

He’s just trying to tell us he’s a hardworking boy in a very weak manner even though judging from the beat it’s supposed to be a kinda hardcore tune.

Because of Love ft. Bracket

“She’s too fine even without the makeup

There’s no way that we’re gonna break up

Whatever dem guys… say make dem go lock up

As I dey so, I don love up” – D’prince

I really like the tune of this song, it’s very Nigerian and quite danceable too and it features the “yori yori” boys. But again it’s another love song so I’ll pass.


Get some

she knows the Deal-ly o

she likes my viDeo” – D’Prince


All the song is saying is, she’s going to get the D. A good addition to the album.

Ojoro ft. Wande Coal

“you know as e dey for igboro

Na my money I dey spend no be borrow…

Bye bye to all the sorrow

No make dem call you olodo” – D’Prince


dat time dem call me olodo

Now I don turn to olowo

Olodo ti di omolowo

Dem say na ojoro” – Wande Coal

You just have to appreciate Wande Coal’s talent, he delivered on this one. This is a good collabo with a simple and straightforward message.


No more sleeping on ‘em ft. Wizkid

“ I don grow, I chop DonJazzy fertilizer

It’s not something that you find in your tantalizer

I see you there blogging mister analyzer

Analyze me more mister advertiser” – D’Prince


O wait let me read those lines again



Sorry about that, let me continue

“I got a 9mm like David Banner

O my girl come take banana

It’s prince and wizzy killing your stereo

If you fuck with us you’re gonna be buried o” – Wizkid

Imagine carrying an Ak-47 around filled with just blanks and you not being even able to handle it like a pro, exactly! That’s how this track is played out. I guess the beat was too much for both of ‘em. Another D’prince, Wizkid collabo  gone wrong.



“snail slow, snail slow but hin no dey miss appointment

If you want to see your boy, you gats to book appointment

Na we dey make things happen, we be merriment

Always knew that I would make it cos I’m intelligent” – D’Prince

I feel Donjazzy was just practicing with D’Prince for some of the kind of beats he might be working on for kanye and G.O.O.D Music very soon. Don’t tell D’Prince o.

Don-Jazzy1 (1)

Thank You

A completely different sound to anything you would have heard on the album. It has a rock vibe to it and it’s so not D’Prince. It ends up coming out as a terrible attempt at rock music on his part.

Score Card

  1. Lyrics and flow : F
  2. Beats and Production : A-
  3. Delivery : C


This is a debut album from D’Prince so I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. On the downside, the album is just too long, I mean 21 tracks, 21 tracks of D’Prince??! That’s just not right on so many levels. The lyrics are stupid and even though some are fun, they are still awful lyrics. Now to some positives, most of the beats are dope! Thanks to Donjazzy, Baby Fresh, Aonebeats, Spellz and Joshbeatz, they did a fine job. There are a couple of hit tracks on this album no doubt and though it may appear as a complete failure as an album it passes on some levels. So this album gets a D from me.



Top 10 To Listen To This week

1. Bandz A make her dance – Juicy j ft 2Chainz and Lil’Wayne

2. The boys – Nicki Minaj ft Cassie

3. Fuckin’ Problem – A$ap Rocky ft kendrick lamar, Drake, 2Chainz

4. Hold me back Remix – Rick Ross ft Lil’ Wayne, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Gunplay

5. Maybach Curtains – Meek Mill ft John Legend, Nas & Rick Ross

6. High school – Nicki Minaj ft Lil’ Wayne

7. Fantasy – BlackMagic

8. Yes/No – BankyW

9. Gunshot – Sarkodie ft Davido

10. Ghost mode – Olamide, Phyno

Bubbling under Murder dem – Jesse Jagz

Good kid,m.A.A.d city: a review

Good kid,m.A.A.d city: a review


The album is a concept album which means that it follows a particular storyline. The events happen when Kendrick lamar was 17 and so there’s a mix of his natural lyrical ability and the fuxkery you’d expect from a 17 year old.



It’s deep rooted, the music of being young and dumb

It’s never muted; in fact it’s much louder where I’m from

The album begins with a prayer which is going to be a recurring theme in the album. The first track talks about Kendrick meeting Sherane at a party and how he tries to get into her pants. The track ends with a cliffhanger (like the ghenghen part in movies where you’re not sure if someone is about to get shot or not) when he pulls up in front of her house and sees three hooded guys. The imagery in this song is just fuxking awesome; it takes you down to the conversational details and when Kendrick starts thinking of fuxking Sherane it gets super graphic.


I can say that I like a challenge and you to me is painless

You don’t know what pain is

How can I paint this picture

When the color blind is hanging with you

One thing that is admirable about Kendrick’s style is his ability to create hooks out of nothing, he doesn’t just jump on tracks and start shouting “Bitches love Sosa” or “I know that you’ve been practiciiiiiiing” just so he can have a break between verses. His hooks usually relate to the verses unlike some ignorant shii we’re forced to listen to. This track has that but apart from that, I’m not really down with this one. I’’s not like the track is that bad, I just think it has no place here. It could have been replaced with The Recipe which was surprisingly relegated to bonus in the deluxe edition.


All my life I want money and power

Respect my mind or die from lead shower

I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel tower

So I can fuck the world for 72 hours

This is basically a 17 year old freestyling and bragging about the shii that 17 year olds think about and in keeping with the theme that he was 17 at the time that the story happened, it contains some random ignorant shii. Even with that, it is still a mad ass freestyle and is way better than what The United Federation of Dreadlocked Fools (lilWayne, chief keef, wackaflocka flame, ace hood [NOTE: 2CHAINZ DOESN’T BELONG TO THIS ORGANIZATION….YET]) coulda come up with even if they sat down to write. No offence intended of course.


It’s 2:30 and the sun is beaming

Air conditioner broke and I hear my stomach screaming

Hungry for anything unhealthy

And if nutrition can help me

I’ll tell you to suck my dick then I’ll continue eating

When this song started playing, my first reaction was WTF?!!!!?


But I fought the urge to hit the skip button and thank tha Lord that I didn’t skip cos the second part of the song (we’re just going to ignore the first part and say the song starts at the 1:43 mark) was just AWESOME!!!!!!!


It’s one of those songs (we’re still ignoring the first part) that makes you start imagining you’re in a music video and that you could actually write shii like this. Sorry, you can’t.


That Louie’s Burger never be the same

A Louis belt will never ease the pain

-Kendrick Lamar

Imagine Rock up in the projects where demniqqas pick your pockets

Santa Claus gon miss dem stockings

Liquor spilling pistols popping

Baking soda YOLA whipping, ain’t no turkey on Thanksgiving

-Jay Rock

The beat sounds like the kindashii you could get high to, the kindashii that gives Wiz Khalifa wet dreams. This is a DOPE beat. Get it? Dope?High?


L I’m sorry; I just had to do that.


Even though Jay Rock is arguably the least skillful rapper in the Black Hippy movement, he is waaaay better than most rappers out there and he came on this track (pause) and did his shii but his verse was still dwarfed by Kendrick’s verse (see what I did there? Dwarfed by Kendrick.L I have a problem).


If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it

-Kendrick Lamar

I mean I write poems in these songs,dedicated to the fun sex


To say the truth, I was expecting, hoping and praying that I’d hate this song and that it would be crap cos of Mr. Cream puffs but this track ended up being my second favorite track on the album. The song is obviously for the ladies and I’m sure it will work for dem girls. The Drake that showed up on this album wasn’t Mr. Cream puffs or Mr. I’m too emotional for you or Mr. They stole my girl, the Drake that showed up was the one that was once touted as the next savior of rap. His chemistry with Kendrick on this track just adds to the whole feel good feeling about this track.


Look inside these walls

and you see them having withdrawals

of a prisoner on his way

Trapped in your desire to fire bullets that stray

Track attire just tell you I’m tired and ran away

Even though this is a Pharell beat, it sounds nuthin like that. The drums that are usually the trademark of every Neptune beat are relegated to the background. The beat added to the verbal weapons that Kendrick wields over the track makes this sound like superhero music. You can just picture him in a cape as he raps in his trademark unconventional rap style.


A wall of bullets coming from AK’s AR’s, “Aye y’all.Duck.”

That’s what mama said when we was eating the free lunch

-Kendrick Lamar

But yeah that’s like me, I grew up in the hood where they bang

And niqqas that rep colors is doing the same thang

-MC Eiht

There are two beats on this one, different in style. The first beat sounds Mercy-esque and the second one sounds like a real Compton beat like dem Compton’s most wanted or NWA songs. It sounds like the kinda beat you ride to in an open roof car while driving to your babe’s house cos it’s attention grabbing and pompous as fuxk. Kendrick just goes insane on the beats, it’s like someone put a gun to his head and told him to rap or he’ll get shot. It was that good.


His verse on the second beat was a nod to the hip hop heads of Cali in general and considering that he had one on the track, there was no way that it would go wrong. McEiht didn’t come on the track (pause) all laid back cos he’s already a great and all that pompous shii. He went in (pause) and put it down like only an OG can.



Some people like the way it feels

Some wanna kill their sorrows

Some people wanna fit in with the popular

I have to say  that I never really liked this song like that ever since it came out as a single, it gets to me sometimes but most times I’m like “and then?”. It is more of a teen friendly song for the cup-holding, lean-drinking, peer pressured teen. It sounds like the kinda song you’d release just to please company execs (pause). The song is good but it shoulda been on someone else’s album and not on this one. It’s kinda like finding Ribena in a cellar full of Wine.001_290_1


Blah blahbla

I can’t comment about this track cos …uhm… i… uhm…slept off midway through it. it’s a 12 minute song for God’s sake!!

But taking time out to listen to is you’ll discover some really artistic dopeness to it e.g the gunshots when said ‘’and if I die before your album drop, I hope..’’


I promise that I know you very well

Your eyes never lie even if they tell

Sweet lullabies that come with a smell

Of a dozen roses flippin down the green hill

My favorite song on this album even though it is seven minutes long. The beat is just IT. There’s no other word for it. It’s the kinda beat that when you ask anyone about it, the only reply can be “that’s that shii” I was half expecting to hear Lupe’s voice on this cos this is the sortashii he’d rap to. I LOVE THIS SONG. The track is just a couple of reasons why Kendrick Lamar is realer than you. It’s just about loving yourself. And in other news, I’m getting married to this song J



Fix your lenses

Forensics woulda told you Kendrick had killed it

Pretend it’s a massacre and the masses upon us

And I mastered being the master at dodging your honor

-Kendrick Lamar


JUST BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s one thing to make a dope beat, it’s another thing to find a good chorus, hook and awesome verses and then proceed to totally fuxk the beat up the arse. This song has done just that. Dre raps over this hot beat with some Kendrick written raps and you can almost hear his lines holding the hands of the beat before Mr. Lamar proceeds to violate the beat.


IN SUMMARY, this album is not a classic and it’s not a dud. It’s above average and it’s excellent for a first effort. No album is perfect and this is proof. The album is filled with skits in an attempt to help with the telling of the story but Kendrick does such a good job that they aren’t really needed in the end. As to production, Dre took a hands-off approach to this album and didn’t produce all of the beats on the album, there are beats from Just Blaze, Dj Dahl, The Neptunes and K.Dot’s pre-aftermath producer; Ali and they didn’t disappoint. The lyrical quality of this album was superb, as was expected, and the featured artists didn’t disappoint. Also, this album wasn’t oversaturated with features and the features on it made sense in the end. I woulda loved to have seen a song with all the Black Hippies but the inclusion of Jay Rock was enough compensation. So in the end, I’ll have to give this album A-