Nigerian Music Political Appointments

I was reading a similar article on about American artistes and decided to come up with one for our Nigerian Artistes. Here goes:

President and Vice President
Don Jazzy and D’banj

Forget that these two had a nasty split a couple of months back, they had already proven before that that they knew how to run a business and it should be easy for them to carry this over to the presidency.

Minister of Foreign affairs and Information
The minister’s job is to advise the president on foreign affairs and all that and we all remember back when this nigga was calling himself the African-American ambassador of rap music.

Alternative: XO Senavoe
I’m a big fan of this guy’s music and he stays in Ghana a lot more than he stays in Nigeria so he’ll be a good candidate for this post plus he’s got a Law degree.

Finance minister

Money! Money! Money!
The only way to get out of a recession is by spending and no one knows more about spending than the Omo Baba Olowo.

Minister of Defense

vector (1)
Dude’s mixtape was even named Bar-Racks. He was brought up the army way and he’s always name dropping his army connects. This is the best person for the post.

Minister of Justice
MI Abaga

This dude has never been afraid to call out weak rappers like he did in BEEF. He’s also one of the few educated succesful rappers out there.

Minister of Agriculture
Terry G

This dude is the stoned immaculate. People get high off his music and crazy attitude.

Minister of Education
Modenine Polymath

Dude is an engineer, been in the game for long and still relevant. He’s also known to be one of the most lyrically crazy dudes out there.

Minister for Health
Naeto C

naeto (1)
Cos we won’t be allowed to rest if we don’t give this to him

Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Women affairs
Sound Sultan and 2face

These two artistes are very vocal when it comes to the common man’s plight and Mr Idibia is known to have gone through his fair share of women.

Minister for Petroleum

Basically,this is usually given to a South South person and this dude has received cosigns from a lot of heavy weights in the game. The arguable king of the south.

And if you disagree with any of this,feel free to comment.


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