Jesus Piece: An album review


Artist: Game
Label: Aftermath, Interscope Records
Genre: Gangster rap, HipHop

Game is one of those artists that you hardly hear about on the music scene for the music, he’s usually in the headlines for non-music stuff and acting like a 17yr old but still over the years, he has maintained his realness and loyalty to the game and this being his 5th studio album just shows us how far he’s come as a rapper. Expect a lot of name dropping on this album

Scared Now Ft. Meek Mill

“chased that nigga down put him on worldstar
Bith nigga got away in his girl’s car” –


“shots fired, man down
Dead bodies get found
That chopper clip spits rounds
And real niggas get murdered
” – Meek Mill

From the beat to the hook, to his verses, Game went in hard. A very good intro to the album, the message is clear and simple. Only problem with it is it’s not a very convincing collaboration because Meek Mill isn’t the first person that comes to mind when one thinks of intimidation.


Like seriously,look at the dude. He probably can’t even hurt a fly

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Ali Bomaye Ft. 2Chainz & Rick Ross**


“gentleman attire, in threads that won’t expire
In a class of my own, my teacher got fired”-

“Like New Orleans, like Baltimore, come to Compton you’ll see murders
And my Ar see muders that’s beef nigga no burgers
I’m insane and you Usain, nigga better turn on them burners
Got coke swimming in that glass jar, bitch go turn on them burners”
– Game

“Gold medals on my neck, I call it Michael Phelps
Hoes settling for less, I call ‘em bottom shelf”
– Rick Ross

Don’t really know what it is about this track, whether it’s the soulful vibe or the entire arrangement of the track. But the truth is its dope plain and simple. It’s the kinda track that can get you inspired with pursuing that Ali type of greatness throwing some real heavy punches at anyone and everyone.

*punch in the face*
“Why did you punch him?”
*punch in the face*
“Are you crazy?”
*punch in the face*

2 Chainz Album Release Party

Jesus Piece Ft. Kanye West & Common**

“I’m not an army, I’m a movement
The flow is water, Andre tried to Ice Cube him
Ice Cubin’, roof translucent
Chick on my side tryna get my trues loose”
– Game

“I’m the sun shining with God features
Draw closer to a true blood bleeder, son of a southern preacher
Went from dinner with the bottom feeders to the world leaders
We throw the peace up, knowing the world need us”
– Common

Welcome to “church”, ministering today will be our “pastor” Game, “guest minister” Common and our “choir director” Kanye. It just can’t be denied that this being the lead track of the album gets you feeling like you’re in some kinda church where everyone is just gangster. I’m sure if church felt like this, a lot of niggas would be in church. This is a great ministration all together.

KANYE WEST Fall 2012 Afterparty

Pray Ft. J. Cole & JMSN**

“she probably gon’ die, it’s starting to be evident
I told her, slow down girl you’re heaven sent
I’m a thug but I got a heart like Kev and them”
– Game

“well what changed then?
She tellin me a nigga had her caged in
Every time she think about me on the road
She be crying realizing all the places she ain’t been”
– J. Cole

Not the most hardcore track you’ll hear on this album, it’s a bit of a soft one from the Game but it’s a very deep and conscious track featuring a very deep young rapper on the rise: J. Cole, who blended so well into it. If you take time out to really listen to the lyrics, the song will really get you thinking and make you “bow your head and pray”.



Church Ft. king Chip & Trey Songz

“you bounce that ass like O lord
Then climb up the pole to meet Christ
Saturday night she twerking it for a real nigga
These niggas hating, I hate them niggas
Make mw wanna bring back Tommy Hilfiger”
– Game

“Sunday morning extra clean get these bitches off him
Imam roll through your hood and collect my offering
Seen her with a group of friends mhen she got the best butt
Then she turned aroung looking like Morris Chestnut”
– King Chip

One of the few laid back joints on the album, it captures some of the elements you’ll find in church and some of the kind of people that go to church the only thing is, it’s not about church. It’s about the strip club.


It’s done in quite a creative manner I must add. King Chip did good for me since it’s the first time I’m hearing from him, funny too. But I didn’t really see the point of Trey Songz on this.



All That (lady) Ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih

“her shoe game sick, we drinkin ace out of red bottles
True gang shit, fuck with me and you’re famous
Kanye’d my bithch, now she’s away from the nameless
Camera flashes from strangers turn a range to a manger
Jesus piece on the plate yea my baby an angel”
– Game

“and that pussy like a haven
We can make babies let’s be creative
She say leave them tricks alone but I’m a skater”
– Lil wayne

“look my girl sweet like my hotel floor
From where they ran through more keys than a hotel door
Indeed give her the D now the whole hotel know
Feel like I’m looking down from heaven screaming Oh hell no!”
– Big Sean

Yeah so this track features like 4 artistes and I was like But why?! Then I listened to it and Damn! It’s just a short, simple, straight to the point track. It may not be gangster but at least it doesn’t waste too much of your time. So moving on…


Heavens Arms**

“hard bottom ferragamos, IQ too much for mediocre convo
I know a Farrakhan tho three story convo
Ipod shuffling between Common, Jay Electronica and Bono
Armado, the last words of Paul Castellano
Nothing but endless paper and bitches for niggaz in know”
– Game

Yes finally, a track with no features. I don’t need to say much about it. Game owned this one, he killed it, the hook, the verses, everything about this joint is DOPE!

Name Me King Ft. Pusha T**

“Brick my brick I built my fortress
My queen is beautiful, Lamborghini is gorgeous
Phantom in the courtyard, 400 horses
Growl made the towers fall, 911 Porsches
Number 9 Jordans, pause the air forces
Kush clouds, blunts lit by Olympic torches
Gold bars melted and what returned, Rolexes”
– Game

“raise your glass for the last of the kingpins
The crown in the Maserati grill is mingling
Rollies cross oceans like Frank out in England”
– Pusha T

This is probably one of the best of the many features of the album, both Pusha T and Game had very on point bars, neither of them out did each other, they both vibed well off each other. Pusha worked really hard last year and he brought his wreckin ball rap to this. I approve.


See No Evil Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Tank

“blood tears off the face of my Jesus piece
It’s bloodshed feel the cracks in my city streets
I’m from the crack of dem city streets
Used to sell crack in them city streets, born in blood nigga”
– Game

“I live this life at a pace anyone can go
Know your place and dedicate your role to the faith that you’ll die alone
Trace your steps when I do a step in a fire of broken bones
And I require my heart’s desire and when I reap what I sew”
– Kendrick lamar

The beat of this track is not loud and banging in your ear like you might expect from a song featuring one of the west’s young kings, Kendrick Lamar. Yet still the lyrics are just the right dose, they’re hard and simple. Not a typical Compton track but maybe just a glimpse of what is to come.


Can’t Get Right Ft. K. Roosevelt

“I bumped ether, bumped takeover
Seeing Jay and Nas on stage was hip-hop’s makeover
And that very day you knew niggaz was born
Tyler the creators, Drake, J. Cole and big seans
Time for the world to pay homage”
– Game

“as blood spills from my pen” This track is simply a confession, a glimpse to what Game has been through and how life has been. He’s just telling his story on this one being very blunt and honest most especially on verse 2.


Halleluyah Ft. Jamie Foxx**


“bad bitches in here, forgive me for my sins
I ain’t meant to walk inside the church cursing again
I wanna live righteous and you know I love Jesus
But you can’t catch the holy ghost in the prius”
– Game

Just get in the mood of this track and enjoy it y’all. Lemme leave it at that


Freedom Ft. Elijah Blake

“wanna welcome everybody to Jesus piece
After my album fades my competition will lyrically be deceased
Niggas saying I’m underrated
Like a younger Jay with heat but not the one the Thunders play with
So Los Angeles king is sort of an understatement”
– Game

Yeah, so this technically is the end of the album, it’s a good end to the body of the album, capturing the message and essence of the album. It’s the end of the church service, you can all go home now.


Celebration Ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa

“ray bans in my face never know when my eyes low
Smoke good, fuck good, eat good, steakhouse”
– Game

“it’s a celebration all on the pole they doing the dance
Anticipating I’m feeling your body hoping that you would just give me a chance
” – Chris Brown

“don’t act nollywood cos I don’t act
Bout my business but I don’t slack”
– Tyga

“got the kush in the swisher, got the pussy, the liquor
Got a silencer on the gun take it off like a striper”
– Lil wayne

If you are one of those people that like to wait for refreshments after service, this is for you. It’s a feel good song, a moment to make you feel you had a good time and I hope you do after listening to the album.


Score Card
Lyrics – B+
Beats and Production – A-
Delivery – B-


I know, this album has a lot of features and that’s not really a dope look but Game pulled it off with style and finesse. He didn’t allow the many features to dictate the pace or control the overall value of the album. He made sure he owned every track, he put his imprint on every song and that’s the important thing. Though the album has a commercial ringtone to it with the kind of artistes he worked it, the name of the album and artwork, it is one of Game’s best album pieces musically and lyrically and ironically it’s not selling much. The album is soulful with a constant feel of a choir in the background on every track though all the beats are not as heavy as some might have hoped them to be. But whether or not you like Game or this album, it’s a good album and this one gets a B


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** – Recommended by Tha Report Card