Top 24 Nigerian rappers for the year 2012

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Year 2012 was a year of ups and downs for Nigerian Hip Hop. This year saw the oversaturation of the industry with Azonto-like songs. There was a mad rush to make danceable shii. While a few actually acheived this mix, most just fell flat and short with pathetic attempts ( no one’s pointing fingers. Sinzu. I shall say no names. Sinzu.). This isn’t a list of the best rappers of 2012 but rather a list of the most active rappers who put out legit ish that got enough/considerably fair airplay ( which is why Skales is on this list). Read and file your complaints in the comments section. Also re-post,re-blog and retweet the link.




Everyone loves Miss E (except dem Niqqas at Trybe Records) so we were all happy when she got a record deal with The Trybe 2.0 but nuthin really came outta that and now she has been dropped (like excess weight). Instead of getting lazy and dissing the fxck outta the Trybe, she released “Big Biggie” which is not the best rap jam ever but has gotten a lotta airplay and it’s hopefully a sign of good things to come.



Nigeria’s number one boy band really came to the fore this year with the release of “Bad guy P”, “Pamparampe” and “On fire”. I hate have to single out a particular member has the best seeing as they all have their particular stregths and weaknesses but thereks no getting round the fact that Bad Bridge’s quality has saved some of their songs.


Kahli Abdu

This is one of dem Nigerian rappers that actually kicks knowledge consistently. His mixtape with KidKonnect (THE BANDITS) was a good listen and all but not just as good a showing as MINISTRY OF CORRUPTION. His single “Morphine” was also an example of his pure genius.



There was once a boy who said he was “heading for a Grammy” and we sorta believed. This is not that dude. His verse on “owolapo” was okay and he had a fairly busy year with the EME album but the fact that he was busy doesn’t mean he did well this year. He should just switch to full on RnB and stop pretending that he still


Ajebutter 22

Badman had a good year with the release of a couple of singles that did well. These singles were the perfect mix of club and new school rap. He was most definitely one of the top men of last year.

Ajebutter pic


We all know this dude spits some of the most elementary lines ever and has total disregard for any form of rhyme scheme but he still made a good statement with his album OGA BOSS. He really stepped up his game last year.

images (5)


Mr Nelson really brought the heat this year. The beast from the east really put Igbo rap on the forefront this year. Nigga Raw, MC Loph, Big Lo & 2shotz have all done the igbo rap thing but Phyno made it sound cool. “Ghostmode”, “can’t you see” and “shutdown” are examples of his good work this year.



To say the truth, I’d lost faith in this dude after MI2 but he had a very good year with his mixtape showing everyone that the short one can still kick it. He killed features and his song for the Aluu victims was on some poetic shii.



The First Lady is another person who I had given up all hope for but then she released her version of Bad Guy P and it has been all uphill from there. She has since released Authentic (which was manageable) and Raingroove (which was much better).

images (6)


Dude had a highly publicized beef with Vector which I still believe was just a ruse to boost their album sales. He had a below par album but he impressed on every single feature he was on.



MI called him king of the South before killing him off on “Export” and since then he has carried the title into the mainstream. He released “zombie”, “gidi grind” and featured on a couple of posse cut. He had a fairly good year.

images (7)

Naeto C

He had a good year with “Tony Montana”,”I gentle O”,”Tony Montana Remix” and “Can you do it” but has come under criticism recently for lazy bars which I believe are actually swagged out bars.



This is one rapper who I believe would already be at the top if she was at a major label. She arguably killed everyone else off with her verse on “Kilo fo si remix”. She also put out a couple of songs which didn’t get as much airplay as they should have.



Apart from Vector, I believe this was the most hard working rapper last year. He started off with “Loko”(which in my opinion was and is a dumbass track) but finished strongly with tracks like “let’s get dis money”, “All birds freestyle”, Molly freestyle and numerous features. I guess it’s safe to say that Sinzu’s back.


Show Dem Camp

Ghost & Tec had a good year that ended with a fairly strong mixtape (THE CLONE WARS: VOL 2). They also featured on a couple of tracks this year and did not fail to impress.



This dude has to be tested for rap steroids cos dude was just jumping on every track there was at the beginning of 2012 building up anticipation for his album and as if all that hype wasn’t enough, he also released a mixtape that got G reviews. Incredible year for the Viper.

images (4)


Mathematical Shege was on the brink of entering into irrelevancy before 2012 but with the release of a fairly good mixtape and singles that got their fair share of radio rotation. He really branched out his style this year and won over a lot more fans.


Ice Prince

The crown prince of weak bars had a lotta commercial bullcrap out early last year but it seems getting nominated for a BET award in 2012 shot a dose of the REAL into him as he got better towards the end of the year.



The first time I heard this dude was on an IcePrince song like 3 years back and his verse wasn’t all that to me. FastFoward to 2012 and him getting featured on Modenine and MI’s mixtapes then dropping arguably the best mixtape of the year (ART-IFFICIAL INTELLIGENCE). His verse on “Belle full” can also stand as a testament to his ability to hold his own.



Phenom worked hard in the year 2012 and his work seems to have payed off as he is now seen as a headliner and not just the opening act. The KnightHouse general dropped “ShukuBamBam” and “Murder Dem” this year to favorable reviews.



First of all, this dude needs no re-introduction. Dude had an exceptional year with a sophomore album that did waay better than his first effort. He also had the streets on lock with numerous catchy singles.


Ejay Blackmagic

This dude is the triple threat rapper. He sings, raps and produces. This year had everyone and their aunty singing “Repete” and his collab with Ikon had mudafxckas screaming “BASTARD”



He didn’t go as hard as he did in previous years but he still had a fair year this year with club friendly singles and killer verses on features.


Terry tha Rapman

Joe Spazm put out his mixtape this year and had a couple of good features out too. Even though he’s not as strong as he once was, he can still hold his own in this new rap age.


My first draft of this list had 40 rappers on it and now it has just … *scrolling up to check* 24 names. The fact that some rappers didn’t appear here doesn’t mean they aren’t good or nuthin, it just means that they were lazy fuxks last year.

Honorable mentions:

Jesse Jagz ( did more producing than rapping this year)
Efa ( faded out towards the end of the year)
Big Maxx
Erigga Newmoney
Lynxx ( didn’t get on the list cos rapping is not his main gig but he did way better than Skales in the rapping department this year)
Ozzy B
Ms Chief

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Grammy Predictions

Hello everybody, happy New Year!

So the Grammys are going down this Sunday and we at Tha Report Card decided to give our predictions on some categories of choice based on some in-depth analysis and music standards. Hope you enjoy the article and feel free to let us know your predictions for the Grammys.


Note: These are only predictions, the chances of a nomination winning is indicated with percentages.

Best Rap Album:

1.) Life is Good:
This is Nas’ 11th studio album and being honest, this is the best album in this category by a very good distance – 40%

2.) GFID:
So everyone knows pretty well that Rick Ross was at his peak last year, like he just went hit for hit, even though the album fell below some certain expectations, Ross still had a wonderful year – 24%

3.) Take Care:
We all know how emotional this album is and yes Mr. Aubrey is a hit maker and this album does has hits but on some rap standards, it falls short a bit. – 24%

4.) Undun:
Most of you wouldn’t know this album, it’s expected. The album didn’t have commercial success but it had good reviews and I would admit I only listened to it once but the lyrics are pretty dope. – 7%

5.) Based on a Tru story:
Welcome newcomer 2Chainz, this is a good start for him despite the fact that he has tacky lyrics, I guess the Academy just wanted to complete the category – 6%

6.) Food and Liquor:
Not the Lupe we would have expected in all truth. The album didn’t really make one forget the work he did on L.A.S.E.R.S. and with his recent antics at the Presidetial inauguration, the Academy shouldn’t be giving him anything – 0%


Best Rap Song:

1.) Mercy:
This track was everywhere last year, like I put on the tv and it’s on. It’s the hottest among the pack no doubt. – 30%

2.) Niggas in Paris:
kanye West involved again? yes, yes any problem? No? didn’t think so. – 28%

3.) The Motto:
“you already know The Motto” YOLO – 20%

4.) Lotus Flower Bomb:
This track surprisingly picked up some awards last year and that kinda gives it an edge, it’s a very laid back track, more for the ladies. – 10%

5.) Daughters:
So this was the first single off Nas’ Life is good album, it’s a good track no doubt and also an important one – 10%

6.) Young,wild and free:
Just to complete this category I guess – 2%

images (8)

Best Rap performance:

The first three songs in this category were great performances of 2012 all round, this one was kinda difficult to call.

1.) Niggas in Paris:
There’s no doubt that Jay-Z and Kanye killed this one hands down. That shii cray!! – 25%

2.) Mercy:
The arrangement on this track is simply good. And the verses were commercial and very appropriate. – 24%

3.) HYFR:
Hell Yeah Fucking Right. Nuff said. – 23%

4.) I do:
this track had Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and Andre 3000 on it. It’s a nice jam. – 14%

5.) Daughters:
This is probably the odd one out in this category. – 14%

images (9)

Best Rap Collaboration:

This category is a bit difficult to call I won’t lie, it could go anyway…

1.) Tonight:
This was a well mastered and performed song, it was arranged and delivery was on point – 21%

2.) Talk that Talk:
This is more of a pop song and a rap song no doubt but it would be silly to say it doesn’t have a chance of winning because the committee never fails to surprise – 20%

3.) No church in the wild:
Though this didn’t have popular acclaim like N.I.P and some may not accredit it as a much of a collaboration because they made an entire album together, but since it’s still a collabo – 20%

4.) Cherry wine:
RIP Amy winehouse. One of the most unlikely collaborations we’ve come to see, it is a very interesting blend based on the completely different styles these two artists both have. It just might clinch it. – 20%

5.) Wild ones:
Another hit pop song done by rapper so based on committee standards, I guess it qualifies right? – 19%

Yeah so those are the categories we decided to cover, feel free to tell us your predictions on any category of your choice.
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