Grammy Predictions

Hello everybody, happy New Year!

So the Grammys are going down this Sunday and we at Tha Report Card decided to give our predictions on some categories of choice based on some in-depth analysis and music standards. Hope you enjoy the article and feel free to let us know your predictions for the Grammys.


Note: These are only predictions, the chances of a nomination winning is indicated with percentages.

Best Rap Album:

1.) Life is Good:
This is Nas’ 11th studio album and being honest, this is the best album in this category by a very good distance – 40%

2.) GFID:
So everyone knows pretty well that Rick Ross was at his peak last year, like he just went hit for hit, even though the album fell below some certain expectations, Ross still had a wonderful year – 24%

3.) Take Care:
We all know how emotional this album is and yes Mr. Aubrey is a hit maker and this album does has hits but on some rap standards, it falls short a bit. – 24%

4.) Undun:
Most of you wouldn’t know this album, it’s expected. The album didn’t have commercial success but it had good reviews and I would admit I only listened to it once but the lyrics are pretty dope. – 7%

5.) Based on a Tru story:
Welcome newcomer 2Chainz, this is a good start for him despite the fact that he has tacky lyrics, I guess the Academy just wanted to complete the category – 6%

6.) Food and Liquor:
Not the Lupe we would have expected in all truth. The album didn’t really make one forget the work he did on L.A.S.E.R.S. and with his recent antics at the Presidetial inauguration, the Academy shouldn’t be giving him anything – 0%


Best Rap Song:

1.) Mercy:
This track was everywhere last year, like I put on the tv and it’s on. It’s the hottest among the pack no doubt. – 30%

2.) Niggas in Paris:
kanye West involved again? yes, yes any problem? No? didn’t think so. – 28%

3.) The Motto:
“you already know The Motto” YOLO – 20%

4.) Lotus Flower Bomb:
This track surprisingly picked up some awards last year and that kinda gives it an edge, it’s a very laid back track, more for the ladies. – 10%

5.) Daughters:
So this was the first single off Nas’ Life is good album, it’s a good track no doubt and also an important one – 10%

6.) Young,wild and free:
Just to complete this category I guess – 2%

images (8)

Best Rap performance:

The first three songs in this category were great performances of 2012 all round, this one was kinda difficult to call.

1.) Niggas in Paris:
There’s no doubt that Jay-Z and Kanye killed this one hands down. That shii cray!! – 25%

2.) Mercy:
The arrangement on this track is simply good. And the verses were commercial and very appropriate. – 24%

3.) HYFR:
Hell Yeah Fucking Right. Nuff said. – 23%

4.) I do:
this track had Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and Andre 3000 on it. It’s a nice jam. – 14%

5.) Daughters:
This is probably the odd one out in this category. – 14%

images (9)

Best Rap Collaboration:

This category is a bit difficult to call I won’t lie, it could go anyway…

1.) Tonight:
This was a well mastered and performed song, it was arranged and delivery was on point – 21%

2.) Talk that Talk:
This is more of a pop song and a rap song no doubt but it would be silly to say it doesn’t have a chance of winning because the committee never fails to surprise – 20%

3.) No church in the wild:
Though this didn’t have popular acclaim like N.I.P and some may not accredit it as a much of a collaboration because they made an entire album together, but since it’s still a collabo – 20%

4.) Cherry wine:
RIP Amy winehouse. One of the most unlikely collaborations we’ve come to see, it is a very interesting blend based on the completely different styles these two artists both have. It just might clinch it. – 20%

5.) Wild ones:
Another hit pop song done by rapper so based on committee standards, I guess it qualifies right? – 19%

Yeah so those are the categories we decided to cover, feel free to tell us your predictions on any category of your choice.
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