Sorry for not posting this earlier but we’ve just been extra busy with exams. Anyway, let’s skip the intro and jump straight into the review.



And all my nigga I roll with are hella armed
And last night, I took a transformer
I had a dream my dick turned to Megatron
But my girl was sleeping with decepticons

This is a strong start to the album with keys playing in the background while Weezy is spitting some of his best shii in a while. His style might be getting old and all but this track is a throwback to dem Carter3 days. It’s a mix of both sentimental and trademark quirky lines.

Curtains ft Boo

Okay, I’m straight at you. No ricochet
That pussy boneless, that’s chick-fil-a
I fuck with real riders and they tickets paid
For them dead presidents, we will start digging graves


Real niggas winning, fake niggas losing
Bitch I’ll leave that pussy with bruises



Uhm…I dunno. This track doesn’t really do it for me. The beat is on some G shii and all but the only thing I’ve learned from this song is that Lil Wayne is nervous cos if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have kept on repeating “I swear to God I aint nervous”. No one asked brov. Boo’s verse on this wasn’t that good but he held his ground reasonably well. His verse wasn’t good enough for me to download his mixtape or nuthin, just good enough to stop me from deleting the song.

Days & Days ft 2chainz

I got skinny ass jeans, trucks on that pocket
Money talks, nigga, I’m caught up in that gossip


2chainz, my first chain had a twin


You know there’s a problem, a BIG problem in fact, when 2chainz renegades another rapper and when the rapper is someone who was once the best alive, it’s just sad.


This song just has Weezy spitting his usual ” Pussy is sweet so eat it” lines before 2chainz comes in and unexpectedly steals the show. This song is almost a waste of a very good beat. Almost. Tunechi manages to almost salvage it with his last verse.

Gunwalk ft Gudda Gudda

Now fuck with me, get fucked over
Emergency room, rushed over


Walk ‘round this motherfucka limpin
Cos the nose on the pistol ‘bout as long as Scottie pippen’s


1Gudda Gudda 2

There are 2 good things about this song and sadly, it’s not the rappers. The chorus and the beat. Apart from that, Weezy just sounds uninspired. He sounds like he just recorded this song by mistake, He probably didn’t even know the mic was on. This is probably the reason why Waste of Space aka Gudda Gudda was allowed to rap on this. This is probably as trash as trash gets but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions since there are still a couple of tracks left. Shii might get worse.


No Worries ft Detail

She said sorry I didn’t shave so that pussy is a little furry
I put that pussy in my face, I ain’t got no worries


This song was (and still is) a huge hit. The beat, the chorus, the verses all go together to create a zany club banger. This is definitely a win for the album.

Back to You

She had cat eyes, nine lives, no tan lines, high thighs
She ride me like a drive by, I’m real and these niggas Sci-fi

Wow! I actually like this one. This is a rock rap fusion that is a throwback to the Rebirth days. The major reason why this works is because he is not relying fully on auto-tune, he’s just flowing ALMOST seamlessly with the beat. Even the sample makes sense. Another win.

Trigger Finger ft Soulja Boy

Better turn to God before I turn to Godzilla
How the fuck you go talk shit to diarrhoea


Rest in peace to the game cos I’m fresh to death
Rest in peace to the game, tell them kill theyself



A slow beat with a banging bass line plus Weezy’s verse combine to create another win for Tunechi. Weezy sounds so laid back on this and makes it look easy but when Soulja Boy steps up to the plate, he almost fuxks the whole thing up. This is a track I believe most Lil Wayne Fans will like.

Beat the Shit ft Gunplay

And I bought a fuckin zoo, tear this shit up and chuck a deuce
This triple C, they triple L: lames love to lose


Watch me cock the Nina, call that rough sex
Knock your head off, you’re just a rough neck



Seriously?? Wait. Seriously? Is that the chorus? Seriously???


The only reason I didn’t skip this straight up is cos I wanted to hear Gunplay’s verse and he didn’t disappoint at all. The dopeman’s verse is like an air freshener on an otherwise shitty track. The beat is aiite and all but I just can’t get past the chorus. I’m sorry.


Ok, It’s part of my job to jam the track to the end and after bumping this, I can say that the chorus is prolly the only wack thing about the song cos the verses are pretty aiite and all. It’s just that chorus that keeps putting me off.

Rich as Fuck ft 2Chainz

Never talk to the cops, I don’t speak pig latin
I turn the penny into a motherfuckin Janet Jackson

This is my favourite track on the album and it contains what I think is 2chainz finest Chorus moment ever. The beat itself is already a problem, now add that to a Tunechi who seemingly knows what he is doing and you get something extra crazy. Even the pussy jokes on this song actually work.

Trippy ft Juicy J

She get dick, weed and ignored; that’s a DWI nigga

Weed that I smoke
Straight off the boat
Six foot bong, tryna see what I toke



This is not as bad as I expected it to be but Juicy J’s verse is just messed up. The beat and the chorus deserve a bottle of audio tipex


The verses also have Weezy going back to his uninspired self.
Note to self: Add this song to bedtime playlist.

Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches love me) ft Drake & Future

I feel her heartbeat, I chest to chest with this bitch
Now ,turn around, face down, I’m arresting this bitch



Well, beauty is in the eyes (in this case, the ears) of the beholder (listener). I know a whole lotta you like this song but to be honest; everything goes down after Tunechi’s first verse and the chorus. The only reason why I played this to the end is cos I thought Mr Cremé Puffs was going to rap. This song doesn’t do it for me but I think a lotta Weezy fans will love this one too.


They say the best part of waking up is breakfast after a nut



God bless Amerika

You can play a role in my life but not the lead
If there’s food for thought then I’m guilty of greed

This is another good track. The only problem being that Tunechi can’t stay on subject and so he keeps drifting/straying to unrelated shii which almost make the sound track sound scattered and unhinged. The track is okay nonetheless.

Wowzers ft Trina

Beat that pussy, go to sleep, she got that Tylenol PM

Lay on that bed, open your mouth
This pussy so clean like soap in your mouth



This sounds like some song that was just put in to fill up space. The track is not all out bad but it’s not the kind of stuff you put on an album.


Phone in her back pocket made her booty call
This is another rock-rap fusion and it works for him again on this one to an extent. It’s a good way to end this album, not strong, just good.


Gone, it seems, are the days when Lil Wayne’s quirky senses of humor and off the cuff jokes about oral sex were considered funny. To say the truth, they’ve been “overused” by Tunechi to the point of becoming tiring. Also, lines that could once have been attributed to signs or side-effects of creative genius can now be seen to be just “the same idea with different words on a similar beat”.
All in all, this is no Carter2 or 3. This album can’t stand in the same room as C2 and C3. It’s just full of pussy jokes, oral sex jokes, drug jokes, my-dick-is-extra-long-jokes, etc. There is no purely serious, thought provoking or thoughtful song on this and even the song that is supposed to be a romantic song (ROMANCE) is sure to make any girl keep her clothes on. At times, it is difficult to differentiate between one track and the next because he just keeps portraying the same ideas. Even lil Wayne Stans have to admit that this album is not all that. He could have done way better.
I give this a D





  1. Spot on grade,exactly what it deserves..this is lil tunechi on this album and not the lil wayne we used to know,the why you no let drake rap picture had me rolling

  2. I agree with the grade but this review is slightly just as bad. How tha hell you gon call drake Mr Crème puffs??? Nigga(s) stop hating. and to be honest it doesn’t really look like you listened to every single bit of the album. Akeem, Jonathan step up your game. :p

  3. I agree with the grade but this review is slightly just as bad. How tha hell you gon call drake Mr Crème puffs??? Nigga(s) stop hating. and to be honest it doesn’t really look like you listened to every single bit of the album. Akeem, Jonathan :p

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