I know a lotta people don’t take this dude seriously but hands down he is one of the most versatile articles out there. His last album WZRD is a testament to that fact. It was a rock album thru and thru. The last album wasn’t that awesome but it was obviously a sure sign of an artiste whose style is maturing. This album was produced solely by Cudi with the exception of one track and according to his tweet, this album is supposed to be his version of Dr Dre’s classic album CHRONIC 2001. Let’s just see if this album can live up to that.

The Resurrection of Scott Mescudi


This starts out with a warped out sound then Cudder adds drums and keys to this. This just makes you picture Kid Cudi coming out of a grave. To get the resurrection theme, you have to go back to Cudi’s second album where the first track was Scott Mescudi v The World. He lost that fight to the darkness within but now he’s back and reborn.


One day I knew no one could help me in Hell
Not many people are true, fake as the lies they tell

Ok. The first song on the album. Cudi tries to show that he’s unfuckwittable on every level imaginable but this song just doesn’t give off that vibe of invincibility. This song just fails to merge the words, the beat and the sound and it just harms the overall track.

Just What I am ft King Chip

Neighbors knockin’ on the door, asking can we turn it down
I say, “Ain’t no music on” she said, “Naw, that weed is loud”

-King Chip

Hm, when it rains it pours, whiskey bottles on the sinks and floors
Everyday to find sane’s a chore, amidst a dream with no exit doors
-Kid Cudi


What happens when you get two pot-heads on a track? One of two things. You wither get the shitiest track ever created or something like this


This track is an ode to weed and even King Chip doesn’t fail on this. There’s just this faded out tunefulness to this song that just makes everything the artistes say sound like some really wise shii.

Young Lady ft Father John Misty

That’s what turns a nigga on, strong feelings that I have
You’ll probably never, find out ever
I’ll admire from afar

I have to admit that I had already been jamming this album for over a month before I decided to review it and this for me is a major bright spot on this album. it just sounds so good sorta like a unicorn shitting rainbows into my ears


Cudi samples Father John Misty’s “Hollywood Forever Cemetary sings” and you just have to love the way Cudi builds his verses around the chorus. This song has him talking about having a crush on a girl who he’ll prolly never talk to and I feel a lotta dudes will be able to relate to this.


King Wizard

You love that little bit of new, now throwback
Cleveland City snakeskin snapback
Niggas know the uniform, keep the brim low

This song is a shot at all his haters. It’s like the soundtrack to his triumphant wntry or rather re-entry after his resurrectionm this is another really good track on the album. He’s just basically telling all his haters to fall in line and get with the program.


And the day came when it hit me like lightning through my veins
A sudden change in my groove, in my walk
I got my lion heart and electric flowing through my brain


To start with, the beat has some drums playing over a sample of “Congratulations” by MGMT playing backwards (if you’ve not heard any MGMT songs already, I advise you to get familiar)
The lyrics, on the other hand, talk about his struggles with depression and how he has gone past that and is now a new man. How he has left behind using sadness as a crutch and now has a “sudden peace in my walk”.

Solo Dolo part II ft Kendrick Lamar

You pussy motherfuckers get the Will Smith smack
And I am not a fronter, better look up the facts
The world know what it be:
Mr. Rager, Solo Dolo, C.U.D., repeat it

-Kid Cudi

You wish me well, I wish you Hell
Eternity, no such thing as time will tell
Infirmary, burn like magnetic combustion
Bad credit with me, and paramedics are hustlin’

-Kendrick Lamar


These two rappers bring their A game to a track with a beat that has a horror vibe to it. This is my favorite track on the album beacuse Cudi doesn’t allow himself to get bullied by K.Dot who dropped another strong verse. He holds his own and even drops a couple of quotables on this.

Girls ft Too $hort

Seen all types, different continents
Nothing more intriguing than an accent

-Kid Cudi

When you live like me you get used to fun
There’s an endless supply of the beautiful ones

-Too $hort

hip hop honors 2 021008

4 good tracks in a row? It was already beginning to sound too good to be true so I’m not even surprised that the next track is this piece of fashionably designed crap.


It is not terribly awful. It is just terrible. I know Too $hort is an old head game bu Seriously?! Was this the best he could do? Fail

New York City Rage Fest

This is another instrumental and it sounds more rock inclined than hip hop related. It starts well but ends up sounding like a ten year old’s first ever beat. Next.

Red Eye ft Haim

Things get crazy and I feel I’m losing my mind
I dont know what to doIm going insane and I really dont know why
There’s only one thing to do

Another strong track on this album. This has Haim, a band of 3 sisters singing over a beat that took 2 years to fully produce. This is the only song not solely produced by Kid Cudi as it was done jointly with Hit-Boy (for more of Hit-Boy’s work, download HS87’s mixtape)
This is a song about second chances in a relationships. Well, it’s either that or it’s about getting appollo/pink eye


Beez ft RZA

Calm and double while you jumping through these hurdles , silly rabbit
The race is always won by the turtle, mental machinery
Purple herbal mixed with that greenery
I don’t write songs, grasshopper, I write sceneries



This is some good shii. The Rager leaves all the rapping duties on this to the leader of the WuTang and the King Killer Bee: RZA and his verse just goes to remind us that Wu-Tang is forever


I know a lot of you dunno who RZA is, which is very very sad but this track is enough to give you just a tiny glimpse of rap at its finest. This is the strongest song on the album lyrically.

Brothers ft King Chip & A$ap Rocky

Living well me and my niggas go’n eat
Before you hate, hit the brakes with both feet
-King Chip

Teach them how to make a piece of change, even keep the change
But they neva change, bought a set of chains with another chain
Upgraded to a better chain, that Beretta sing, I ain’t playing

-Asap Rocky

The love I have for my niggas is another type
You gotta real nigga down with you for your whole life

-Kid Cudi


This is a laid back song about sticking close with your fam. A spaced out beat with laid back verses from King Chip and Cudi while Asap Rocky comes out on top with a double time flow. This song is okay but not good enough to last more than 3 or 4 replays.

Mad Solar

Hard times they mold ya
Into someone way colder

There’s a reggae sorta feel to this song which had Cudi talking about how he’s not from this planet and how he has transitioned from his moon phase ( his previous albums were titled Man on the Moon) and to a brighter phase I.e Sun/Solar but to say the truth, this song does not work for me.


Burn Baby Burn

Ben said everything that shine ain’t gold
Been skeetin’ on pretty faces then my heart switched cold
Been the nigga sittin’ in hell in fresh ass clothes

Cudi takes shots at haters, past workers and just about everyone who doubted him in one long verse. His flow on this is on some top grade shii. At the same time, this song sorta says thank you to all his fans that stuck with him thru the rough days.

Lord of the Sad and Lonely

Move and groove, make the bitch linger
Want more than the dick, gold on the ring finger


This song helps cement Cudi’s position as the Patron saint of the depressed. The chorus is easy to relate to and his verses are dropped over a moody and almost tuneless beat. His flow actually rides the beat instead of the other way round.
All hail King Wizard in your muthafxckin space. You love it

Cold Blooded

Only good for a hook, huh? Let me show you flows
Intuitive when it comes to many things I know

While BEEZ is the best lyrically overall on the album, this is Kid Cudi’s best lyrical effort so far. he switches up his flow and stregthens his bars. This song has him venting about his time with G.O.O.D music and how he is more than just a hook singer.

Afterwards (Bring Yo’ Friends) ft Michael Bolton & King Chip

This is a 9 minute song that sounds like something out of a college movie. Michael Bolton pops in 1 minute in to invite girls over to his party. This song just sticks in your head but it’s too long for a replay and it just rolls on and on with just monor changes to the beat along the way.

Flight of the Moon Man

Album started with an instrumental an ends with another one which sounds so creepy and sci-fi-like that you almost expect to look out your window and see a spaceship. The moon man has taken flight.


All in all, this album is more positive compared to the previous albums from Kid Cudi. This album is a more rounded effort from the artiste. The album is intriguing and sometimes it’s fun to just listen to the way his thoughts manifest themselves in the weirdest ways.
The Lyrical quality on this album is not as good as it could as it could be and this can be attributed to the fact that cudi had so much to do on this album ( producing, writing, singing, rapping). On the flipside, this album showcases the range of Cudder’s abilities.
The Rager does not try to clog up this album with needless tracks and skits. He just let’s the songs flow into each other. In summary, this album is great from a production aspect but on overall value it falls a bit short so I’m going to have to give this a B-



I’m just going to recommend a couple of classic/ old school rap tracks for y’all to download.
1. Scenario by A tribe called Quest and Leaders of the New school
*insert song cover art*
This is the benchmark for Posse cut and the major highlights of this are Q-Tip’s verse and the introduction of a then unkown Busta Rhymes
2. The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five


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