I know this is a mixtape but I’m just going to review it anyway. His lyrics don’t look so good written as they will if you actually jam the song.

Note: this is not eminem. If you’re looking for any similarities with eminem, you’ve reached the wrong site. Please try again. I don’t want to see any comments in the comments section comparing him to Em. Thanks for your compliance.

PS: this is not Eminem. Seriously.

Raise the Flag

The beginning of the song already had me hyped up. It’s a a sample of one of my favourite Florence + the machine songs [we don’t really care]. He doesn’t disappoint when he steps up to the plate with vivid lyrics. I won’t say he was deep on this but it’s a good start to the mixtape anyway.

Breaking News

I had already jammed this song before the mixtape came out and I didn’t like it then but on a second listen, I’ve realized it’s not that bad. Although, I won’t be putting this on “my playlist right next to Jay” like he reccommended. [didn’t really get any “breaking news” ]

Pe$o ft Pusha T, Meek Mill



The production team on this should be applauded.[milo clap]

This mixtape sounds like an album so far. This is another strong track. The timing of the sample is perfect and the verses aren’t bad at all. Most importantly, Meek Mill kept his voice below 120 decibels [they lowered the volume].



Black Tuxedo ft Tezo


This one is mellow but it’s still alright [it’s slow and I mean that as a state of mind and also not very creative]. It’s a good step down from the hyper feel of the previous 3 tracks. There’s a spaced out feel to this. The Tezo dude isn’t extraordinary [sounds a bit like a junkie] but he holds his own mainly cos Kells offers little in form of competition.

Mind of a Stoner ft Wiz Khalifa


Another spaced out track but this one is a step up from the previous track with the king of the stoned on the hook. An okay track dedicated to the thoughts that pop up when you’re stoned. [It has a great mood to it, now roll one].

D & G ft Sean McGee


I’ve always doubted if MGK could do well on a track where he has to slow down and this song is actually proof that he can. McGee sings a chorus that’s laced with “diamonds and gold” and Kells spits some shii that’s a bit close to gold [bronze]. [Pretty good beat on here to].

Skate Cans

First things first, I have a couple of issues with the song:

1. The stevie wondere reference. Are we still doing those? Dem “I’m stevie wonder in the morning. I can’t find my towel” lines (note: he didn’t actually say that)

2. He said he’s “the only great white”

3. And that he’s the best rapper alive


Apart from those 3 lines, this song is solid. It has this Beastie boys + RUN DMC feel. [yeah, the whole park kinda vibe to it, probably for the skaters, sadly we can’t relate].

50 ft French Montana


The skit tho!


The whole time I was jamming this song, I was waiting for Trinidad James to jump in. This song sounds so Trinidad-esque. That being said, this is not a good track [yeah that’s why it’s an interlude(or comedy interlude), probably just did it for the fun of it, pimpin shii]. Seeing as this is a mixtape, MGK is allowed to get away with this but he’s not allowed to get away with the fact that Montana was better than him on this. That cannot be forgiven.



In a twisted way, this is a love song/ romantic song. I fail to see how calling a girl the baddest bitch in the world is romantic. [you know too many good girls, poor you]. But apart from that, the track is okay.




Miss Me? Ft Dub O


This samples Drake’s Miss Me. This DubO dude is not bad at all. All he needs to do is change his rap name to something that doesn’t sound so One-hit-wonderish. Just saying. This track is an autobiography of the two artistes. MGK tells the story of his life before the BadBoy deal and Dub-O is rapping about how being a local champion (cleveland) can get really old, really fast. Solid track.

Street Dreams

For a song that’s supposed to detail his dreams, this track is sorta weak. He coulda done a lot better. I’m not saying it’s terrible but based on how he showed his emotions on “Miss Me?”, this is pretty sub-standard.[but I like how the track plays out with the arrangement and all]

Swing Life away ft Kellin Quinn


Immediately I heard the guitar on the intro, I thought I was going to like the song. I was wrong. I love this. Kells is just outstanding on this plus Quinn is perfect with the chorus (I’ve never heard of him before but I’m now going to DL his band’s album. Just because)[that sounds gay]. The violins in the second verse? That was an awesome touch. The rock feel to the beat just awesomes the song up (yes, awesome is now a verb on this site). [this is some dope white boy shii]

Home Soon

This is an appreciation track for the MGK fans. All those that have been a part of the Lace Up movement since the beginning. The first verse was alright but the second verse almost had me dozing off. [the second verse ain’t that bad yo, added completeness to the thought of the track].

Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd!!!!!

Oh! I thought the song would sample something from Dark side of the moon.


But no worries, the song is still G regardless. A solemn track about 2 different kids. Pick a verse/story you identify with and get lost in it. [and if you can’t identify, enjoy the dopeness of the beat]

In conclusion

This is a pretty good mixtape and it’s easy to forget it’s not an album. It’s an even stronger offering than his actual album. Even though there are some sub-standard tracks on this, they still add to the overall value of the mixtape. There are no filler tracks and every track is worth it’s spot.

The mixtape feels sincere and it sounds like a throwback to the pre-Bad Boy Kell. He hammers on his life experiences and his struggle but he does it so much that it starts to sound like a gimmick and almost unbelievable.

All in all, I’m going to have to rate this as 3 and a half stars



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