After the success of his two Burn Notice mixtapes, Burna has finally decided to bless/curse us with his album (we’ll find out which one it is in a bit). His genre is hard to define since his music has elements of different ones eg HipHop, New school fuji, Afro hip hop and Reggae. Reggae is the most prominent of these and this album will be reviewed as a mixture of all these albums. This is my second review of the album cos my memory card crashed along with my first review and my whole music library. 😥 . Yeah, my CV is gone too.

I couldn’t hear parts of what he was saying so I’ll just put a dash (____) instead.

Plus I think I might have gotten the pirated version of the cd so I think 2 tracks are missing.


Everything I do today, I learnt from play

All the players turned to me

Now I flipped the script and turned the page

The intro plays slow and easy with Burna talking about his music roots and the fact that he is actually doing what he loves. The track also has a shoutout from Benson Idonije, his grandfather and also Fela Kuti’s former manager. Not a bad way to start the album



I pledge to Nigeria my country

If I’ve offended you please pardon me

Dem go think say Burna Boy na junkie

Cos I no sing ___ like Waconzy

The beat on this one is not as slow as the previous one but there is still this laid-back feel to it. And this is the song that had niggas shook up cos they thought he was dissing Waconzy. This song just has Burna doing his regular stuff, not bad.


This one no be party, na Rave

You have every right to misbehave

While the previous tracks were regular Burna-type tracks, this one has a jazzy + afro beat feel to it with the extended Sax solo and shii. Another good track .

Abeg Abeg remix ft 2face and Timaya

I see you. You see me too

I want this. The same way you want it too


I’ve been wa-i-ting for a very long time to tell you what’s on my mind

____To get to my level would cost them their whole lifetime

-Burna Boy

Every monkey wan chop the banana

That’s why everybody wanna hammer

Christians call God while the muslims call Allah

Your girl wanna feel like Michelle Obama




Depending on where you stand,this is either a good combo or a complete fail. 2face’s verse reeks of weed (which is probably the effect he was going for) and even tho Timaya’s verse was a little John Blaze, he just had to say re-use “why/guy/fly” rhymes. Another thing is that the original track is pretty old and he shoulda remixed something else. So, apart from 2face’s verse, this is a pretty good song.

On a second listen, 2face’s verse isn’t that bad.


Me say girl, let’s be proper

Me tell your daddy, him have a sexy daughter

JAAAAAAAAM!!! I had already heard the first verse before and I liked it then and now that I’ve heard the full song, I like it even more. Leriq is a god for this one.


Nigboro wan ti so mi di kingpin

Nitori won gbo mi lori speaker: GBIM GBIM

Awon omoge yapa lori blackberry: pinging

Awon to ti di arugbo say “what are you singing?”

We’ve all heard this song. Well, most of us have and it was a hit. He takes shot and defends previous shots taken against him. JAM.


I’m not in a hurry

See your feelings before me

Slowly but surely

Goin to have to tell you sorry

The beat on this one has that roses feel to it but it’s more melodic and shii.


This is a made-for-stripper-poles joint.


_______ when I drop my single

I was skinny and my face was full of pimples

Dem been tell me say this music industry simple

I don use my eyes to see no be so the ting go

The reggae force is strong in this one. I don’t even get parts of this song but it sounds like the kinda old school stuff Daddy Showkey or Baba Fryo would make.



If you don’t understand the title, you’re not alone. If you’ve jammed the song and don’t understand 90% of what he’s saying, you’re not alone. BUT if you don’t feel this jam (for some unexplainable reason) , you’re ALONE. ALONE!


I dey see your woman

And I dey hold my woman

And I be real magician

I fit to get your woman

Another song that we’ve already heard and felt. A slow jam that got played in clubs, that’s some rare stuff. I really can’t say more about this that hasn’t already been said.


We’e going to use some imagination here.


In your minds, ja? Just copy everything I said on TONIGHT and paste it here. Done? Good Good. Moving on.


Say boy. I go dead o! Say dem never call me back. Pussy never call me back

Peel off like potato! For setting dem honey traps. Setting off dem honey traps

This song is all sorts of good. The beat, the flow. The chorus is rather repetitive but it works just well here.

DON’T RUN ft Olamide, Reminisce

Focus on the money not ashewo with her ass o

Anytime police dey look us, dem just wan harass o

– Burna Boy

Find my way up. Hustle lati bere

Most ghetto youths ni kekere won ni keke

O ni ile ni Lekki. Shii. O le month what’s up

Wo ni awa local. Nigga lockup


Never compare Obatala with a living god

Me no compare dead lion with a living dog


Reminisce Olamide1

Yeah, this one is a rap ting with a good verse from Burna, a strong one from Reminisce the Alaga Ibile and an even stronger one from Baddo Lee. This track has the three artistes rapping about their come-up and how difficult it was to get to where they are now.


I’m being kind when I see this is the worst track on the album. Burna does his best to save it but Wizkid had already made the track a living pile of poop. Jamming this track to the end was a really agonizing experience for me.

Burna-Boy-and-Wizkid-612x409 wtf_is_this_shit2_RE_73_Million_Sharks_Killed_Every_Year-s468x349-71815


When man made his mind up and say he riding to the death

Willing to shed blood and sweat

And if he must go to war, then go gladly

And his last words: make sure you remember me

If this was Burna’s last album, this would be his farewell track. The title already implies that and each verse has a different message. This is by some distance the most personal and lyrical effort and the album so far. It had no jingle-like lines. G shit.


As I just enter. They sing my song

No dey look back, steady look front

Cos I’m about to blow like a bomb in iraq

And everybody know say they like it like that

This track is sorta old. Even though he didn’t release it as a single, it has always been just floating around. A good track that pays respect to Angelique Kidjo’s classic song.


This album is diverse to say the least. It shows the full extent of Burna’s abilities from rapping, singing and doing his reggaetton thing. He even shows that he can make the generic Nigerian party track (Ma Loada Ma Motto). There is no central sound to the album as it borrows from different genres. If you’re looking for a good time or a party album, this is that album cos it does not disappoint on those grounds.

On the other hand, Burna fell victim to the same thing that made him stand out in the first place: his ability to sound like he’s freestyling and to still sound awesome doing it. There are some moments on the album where he sacrifices pure wordplay for flow. His flow is impeccable for the full length of the album but this comes at a price, the price being generic lyrics at times. The good thing is that Burna’s fans don’t give 2 fxcks about his lyricsm or wordplay, all they’re looking for is a good time which this album more than provides. This album had me looking for Mushin2Mohits and Superstar cos it stands out as a strong debut effort from someone who surely has more years to build on his pure talent.

In conclusion, I’m going to have to give this album an A

2burnajs 1730940_300


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