Hall of Fame : A Review




Nothing is stopping you

I woke up early on a saturday

Said imma cash my check anf hit some ass today

Hit the bank. My nigga  called me like ” go rap for Ye

He at the station. Rap that shit you rap everyday”

This is supposed to be some inspirational track to keep working and going hard. That said, it’s a very bad start to the album especially the part where he starts talking, with that said the track feels like someone just talking throughout, not much of rap to it, boring!


I don’t trust dog hoes. Dog hoes got fleas

From where they rock ski masks. Don’t nobody ski

Everytime i spit a verse, my city like “preach!”

It’s like i got evicted , gow my shit up in the streets

Now this is so much better than the previous. It’s a good sample, he got into a much better flow, more of what you would expect of him and his lyrics were unusual but still good.

10 2 10

I’m bringing home dead prez, my house done feel like its haunted

I put my city on my back, right along with my garments

Another ignorant track. The track is about how he puts the work in basically. The chorus/hook has him just shouting some things that are far from catchy (This ruined the track for me). The beat is bit of a drag. The track just doesn’t do it for me.

Toyota Music

Float around my town like its the motherfuckin seven seas

Hit the club, lose 7 gs , film it all on 7Ds

The title of this one should have been “unoriginal and uninspiring” . It’s this ode to drugs and i get that from the spaced out beat and stuff but he could have done better.

You don’t know

It’s finally famous, overbooked, overpaid and overpriced

But don’t get it twisted, that shit ain’t happen overnight

If you are really into em big sean bars, this track is for you. Another sample that goes pretty well, not bad at all.

Beware (ft Lil wayne ,JheneAiko)

Praying to a sky all black

Looking at the stars like they finna talk back

Looking at my phone like she finna call back

But last night i feel like i prolly ended all that

Cause by now she woulda sent a text in all caps

Then another one trynA take it all back

– Big Sean

I be screaming “ain’t no woman like the woman i got”

But she be always worrying about the one i fucked

-Lil Wayne

38975403-6646-4da7-9ca6-49b995280f10 600_1375550800_6e2a320ae59f49cb3aecd5524e2d2f5a

This is by far the best track off this album thus far. Jhene’s vocals were on point, the chorus went so well on this. Big sean goes on to spit some of those his usual stuff and Wayne was not at his best (which he is not atm) but still good. But the chorus is what set this track apart from the rest.

First Chain (ft Nas& kid Cudi)

She ask me why i rock all this gold, cause i’m coming in first

Got the streets behind me like i was staring in the rear view

-Big Sean

Cause its a mental game

I learnt that when i got my first initial chain

I didn’t fake it, it was gold plated. I was posin, relatin

To those dealing with blow, had the big gold, bold anchors it was those gangsters

– Nas

I’m so ready to go, my life is fucking awesome

I could be fucking dead right now but i’m awesome

Kid Cudi

 6a00e54ee286eb883400e553c3833a8833-800wi DFI Red Carpet Arrivals for Cruel Summer - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

First time I listened to this track, I skipped both of Big Sean’s verses (don’t judge me). He did good on putting Nas and Kid Cudi on this, can’t fault him on that (they were both solid on this). The track has a good beat not all that solid but good. And his verses were actually okay but not enough to ward off the competition from Kid Cudi and Nas.

Mona Lisa

That’s what i’m down for, no convo, my condo

And if i answer this phone call, don’t make a sound ho

Again, I don’t get how this guy names his songs (L: he probably just puts a lot of random names in a hat and picks one without looking). Moving on, this is just classic typical Big Sean. It’s like he just switched to the Big Sean we are all used to, talking about women and sounding “ignorant”.


A “Freaky” interlude to the next track.

MILF (ft NickiMinaj, Juicy J)

You wake up, i’m back. Eating all your snacks

Don’t’ ask for help woth your math. Ain’t my fault you can’t add

– Big Sean

Now what you got for me Sean? I heard its big and long

I take my teeth out, suck it good, this is where your dick belongs

– Nicki Minaj

I take that bitch to my mansion and nigga can’t pay her to leave

– Juicy J


Yeah this track is pretty disturbing. Lou will handle this.

L: this is just weird. I wasn’t going to download the album at all but after reading this review, i did and all i can say about this track is that it is freaky and funny as fxck. This is verbal porn . I’m not saying the track is food by a stretch, it’s just….what’s the word? ….Interesting.  let me just leave it at that. Download it and share in our discomfort. (nOTE: juicy j’s verse is wack tho)

Sierra Leone/ Greedy Ho’s

Complaining or trippin, man i got her damn near stripping

For the hanfbag livin, saks fifth’n, tag rippin

I like the laid back beat this track has. And it has big sean going on pretty well with the beat. One of the few nice vibes off the album. And then the track has this little sketch at the end that has him get robbed by a “greedy ho”. Lawd deliver your boys from church when this money comes.

It’s time (ft. Jeezy& Payroll)

Momma swimming in that debt

Rather swim with the piranhas or the sharks

– Big Sean

Showroom floor, paid every penny then i stunted

Stunted so hard, you would thought i was a stuntman

– Young Jeezy

They say its my time, according to my rolex

I’m about to fuck the game, then your ho next

– Payroll

Now this is a more appealing track. It’s what you would expect from Big Sean, the features were a good choice. Both Jeezy and Payroll had good verses. All in all, a good track.

young-jeezy 4sho-Magazine-DoughBoyz-CashOut-Chain-On-My-Dresser-Pt.-2-BTS-14

World Ablaze  (ft James Fauntleroy)

Around the same time, my mom said “sean you need a plan

Mrs freeman’s son hot shot and now she needs a hand”


Another switch to that laid back feel where Sean starts rapping almost like he’s talking. The beginning of the track is pretty solid and James Fauntleroy provided some good vocals (even though it’s not the best I’ve heard of him).

I’m feeling how he speaks about the people in his life before fame and the problems they faced.

Ashley (ft. Miguel)


Yeah, i just got a brand new benz

Crazy right? Brand new benz

And it’s got more miles on it than i do friends

2012 BET Awards - Radio Room - Day 1

The whole laid back vibe is really not doing it for me to be honest. But this one is actually an exception, Sean actually gets into a better flow, like I actually went with him on this. It’s a relationship type of song with Miguel doing his thing on it and this makes for a good one.

All figured Out

Next time someone try and tell you how to run your shit

and they ain’t major shit

Do yourself a favor: kick em out

The beat of this track is dope. Sean really went in on this like he surprised me on this, I was impressed. But I would have like it if he featured someone like Pusha or Wale on this, just saying. But I guess he really just wanted to own this moment.

Mula Remix (ft 2chainz, Meek Mill, Earlly Mac)

And i ball like Tim Hardaway

I can see a bad bitch from far away

Meek Mill

I prefer brown liquor, brown ladies, brown louis vuitton

Condom on before i go to work. That’s my uniform

– Big Sean

My gold on, i’m the bomb, i’m talking goldmine

– 2Chainz

Ye said that we the new slaves

I need to ball with a new chain

– Earlly Mac

1-Meek_Mill-Hot_97-hhdx 2chainz Earlly

Nah, I’m not talking about this one, y’all can see who’s on this collabo, let your imagination do the work for you. (L: for those of you that lack an active imagination, Imagine noise mixed in with weak bars and attempts at catchphrases)

Switch Up (ft. Common)

Bitch, i’m sexy as fuck. You ain’t even gotta tell me

I ride around to Pac, fuck my girl to R Kelly

I tell her “make me a sandwich, no PB and jelly”

She look back like ” what you think this is? A deli?”

– Big Sean

Chi town is my town. I ride around like i’m lying down

Southside. My eyes down, i’m the shit y’all fly around

– Common


First off, the only reason why I feel Common is on this is cos they are label mates. With that said, Common owned Sean on this, as we would all expect. It’s basically a track about loyalty. A track one can call good but nothing near spectacular.


I give it up to God and he always replies

Yes! Finally the end of the album, I’m glad this track came last cos we all know this one and if you don’t well…come out from whichever rock you’ve been hiding under. It’s a good way to end this album. Turn Up!


We all know Sean isn’t a deep lyricist or a rapper that can manipulate rhymes or his flow.( I hope I’m not dissing him too much here) But the truth is Sean is more of a rapper that gives you that party vibe going, the whole playing around, turning up and what not.

Now with that said, I really didn’t enjoy listening to this album and I’m sure most of you haven’t really listened to it. The truth is Sean tried too hard on this album to make it deep. He went way past his own ability and why he did it, I don’t know. (Maybe he wants to be on a Top 10 GOAT list, which is so not happening). The album isn’t bad don’t get me wrong but the elements we appreciate about Big Sean are just very little on this album. Like where was the ignorance that made him do a song like ASS? That element was very much lacking. The tracks that were similar to that didn’t even make much a cut to me.

There were one too many laid back tracks on this, not that all were bad actually, but the whole fun Sean vibe wasn’t live on this album.

Yes there were one or two pretty impressive tracks but even with that, they aren’t going to be remembered for all that long.

And that pretty sums up the whole album sadly, it’s okay , but not memorable.

I’m done here, I think I’ve said way too much already. This gets a C-.

 C-Grade big-sean-gq-1


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