With comparisons to the great ODB, his verse on Ghetto Symphony and having the standout track on the A$AP mob mixtape, Asap Ferg is yet to come out of the shadow of his more well-known mob mate and this mixtape should serve as his opportunity to do so.


Menage ain’t a thing they whores

Pussy so good, need more

Let me get in those drawers

5-0 in the corner store

He heard all them claps with a round of  applause

Spit at your back and you lie on the floor

This starts off with A$Ap Mob leader, A$ap Yams setting the mood for the rest of the album “Trap Lord Season begins”. When the song starts proper, we have Ferg rapping over a beat reminiscent of 3-6 mafia circa 2001. His flow on this is not spectacular in the least and I don’t really think this is the best way to start an album but Hey! Hopefully the rest of the album is better.

SHABBA ft A$ap Rocky

I was broke last week but today be a  new day

Mothafuckas like cavities cause them  niggas be too fake (tooth ache)

Walk in this bitch with the new Wang, looking like Liu Kang

With a blonde bitch that wanna snoop  cane

Then she get the Batman like Bruce  Wayne (Master Bruce)

-A$ap Ferg

Probably bumping R. Kelly sipping  Cristal

So you know the whole world getting  pissed on

I don’t really give a fuck if you pissed off

I just bought a Mac-11 from the thrift  store

-A$ap Rocky

We’ve all heard this one already. The Fergenstein heard here is waaaay better than the one heard on the previous track and Pretty Flacko also doesn’t disappoint with that R.Kelly and Cristal line. JAM.

LORD ft Bone Thugs n Harmony

Reincarnation of Master Fard

Elijah Muhammad reside in my heart

Diss and I’ll blow, and shouts from Allah

-A$ap Ferg

You bout to get it from a general,

I dont know if they can hear me though

Don’t you niggas ever bother trying to see me im a criminal

-Flesh N Bone

For the love of the money B gotta reap  in what I sow

But I keep it what I know

For the ending of the row gotta go will i  go

When i get it ima know to follow my  known foe

-Bizzy Bone

Got em stuck in the grave

Im on the grind full time never rest to get paid

A little hustlin’ muthafucka put the brush to the face

I Cut the braids, hit the stage now they  looking amazed

-Lazy Bone


-Krayzie Bone

This is a mad posse cut with Bone Thugs providing verses with their trademark quickfire flows. Even Ferg doubles up with his flow. The highlight of this song? Krayzie Bone’s 272 words verse!


Lord please what is my purpose

Besides fucking these Persians

Popping these bottles and popping  these models

Please tell me where is the Sherman

This one has a more sing-song style to it but it’s a rather personal track which has Fergy rapping about how he is the patron saint of the hood and hood kids and also, how growing up in the hood gives very few options.


Hey, Joyde! Hi, twin!

Thinking ’bout my goddamn father again

Why he couldn’t see a nigga in Medusa  lens

Why he couldn’t see a nigga cop his first benz

Why he couldn’t see a nigga pop his first band

Another track where he skirts around different emotions and stuff going on in his life: fake friends, absent father, drug dealing. He doesn’t fully hit these subjects on the head, he just plays a game of touch-and-go and it works quite well on this one.


You lay it down don’t play around don’t make a sound

Let me see that ass bounce

This is a threesome. It’s really a waste of my time as it is. Moving on.


Her hands all on my fade, bitch pop that ass in the coup

That bitch got Lisa Leslie money, she  balling, Sheryl Swoops

She keep rubbing her nose, I can tell  she wanna snoop

That coke make my dick numb, she put  it all in her glutes

Feel like Bishop from Juice, gun all in  my boot

“I fxcked your bitch nigga, I fxcked your bitch”. As zany as the chorus sounds, it just fits here. This is actually a good song, surprisingly. I expected it to be like Lil Wayne’s “beat shit out that pussy” but it transcends that. This is designer ratchet rap at it’s finest.


WORK REMIX ft French Montana,Trinidad James, Schoolboy Q, A$ap Rocky

Put in work, Flacko put ’em in the dirt

French got the shovel he gon’ put him  in the earth

Trinidad maniac with a all gold hearse

Yeah, uh, put in work

Schoolboy Q with a pound of the purp

So much work he’ll smoke up the Earth

Polo Ground, A$AP World

-A$ap Ferg

When they mask up, comin’ for your ice

When they bare-faced, they comin for  your life

Baby don’t pray for me pray for the  weak

I’m drinkin’ lean, it help me sleep

Illuminati? I’m from the streets

Never sold my body, we takin’ bodies

-French Montana

I fuck with Asian niggas And I fuck with  Migos

I fuck with Haitian niggas, all they speak is Creole

I said all I speak is real, y’all niggas  might hate me but

That don’t get no deal, I said no that  don’t get no deal

-Trinidad Jame$

Yeah, put in work, spray his ass in front  the Church

Deacon said I did my shit, the pastor  said, “That nigga turnt”

Pop my collar on my shirt, make these  bitches go berserk

Shippin’ units, Captain Kirk, takin’  xannies poppin’ percs

-Schoolboy Q

You want that pretty Flacko? Ratchets, designer jackets

The same niggas who jack it be the first  who claim we faggots

My bitch is a movie actress, side bitch  won a beauty pageant

Got a chick that worked at Magic

But I’m so damn fine make a bitch look  average

-A$ap Rocky

This track came out a while ago and those on my bbm or twitter tl would have noticed that I kept on using lines from this song especially French Montana’s part. This is another goood track.


They told me West got robbed (Damn)

Where the fuck them niggas be at

They took the chain up off his neck

I heard the mac started running laps

Oh, what the fuck are they goin’ to do  that

-A$ap Ferg

The lack of a chorus works perfectly on this one cos it woulda subtracted from the gritty feel of the song. On this track, Fergy is the hood’s gossip reporter as he talks about West getting robbed and asking where his friends were when it happened. Not deep deep but yeah! There are levelz to this shit

MURDA SOMETHING ft Waka Flocka Flame

Street educated, no use for G-tech

Niggas be talking but really don’t want  it

Put shells in your stomach, like pussy  you wet

Flocka like Rambo, I stay with the ammo

Test me, that’s a gamble like Russian  Roulette

-Waka Flocka

Might get ’em in church or something

We heard the deacon speaking

I’m Donnie McClurkin frontin’

I smell pussy, them niggas hurt your  cousin

All my people say “Stomp!” like I’m Kirk  or something

-A$ap Ferg

Whoa. Isn’t this a pleasant surprise? Waka doesn’t yell on this one and he actually drops bars. The beat, the chorus: near perfect. You have to jam this to believe that it’s actually good. I’m still in shock.

MAKE A SCENE ft Maad*Moiselle

Give me you wanted the bitch ain’t  important

You sayin she fire

The devil is scorching

Say bye to your mama say hi to the  coffin

This song has Ferg doing that sing-rap flow again. Not a bad track but it’s not spectacular.

FUCK OUT MY FACE ft A$ton Matthews,B-Real, Onyx

Pass that shit like a deadly virus

She want to hit, that’s Miley Cyrus

Hit it so hard, my god, she likes this

Change that chick’s name to Miley  Cypress

– B-Real

Aston Matthews in an Aston Marton,  driving retarded

Sipping on that Crissy cause a nigga  really ballin’

Headed to the telly with a bunch of Kelly Clarksons

-A$ap Ferg

I get that A$AP, A$AP, take naps from the K clap, I’ll bring it

Where you lay at, gang colder than face off, you don’t want to face that

Got these hoes dripping out the four socks, 44’s get the 4’s off

Four boats so the hoes drop, that rose gold keep it don’t stop

– A$ton Matthews

Bitch you didn’t ask my gangs official

Mad faced nigga with anger issues

Hundred mad nigga got a gang of pistols, blaow

Now how the fuck can a stranger miss you

-Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz (Onyx)

A track with cypress hill’s B-Real and Onyx on it? This should be crazy.

Well, it’s not crazy crazy. B-real’s verse was weak. I’ve never heard of the A$ton Matthews dude but he held his head way above water with his verse. A$ap ferg? Iono, his verse was just there. Then Onyx stepped in and just pissed all over the crime scene that is this track.

A good song but if I need some space on my phone, it’ll prolly be one of the first things that I’ll delete.


Another day in the crack house, where  demons be talking to fiends

Couple hits and a blackout, needles be  stuck all in their veins

Sing a song that be stuck all in your  brain

That shit so potent, it have you doing  devilish things

The spaced out beat on this one is a nice way to end the album and matches up with the title of the song. The beat is trippy and ASAP Ferg does well on this, changing up his flow and delivery time and time again.



This album possesses no true soul as its production and lyrics flit from totally meaningless to deep, from trap to new york rap, from hyphy to slow song style. Due to this, the album sounds rather disjointed. It never really settles and the shortness of the album adds to that feel of a rollercoaster ride ending too early. The production on this album, although insanely G at times, left a lot to be desired at other times. Fergy rarely let’s his true emotions spill out on this album and when he does, the results are superb.

It took me about a month to review this album cos I kept getting bored midway through it. I think that says a lot about the album. One of the reasons for this may be due to the fact that most of the songs sound the same. The subject matter reflected in the lyrics becomes so damn repetitive at some point that it just hurts to listen.

In conclusion, is A$ap Fergy the trap lord? No. Is his style diverse? Yes. Is this a good offering for a debut album? Not really. Can he do better? Hell yeah. Will I delete most of these songs as soon as I’m done with this review? Yes.

I’m going to have rate this a C



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