Yeah, this is the review of Drake’s latest album/panty dropper/tear creator/emotion tape/tissue puller. I’ve been told that I’m a Drake hater (I don’t even know how or why anyone would think that. For crying out loud, Drake is probably my favorite female rapper) so for this review we’re going to be doing something different. We’ve invited a Drake fan/part-time stan to level us on this review which will be done in a conversational style. So, just think of this as a thareportcard special edition.

Weighing 400 pounds, 12 feet off the ground, the beast from the west, the bearded one, the shaman of the bootyful: @Dmldavies who is here as our Drake rep.

Also here is the second half of thareportcard, editor-in-chief, weighing 900 pounds, 24 feet, the black panther, the keeper of the keys of the 36 chambers, the dark knight: @OluwaJonpee. He’ll be supervising and will join us later in the review to give the conclusion

So let’s jump straight into this. Drop your comments and share the link


Dmldavies: Tuscan leather was dope!!

L: oga…

D: drake showed a little of his old self from the forever and congratulations era. It was a refreshing intro despite its length

L: yeah, it had the same whitney houston sample chopped and flipped 3 different ways for the 3 verses

D: plus it wasn’t slow/sad/make up/break up -ish


D: typical drake. Sick hook, very catchy and meme-worthy even. Plus if you’ve noticed, this is the song that most people tweet lyrics from cos people actually relate to it

L: yeah, seeing as the message has to do with him being caught between hard places in his career. Sort of a mid life crisis

D: plus the second part of the song sort of served as an intro to his rap scheme for the rest of the album


D: definitely one of the best tracks on NWTS cos it has a sick ass hook which is one thing people love about Drake but on the flip side, this is the shortest track on the album and he doesn’t rap much.

L: yeeeah. Everyone liked this one at some point, memes and all…speaking of memes, where is no new friends on this?

drake adventure land

D: I KNOW RIGHT!!!. No new friends was initially supposed to be the remix to started from the bottom, They even have the same vibe, but then He decided that it was too good for a remix

L: and he just handed the thing over to DJ Khaled. Seeing Khaled’s name on a record is a sure-fire way to make me skip the track.

D: he even referenced the thing on no new friends. “Mhen, this shit is so real. Had to restart it


D: one of my personal favorites if not my actual personal favorite. Too sick! So sad it’s short tho. Just one verse

L: first up, the title is just misleading cos for someone like me who expected to hear the WuTang’s lyrical blades or the echoes of the 36 chambers on this, it was disappointing but if you really don’t care then you’ll like this song like MAAAAD

D: LOL. I listen to the Wu too and I saw no relation

L: my fave part was when he refernced Raekwon “Machine gun raps for all my niggas in the back. Stadium packed, just glad to see the city on the map

D: the first 1:43 was just on point. “it ain’t about who did it first, it’s about who did it best. Niggas looking like Preach!

L: that line was a sub to so many all at once. He owned it just like the title of the next song

D: Nice pun

L: thank you, thank you. I’m a punstar

D: nah bruh. It didn’t work there



D: haven’t really heard this so much. Just twice, I think. It is slow, almost a little too slow

L: yeah mahn, too damn slow. While “wutang forever’ has Drizzy telling the woman “it’s hers”, this one flips it the other way. The Drake that showed up on this one is the one that people like me loooooooooove to diss.

D: LOL, he made himself pretty easy to diss here. I don’t think this is something anyone would want to listen to more than once

L: with that said, I think it’s FUNNY DRAKE PICTURE ADVENTURELAND TIME!!!!. Hmm..okay, that sounded better in my head.



D: this is one slow song that was actually good. The thing I didn’t like there was the repetition, sadly. But when he did rap, it was beautiful

L: yeah, the repetition was the worst part of the thing for me but a lot of people don’t even like this one straight up.

D: that’s cause the repetition is getting to them. If they listen to the verse, they’ll like it

L: My best part was when he lifted part of Ma$e’s verse from Mo’ money, Mo’ problems

D: which part was that?

L: who’s hot, who’s not. Tell me who rock, who sell out in stores. You can tell me who flo, who cop the new drop. Whose jewels got rocks. Who else making rap albums like it’s pop. Same old pimp: Drake, you know ain’t nothing changed . Except that Ma$e’s ended with “Ma$e, you know ain’t nothing changed but the limp

D: oh OH. I see. Nice line, that is

L: wait. Are we doing Yoda talk now?

J: moving. Moving on

FROM TIME ft Jhene Aiko


L: This one is gentle and mellow with Drake and Jhene Aiko having a convo over soft playing piano keys. Nice track but at the same time, it has the same problem that conversation tracks (including R Kelly’s trapped in the closet series) have: they get boring after a while

D: yeah, Well, it’s still his style and feel but it’s different in a way. He had a lotta sick lines tho

L: sick Or sickening? Mahn, I’m just kidding. he actually had some G lines on this

D: rapping about his relationship with girls and family. There is probably a story behind this one but I don’t care so much to find out

L: LOL. And I’m supposed to be the evil one here



D: I like this one. Feels a bit old. Like it’s the 70s or something like that

L: they were going for the Micheal Jackson – Quincy Jones feel and they pretty much acheived it. It sounds like a slowed down version of the Billie Jean intro. Not what I was looking for in a Drake album but it’s okay.

D: it’s a good track plus you could totally imagine MJ singing this

L: The afro MJ tho not the melted nose one. SHAMONE!!!

J: who is shamone?

L: iono. MJ used to shout that shii a lot. Maybe he is the invisible sixth member of the Jackson Five

L: 5! Jackson FIVE


D: there might not be much to say about this one but its generally a good track. It is sorta catchy.

L: I actually really like this one plus it bangs mad bass in cars. SWANGING!

D: Lol, it does?

L: yuuuup. It was made for car jamming cos Swangin itself is a car thing. “What is this?” “Peugot Music” “I love this Peugot Music”

D: LOOOL. The track is a bit “just there” to me



D: yeah, I like this one cos its like a sick rap verse after a long track list of slows.

L: yeah, I’m feeling this one too. We finally have a rap track on this. Tell the towncrier

D: plus the hook once again is sick. “She just wanna smoke and fuck. I’m like girl that’s all that we do.”

305 TO MY CITY ft Detail


D: I didn’t really feel this one

L: I didn’t even feel it at all. It is prolly the worst song on the album. I mean, what city is he even talking about? The niqqa is always claiming a new town/city like every month. Which one is he 305-ing now? Huh? Huh? NEXT!!!

J: Lagos?

D: prolly Maiduguri

TOO MUCH ft Sampha


L: Yeah, I like this one. This is the Drake that I actually like. The one that let’s someone else handle the chorus while he defiles the beat

D: LOL @ ‘defile’ but I like this one too. It draws more attention to what he is saying than to the actual chorus/hook

J: na wa for you people saying all I have to say. My only problem was how the Sampha dude kept on going “woo woo” while Drake was rapping

L: yeah, I noticed that too.

D: I didn’t before but now that you mention it, it’s a little bit annoying. Thanks for ruining this for me

L: you are welcome




L: iono mahn. Hov makes it really hard sometimes to argue for him being the G.O.A.T and verses like this are the reason

J: I get you. What is cake cake cake? his verse on this sounds like he just phoned in his verse and collected the check

L: I swear! And I’m pretty sure even Drizzy realized how wack it was but didnkt want to do no disrespect

D: LoOOL! I thought y’all were Hov fans

L: I’m the Hov fan. Jon P is a Nas fan. But there is a line between being a fan and being a stan. Difference: A stan would actually think Hov’s verse was fire

D: that said, I think Drake “killed” Hov on this one.

L: Co-sign

J: Co-Co-sign

L: like Co Co pops

J: would you like a slap to be sent to you thru the phone?

D: Just dial 1-800-CATCH-A-SLAP




J: Okay, so here’s the thing, was this album what I expected it to be? absolutely. First time I heard what the album would be called, I kinda had a feeling that the album would have an emotional vibe and trend to it like on TAKE CARE. So with that said, lemme give you my conclusion:

Drake delivers himself on a silver platter to be dissed on this album (I’m not taking that back). I personally don’t believe Drake to be much of an emotional guy as he portrays himself on this album. Honest? Yes . Yes the album is emotional and all, most of the themes are about ex’s, bad relationships and stuff he did back then and what not. Just plain honesty. Which is somewhat of a downside cos I felt he had dealt with that on TAKE CARE.

Musically, you just have to admire the work of 40 and Drake as a team, their work is impeccable. Drake’s ear for beats is golden. Though I must say that he should stay away from sampling when it comes to music. I really didn’t enjoy the music samples on this, most especially the one on “Pound Cake even tho the track was dope, he just didn’t do wu tang justice for me.

In all, this album is like 75% of what TAKE CARE was (I’m starting to appreciate TAKE CARE now). It’s a good album except for the fact that some of the issues are sung about rather than rapped about, a major minus for me. Yes I liked some of the singing most especially on “hold on we’re going home” (no homo). So the album is good no doubt, an album whose main goal is to sell records and not necessarily affect the music game or challenge his rnb counterparts (o sorry rap counterparts) in anyway. From me, a B+.

drake-with-fro AAMidseasonreports_b_plus


B.O.A.T.S II : Me Time : A Review


I’m ballin’ like Mr. Clean
I gotta keep my kitchen clean
God bless me like I’m finna sneeze
Doctor weigh me on a triple beam

Yeah the intro of this intro is pretty funny cos I’m just wondering what 2 chainz is still doing in his momma’s house. With that said, this is what you would expect to hear from him really, not a spectacular intro to say the least but pretty solid for his standards.


Whip that shit, whip my wrist
I might whip your bitch if she ain’t with that shit
Young whippersnapper, I might eat that snapper
Got a yellow bitch, gotta whip them at ya

This sorta feels like a continuation of the last track. It’s really not that enjoyable and once you might start to get into it, the  track ends which is sorta cool.


Throw it high, make you and George Washington head butt
OG’s never fed us, now young niggas fed up
Ballin’ so hard I deserve a and one


Don’t mean to sound negative in anyway, but for me, the album just kicked off! Most people will say this is the best or their favorite track off the album and I won’t argue (not that I agree completely). But the truth is Pharrell’s work on this track just allows 2chainz shine so much that it almost feels too good to be true. I kinda feel like Pharrell was just showing off his immense talents on this and who can blame him? Great song.


I get high and I fly past, I don’t know nothing ’bout iChat
I work in this iPhone they need an app called iTrap
I trap, shining like a night lamp
– 2 Chainz

I ride through the city my niggas got choppers
My bitch she’s so pretty that’s my pocahontas
Everything on me I shine like a trophy
– Cap 1


This is just one of those joints where 2chainz decides to indulge himself and address his haters. He just went on and on about what he’s been doing (getting money). We all know 2chainz has qwerky lines but this has a lot of qwerky lines.


Hang up on a bitch, call it crucified
Time to go to work, no suit and tie
– 2 Chainz

How I come up with this shit and all these verses that I kill
I have no imagination, everything I do for real
– Drake

If she bougie fuck her once then leave her hanging, dry clothes
I just built a cemetery, niggas dying to get in
– Lil Wayne


2chainz and Lil Wayne on the same track is almost the perfect and combo and with Drake on this, you would expect something mind blowing but in reality this track is just good and not mind blowing. It’s a solid collabo, I may not have really liked how the verses flowed into one another cos it’s something that’s becoming sorta of a trend lately but still a solid track.


Yeah, I’m the nigga, yeah, don’t forget it, yeah
Gold neck Tity, yeah, Lamborghini, yeah

2chainz wouldn’t want to release an album without a hit track for the clubs cause that would be cheating his core fans wouldn’t it now? This is a really solid one for the clubs, nothing new in terms of ideas but who cares really. TURN UP!


I call doin’ the 69 a favor for a favor
From the cradle to the grave (uh), shoot a nigga from his ankle to his waist, you can tell that I’m paid
Cause I’m high-class, fucked a bitch in her eyelashes (WOO), we in a jet, who gon’ fly past us?
– 2 Chainz

When I die, bury me inside the liquor store
Cause when I die, Fergie still gon’ be gettin’ dough (ohh) –


There’s absolutely no excuse for this track, like I’ve thought about it, there’s just no excuse. Fergie rapping on this was just a no no! And the flow of the track is just not appealing. I really just can’t see what audience this track would fit into, it’s really that bad and I hate to say that.


Fucked your girl on accident, that’s a hit and run
Heaven’s sake, it’s been a hell of a day
– 2 Chainz

If you owe me money real soon, then you better pay me
Me and 2 Chainz, Just like shoe strings, strapped like laces
– Rich Homie Quan


This is just one of those tracks that is just not needed, it sounds like he was really high all through this. And it features that skinny dude that doesn’t like putting his shirt on and the dude unsurprisingly just pretty does what 2cahinz does on this track. Yeah we get the message of this track but it’s just not well executed to be a solid track.



School of hard knocks
I am the man on this campus

Now this is so much better than the last two tracks. 2cahinz really gets into a very conscious element. He may not be a dope lyricist but he does deliver something cherish able for this album with this one at a point I was a bit surprised but some qwerky lines made sure I knew who I was listening to.


Niggas can’t even ball but bunt on you, them niggas lame
I hope you get testicular cancer in the brain, dickhead
– 2 Chainz

Daddy deserted so he now serves sandwich serving
Dreaming we had a furnace so cold sleeping on the curtains
– Mase

Mason+Durell+Betha+MBFW+Spring+2013+Official+dkO46Yr7n_fl 1362132327_Lloyd-Is-It-You-Lyrics

Yeah! The album just took a turn for the better. This is some of that good stuff a nice laid back vibe with Lloyd dropping some nice vocals. Mase, haven’t heard from him in like… he had a pretty good verse. 2chainz drops some really cool lines on this, might tweet some sometime. Enjoyed the relaxed vibe on this.


Appetite for destruction, and I don’t need a menu
So far ahead of y’all niggas, I can see you in my rearview
See you in my rearview one of your headlights out nigga


For any of you that doubt 2chainz’ rap skills (I think he’s good not Kendrick kinda good, not in that league at all, but I’m sure you get the point, just putting it out there) here’s one for you to listen to, his opening verse has him telling a short story which is pretty funny and it was nice hearing him try something like that and when he switched beats, it came off well. All in all this is one is def one of my favorites off the album.


Kill that pussy, pallbearer
You from that RuPaul era
I’m from that hell nah era

This song is pretty much like it’s title. The beat on this is just different, can’t really place my finger on it cos it’s so many sounds playing together and interchanging at different points. It’s just one of those that you really wonder “what’s going on here”.



And here you are, a black unicorn
Mythical, mystical, since the day that you were born
Mastered all the madness, let the magic have his way
Let the power paint the day, let the god have his say
– Sunni Patterson

Lyrically I could be Talib Kweli
But with gold teeth it’d be hard for some to believe
I leave them pussies stinking, they need Summer’s Eve –
2 Chainz

Sunni-Patterson Chrisette-Michele-u01

This one starts off with some spoken-word from Sunni Patterson which flows into the strings with the beat playing a bit quietly in the background and then 2cahinz kicks off his with his usual unexceptional lines. Preferred his second verse the most. Chrisette Michele was okay on this but not like as she was on “Aston Martin Music”. The track plays out nicely, the beat kinda makes up for any lapses so it’s really okay.


Tried to stack c-note after c-note
I’m tryna make it count like a free throw after free throw
Line, it’s a thin one between
Getting high and committing crimes

This track has one of those beats where a rapper could just come and shine on it, it’s a really good sample. 2chainz does pretty well on this, some qwerky lines, some good lines, some funny lines and in all, a good 2cahinz track and good end to the album.


Going by the fact that 2 Chainz dropped his debut album last year, I don’t think people were really anticipating him to come out with a sophomore album a year later. In addition to this, there was no hype for the release of this album, we weren’t even expecting it. Now to the conclusion;

The production on the album is good with work from the likes of Pharrell, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and others.  Even though all the beats have similar sounds 2 Chainz is one of those artistes that seem to love the sound of the big base “BOOM”, not like there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it works well for his style of music.

Lyrically, 2 Chainz actually impresses on a few of the tracks but still he sticks to what he knows on this album. A lot of ratchet, qwerky, basic and ignant lines which has given him his rap relevance. His swagger and style is not lacking on the album, he rally put his effort into this album except on a few tracks, some of which felt like a waste of time.

To wrap it all off, this album wouldn’t be in my top 10 rap albums this year for sure, it’s not like it’s not good, it’s just that judging by the standards of this year’s albums, 2 Chainz just manages to beat the average mark due to some really good tracks on this album. I just think he should have waited a bit on the release on this album cos it’s not like anyone has forgotten about him quite yet, he’s still relevant to rap in this time (yes you read that right, he’s relevant to this time deal with it). In the, this album gets a C+ from me.

c-plus-school-letter-grade 2chainz-4




Pour out a little liquor for my ancestral spirits

This beat has a slow vibe to it with mellow guitar and some other instrument that I can’t figure out. This is an intro as it is supposed to be: short and with this “we present to you feel” about it.

Burning Bush (in memory of Hadiza Aboki)

My hope is in Zion

I know to keep my self silent

Cos the kingdom suffereth violence

Can you hear the sirens?

This track starts off mellow like it’s going to be like the intro but then the drums come in and change everything. It does not speed up anything but just meshes in with the beat and Jagz drops some mournful flows over this beat.

Bed of Roses feat James Mävrik

The rap game has never been much harder

Niggas get spun 360 like vince carter

I’ve been smarter

When I battle I bring sparta


This one actually has Jagz rapping unlike the previous one and he obviously has not forgotten how to rap. A strong cut here as he tries rapping about hustling throughlife’s challenges.


Every man will run away

If day never came and no sun again

If we only had the moon to stay

Real goons will come out to play

From the way this song starts with the Chinese movie feel, you already know you’re about to be hit with some crazy stuff.

 Not the best jam lyrically but he wins major points for the beat.

Where you at?

Shawty let’s see if you interest me

or you appreciate the intellect of this emcee

Or while you’re into just the frenzy

Cos you’re trendy

In your fendi

Not really feeling this one. It’s just too generic + last year. It’s not entirely bad but it just doesn’t need to be here.


Spitting legit

I’ve never written this shit

I took a big risk

Like I’m on a cliff

And even though the wind blow, my position is stiff

Damn. Jagz knows exactly what he is doing. This song starts off with him singing and getting it right then all of a sudden he starts rapping and he puts the track on a god level. This track just goes out to prove that Jagz is still the greatest

Sex and Scotch

Come gimme that like chocolate turn kitty kat

 me really touch ya silly spot

See me really hot

This one has a slow and sensual feel to it. It does not work as well as it should or maybe I just expected so much from a track called “sex and scotch”. It’s just okay.

God on the Mic

Hurled from the sky like a discus

A god has fallen from Olympus

Dethroned from high

Thrown from high

Another rap joint on this album. It’s like Jagz tapped into some part of his subconcsious for this one. The verses were on some whole other shii.He’s just throwing in totally unrelated lines. It’s as if someone was holding up word cards for him to rap a verse about each word he sees.


How a badman gon choose a wife?

See You only get what you do in life

This is another one that I like. It has that indian beat going on but with Jagga delivering with a sing-song reggae flow.

Steady Going

two shots to the chest of this Bloody Mary

 i’ve been drinking heavy

 killing ‘em niggas steady

2 hail marys

put this niggas in the serengeti

I dunno how you “put niggas in the serengeti” but that doesn’t subtract from how good this one is. It’s not classic shii but it’s pretty good.

Jargo feat 9ice

Encroaching your plans

Yes, Jesse Jagz got the roach in his pants

Spits that gabanna dolce for his fans

Most think cos he can

You know when I bang

Mechanical man


The first time I jammed this, I was pleasantly surprised and even since then, the surprise hasn’t really left. I was thinking to myself that 9ice would be the one to spoil the album but surprisingly, this is my best track on the album so far. Both artistes combine well on this one. I swear you have to jam it to believe how good it actually is.


Pedal to the floor

Ok, Now they got a nigga going serious

Everything I do is on fire like Prometheus

As much as Jagz tries to play down the electro-pop feel that this one has by using a rock-like chorus you still get the white-boy vibe that this one has. Nothwithstanding, his verses on this song are almost as hard as liquid swords. Check the final verse.

Sativa skit

An intro to the next song

Sativa ft Lindsey

She taught him all her knowledge and her wisdom

She didn’t want a nigga to get caught up in the system, In prison

An ode to the world famous herb. There’s just one word for the overall sound of this track and it is “smooth”. JAM

After Party ft Brymo

I’m spitting like a legend, my flow is folklore


I got your body kicking. The club is a dojo


I’m not really a fan of this jam. I’m just not feeling it but I know a lot of people out there will. It has this BADBADNOTGOOD jazzy feel to it. Even though I wasn’t feeling Brymo’s contribution, Jagga’s verses on this were sorta strong.

After listening to it a couple of times, I’m starting to get it but I’m still not feeling Brymo’s bit.


Wanna know Jagga, wear him out

Everything inna news you ah hear about

Jesse Jagga ah air it out

The video already had me liking the song despite the fact that Jagz’s “muscular” chest was all up in my face (he should have put a chest on. Sorry, I meant shirt).


The song is pretty good on its own too.

Bad Girl ft Wizkid

Baby girl call me jailer

Cos I’m a prisoner of love

Baby girl call me tailor

Cos I would mend your breaking heart

– Wizkid

Oliver Kahn. She ah keeper

She sweeter than me reefer

She got a good head. She ah reader

– Jesse Jagz


Another track that I thought would ruin the album but it surprisingly did the opposite. A strong cut that has Wizkid actually singing with actual words and no filler stuff. Another thing you’ve got to admire is the beat. Mad ting!


Yeah, we had kings in the palace

Now, we off balance

Time to let these niggas know to preach what the practice

Third world soldier. Nigga, everything is Fascist

Cling to the power while we burn in the Ashes


For me, I believe this is the best song on the whole album. The production is first class and that is saying something considering the fact that every single track on this album was on some grade A shii. If you’re not going to get the rest of the album, at least get this one.

I swear by Black Dynamite, you have to jam this.


Yeah, this album has almost no blemishes. The production all through was first class, the sequencing was on point. It was a smooth ride from start to finish. This album should serve as a blueprint to both emcees and producer, reggae artists and rappers. This album is on some whole other level.

There is no tailored for radio audiences track on this album as not only does almost every track sound so un-radio-like, no song(intro aside) is shorter than 3 minutes. This album marks a deviation from the norm. While I wasn’t expecting a lot of rap from this album, there was actually a lot more. And when he rapped, he shone. Same with when he sang. This album was perfect from a lot of angles. You just have to jam it to believe it.

It is albums like this that makes our job here at thareportcard harder cos we have nothing to criticize and we end up sounding like groupies or publicist or those dudes that wrote that infamous list.

With all that being said, this album deserves an A. If I had jammed this album before I jammed Burna Boy’s album, I might have given that album an A- but fate just wanted to jam this first and there we have it. This is an A.

Grade-A Jesse-Jagz-soldier