Pour out a little liquor for my ancestral spirits

This beat has a slow vibe to it with mellow guitar and some other instrument that I can’t figure out. This is an intro as it is supposed to be: short and with this “we present to you feel” about it.

Burning Bush (in memory of Hadiza Aboki)

My hope is in Zion

I know to keep my self silent

Cos the kingdom suffereth violence

Can you hear the sirens?

This track starts off mellow like it’s going to be like the intro but then the drums come in and change everything. It does not speed up anything but just meshes in with the beat and Jagz drops some mournful flows over this beat.

Bed of Roses feat James Mävrik

The rap game has never been much harder

Niggas get spun 360 like vince carter

I’ve been smarter

When I battle I bring sparta


This one actually has Jagz rapping unlike the previous one and he obviously has not forgotten how to rap. A strong cut here as he tries rapping about hustling throughlife’s challenges.


Every man will run away

If day never came and no sun again

If we only had the moon to stay

Real goons will come out to play

From the way this song starts with the Chinese movie feel, you already know you’re about to be hit with some crazy stuff.

 Not the best jam lyrically but he wins major points for the beat.

Where you at?

Shawty let’s see if you interest me

or you appreciate the intellect of this emcee

Or while you’re into just the frenzy

Cos you’re trendy

In your fendi

Not really feeling this one. It’s just too generic + last year. It’s not entirely bad but it just doesn’t need to be here.


Spitting legit

I’ve never written this shit

I took a big risk

Like I’m on a cliff

And even though the wind blow, my position is stiff

Damn. Jagz knows exactly what he is doing. This song starts off with him singing and getting it right then all of a sudden he starts rapping and he puts the track on a god level. This track just goes out to prove that Jagz is still the greatest

Sex and Scotch

Come gimme that like chocolate turn kitty kat

 me really touch ya silly spot

See me really hot

This one has a slow and sensual feel to it. It does not work as well as it should or maybe I just expected so much from a track called “sex and scotch”. It’s just okay.

God on the Mic

Hurled from the sky like a discus

A god has fallen from Olympus

Dethroned from high

Thrown from high

Another rap joint on this album. It’s like Jagz tapped into some part of his subconcsious for this one. The verses were on some whole other shii.He’s just throwing in totally unrelated lines. It’s as if someone was holding up word cards for him to rap a verse about each word he sees.


How a badman gon choose a wife?

See You only get what you do in life

This is another one that I like. It has that indian beat going on but with Jagga delivering with a sing-song reggae flow.

Steady Going

two shots to the chest of this Bloody Mary

 i’ve been drinking heavy

 killing ‘em niggas steady

2 hail marys

put this niggas in the serengeti

I dunno how you “put niggas in the serengeti” but that doesn’t subtract from how good this one is. It’s not classic shii but it’s pretty good.

Jargo feat 9ice

Encroaching your plans

Yes, Jesse Jagz got the roach in his pants

Spits that gabanna dolce for his fans

Most think cos he can

You know when I bang

Mechanical man


The first time I jammed this, I was pleasantly surprised and even since then, the surprise hasn’t really left. I was thinking to myself that 9ice would be the one to spoil the album but surprisingly, this is my best track on the album so far. Both artistes combine well on this one. I swear you have to jam it to believe how good it actually is.


Pedal to the floor

Ok, Now they got a nigga going serious

Everything I do is on fire like Prometheus

As much as Jagz tries to play down the electro-pop feel that this one has by using a rock-like chorus you still get the white-boy vibe that this one has. Nothwithstanding, his verses on this song are almost as hard as liquid swords. Check the final verse.

Sativa skit

An intro to the next song

Sativa ft Lindsey

She taught him all her knowledge and her wisdom

She didn’t want a nigga to get caught up in the system, In prison

An ode to the world famous herb. There’s just one word for the overall sound of this track and it is “smooth”. JAM

After Party ft Brymo

I’m spitting like a legend, my flow is folklore


I got your body kicking. The club is a dojo


I’m not really a fan of this jam. I’m just not feeling it but I know a lot of people out there will. It has this BADBADNOTGOOD jazzy feel to it. Even though I wasn’t feeling Brymo’s contribution, Jagga’s verses on this were sorta strong.

After listening to it a couple of times, I’m starting to get it but I’m still not feeling Brymo’s bit.


Wanna know Jagga, wear him out

Everything inna news you ah hear about

Jesse Jagga ah air it out

The video already had me liking the song despite the fact that Jagz’s “muscular” chest was all up in my face (he should have put a chest on. Sorry, I meant shirt).


The song is pretty good on its own too.

Bad Girl ft Wizkid

Baby girl call me jailer

Cos I’m a prisoner of love

Baby girl call me tailor

Cos I would mend your breaking heart

– Wizkid

Oliver Kahn. She ah keeper

She sweeter than me reefer

She got a good head. She ah reader

– Jesse Jagz


Another track that I thought would ruin the album but it surprisingly did the opposite. A strong cut that has Wizkid actually singing with actual words and no filler stuff. Another thing you’ve got to admire is the beat. Mad ting!


Yeah, we had kings in the palace

Now, we off balance

Time to let these niggas know to preach what the practice

Third world soldier. Nigga, everything is Fascist

Cling to the power while we burn in the Ashes


For me, I believe this is the best song on the whole album. The production is first class and that is saying something considering the fact that every single track on this album was on some grade A shii. If you’re not going to get the rest of the album, at least get this one.

I swear by Black Dynamite, you have to jam this.


Yeah, this album has almost no blemishes. The production all through was first class, the sequencing was on point. It was a smooth ride from start to finish. This album should serve as a blueprint to both emcees and producer, reggae artists and rappers. This album is on some whole other level.

There is no tailored for radio audiences track on this album as not only does almost every track sound so un-radio-like, no song(intro aside) is shorter than 3 minutes. This album marks a deviation from the norm. While I wasn’t expecting a lot of rap from this album, there was actually a lot more. And when he rapped, he shone. Same with when he sang. This album was perfect from a lot of angles. You just have to jam it to believe it.

It is albums like this that makes our job here at thareportcard harder cos we have nothing to criticize and we end up sounding like groupies or publicist or those dudes that wrote that infamous list.

With all that being said, this album deserves an A. If I had jammed this album before I jammed Burna Boy’s album, I might have given that album an A- but fate just wanted to jam this first and there we have it. This is an A.

Grade-A Jesse-Jagz-soldier


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