B.O.A.T.S II : Me Time : A Review


I’m ballin’ like Mr. Clean
I gotta keep my kitchen clean
God bless me like I’m finna sneeze
Doctor weigh me on a triple beam

Yeah the intro of this intro is pretty funny cos I’m just wondering what 2 chainz is still doing in his momma’s house. With that said, this is what you would expect to hear from him really, not a spectacular intro to say the least but pretty solid for his standards.


Whip that shit, whip my wrist
I might whip your bitch if she ain’t with that shit
Young whippersnapper, I might eat that snapper
Got a yellow bitch, gotta whip them at ya

This sorta feels like a continuation of the last track. It’s really not that enjoyable and once you might start to get into it, the  track ends which is sorta cool.


Throw it high, make you and George Washington head butt
OG’s never fed us, now young niggas fed up
Ballin’ so hard I deserve a and one


Don’t mean to sound negative in anyway, but for me, the album just kicked off! Most people will say this is the best or their favorite track off the album and I won’t argue (not that I agree completely). But the truth is Pharrell’s work on this track just allows 2chainz shine so much that it almost feels too good to be true. I kinda feel like Pharrell was just showing off his immense talents on this and who can blame him? Great song.


I get high and I fly past, I don’t know nothing ’bout iChat
I work in this iPhone they need an app called iTrap
I trap, shining like a night lamp
– 2 Chainz

I ride through the city my niggas got choppers
My bitch she’s so pretty that’s my pocahontas
Everything on me I shine like a trophy
– Cap 1


This is just one of those joints where 2chainz decides to indulge himself and address his haters. He just went on and on about what he’s been doing (getting money). We all know 2chainz has qwerky lines but this has a lot of qwerky lines.


Hang up on a bitch, call it crucified
Time to go to work, no suit and tie
– 2 Chainz

How I come up with this shit and all these verses that I kill
I have no imagination, everything I do for real
– Drake

If she bougie fuck her once then leave her hanging, dry clothes
I just built a cemetery, niggas dying to get in
– Lil Wayne


2chainz and Lil Wayne on the same track is almost the perfect and combo and with Drake on this, you would expect something mind blowing but in reality this track is just good and not mind blowing. It’s a solid collabo, I may not have really liked how the verses flowed into one another cos it’s something that’s becoming sorta of a trend lately but still a solid track.


Yeah, I’m the nigga, yeah, don’t forget it, yeah
Gold neck Tity, yeah, Lamborghini, yeah

2chainz wouldn’t want to release an album without a hit track for the clubs cause that would be cheating his core fans wouldn’t it now? This is a really solid one for the clubs, nothing new in terms of ideas but who cares really. TURN UP!


I call doin’ the 69 a favor for a favor
From the cradle to the grave (uh), shoot a nigga from his ankle to his waist, you can tell that I’m paid
Cause I’m high-class, fucked a bitch in her eyelashes (WOO), we in a jet, who gon’ fly past us?
– 2 Chainz

When I die, bury me inside the liquor store
Cause when I die, Fergie still gon’ be gettin’ dough (ohh) –


There’s absolutely no excuse for this track, like I’ve thought about it, there’s just no excuse. Fergie rapping on this was just a no no! And the flow of the track is just not appealing. I really just can’t see what audience this track would fit into, it’s really that bad and I hate to say that.


Fucked your girl on accident, that’s a hit and run
Heaven’s sake, it’s been a hell of a day
– 2 Chainz

If you owe me money real soon, then you better pay me
Me and 2 Chainz, Just like shoe strings, strapped like laces
– Rich Homie Quan


This is just one of those tracks that is just not needed, it sounds like he was really high all through this. And it features that skinny dude that doesn’t like putting his shirt on and the dude unsurprisingly just pretty does what 2cahinz does on this track. Yeah we get the message of this track but it’s just not well executed to be a solid track.



School of hard knocks
I am the man on this campus

Now this is so much better than the last two tracks. 2cahinz really gets into a very conscious element. He may not be a dope lyricist but he does deliver something cherish able for this album with this one at a point I was a bit surprised but some qwerky lines made sure I knew who I was listening to.


Niggas can’t even ball but bunt on you, them niggas lame
I hope you get testicular cancer in the brain, dickhead
– 2 Chainz

Daddy deserted so he now serves sandwich serving
Dreaming we had a furnace so cold sleeping on the curtains
– Mase

Mason+Durell+Betha+MBFW+Spring+2013+Official+dkO46Yr7n_fl 1362132327_Lloyd-Is-It-You-Lyrics

Yeah! The album just took a turn for the better. This is some of that good stuff a nice laid back vibe with Lloyd dropping some nice vocals. Mase, haven’t heard from him in like… he had a pretty good verse. 2chainz drops some really cool lines on this, might tweet some sometime. Enjoyed the relaxed vibe on this.


Appetite for destruction, and I don’t need a menu
So far ahead of y’all niggas, I can see you in my rearview
See you in my rearview one of your headlights out nigga


For any of you that doubt 2chainz’ rap skills (I think he’s good not Kendrick kinda good, not in that league at all, but I’m sure you get the point, just putting it out there) here’s one for you to listen to, his opening verse has him telling a short story which is pretty funny and it was nice hearing him try something like that and when he switched beats, it came off well. All in all this is one is def one of my favorites off the album.


Kill that pussy, pallbearer
You from that RuPaul era
I’m from that hell nah era

This song is pretty much like it’s title. The beat on this is just different, can’t really place my finger on it cos it’s so many sounds playing together and interchanging at different points. It’s just one of those that you really wonder “what’s going on here”.



And here you are, a black unicorn
Mythical, mystical, since the day that you were born
Mastered all the madness, let the magic have his way
Let the power paint the day, let the god have his say
– Sunni Patterson

Lyrically I could be Talib Kweli
But with gold teeth it’d be hard for some to believe
I leave them pussies stinking, they need Summer’s Eve –
2 Chainz

Sunni-Patterson Chrisette-Michele-u01

This one starts off with some spoken-word from Sunni Patterson which flows into the strings with the beat playing a bit quietly in the background and then 2cahinz kicks off his with his usual unexceptional lines. Preferred his second verse the most. Chrisette Michele was okay on this but not like as she was on “Aston Martin Music”. The track plays out nicely, the beat kinda makes up for any lapses so it’s really okay.


Tried to stack c-note after c-note
I’m tryna make it count like a free throw after free throw
Line, it’s a thin one between
Getting high and committing crimes

This track has one of those beats where a rapper could just come and shine on it, it’s a really good sample. 2chainz does pretty well on this, some qwerky lines, some good lines, some funny lines and in all, a good 2cahinz track and good end to the album.


Going by the fact that 2 Chainz dropped his debut album last year, I don’t think people were really anticipating him to come out with a sophomore album a year later. In addition to this, there was no hype for the release of this album, we weren’t even expecting it. Now to the conclusion;

The production on the album is good with work from the likes of Pharrell, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and others.  Even though all the beats have similar sounds 2 Chainz is one of those artistes that seem to love the sound of the big base “BOOM”, not like there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it works well for his style of music.

Lyrically, 2 Chainz actually impresses on a few of the tracks but still he sticks to what he knows on this album. A lot of ratchet, qwerky, basic and ignant lines which has given him his rap relevance. His swagger and style is not lacking on the album, he rally put his effort into this album except on a few tracks, some of which felt like a waste of time.

To wrap it all off, this album wouldn’t be in my top 10 rap albums this year for sure, it’s not like it’s not good, it’s just that judging by the standards of this year’s albums, 2 Chainz just manages to beat the average mark due to some really good tracks on this album. I just think he should have waited a bit on the release on this album cos it’s not like anyone has forgotten about him quite yet, he’s still relevant to rap in this time (yes you read that right, he’s relevant to this time deal with it). In the, this album gets a C+ from me.

c-plus-school-letter-grade 2chainz-4


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