Yeah, this is the review of Drake’s latest album/panty dropper/tear creator/emotion tape/tissue puller. I’ve been told that I’m a Drake hater (I don’t even know how or why anyone would think that. For crying out loud, Drake is probably my favorite female rapper) so for this review we’re going to be doing something different. We’ve invited a Drake fan/part-time stan to level us on this review which will be done in a conversational style. So, just think of this as a thareportcard special edition.

Weighing 400 pounds, 12 feet off the ground, the beast from the west, the bearded one, the shaman of the bootyful: @Dmldavies who is here as our Drake rep.

Also here is the second half of thareportcard, editor-in-chief, weighing 900 pounds, 24 feet, the black panther, the keeper of the keys of the 36 chambers, the dark knight: @OluwaJonpee. He’ll be supervising and will join us later in the review to give the conclusion

So let’s jump straight into this. Drop your comments and share the link


Dmldavies: Tuscan leather was dope!!

L: oga…

D: drake showed a little of his old self from the forever and congratulations era. It was a refreshing intro despite its length

L: yeah, it had the same whitney houston sample chopped and flipped 3 different ways for the 3 verses

D: plus it wasn’t slow/sad/make up/break up -ish


D: typical drake. Sick hook, very catchy and meme-worthy even. Plus if you’ve noticed, this is the song that most people tweet lyrics from cos people actually relate to it

L: yeah, seeing as the message has to do with him being caught between hard places in his career. Sort of a mid life crisis

D: plus the second part of the song sort of served as an intro to his rap scheme for the rest of the album


D: definitely one of the best tracks on NWTS cos it has a sick ass hook which is one thing people love about Drake but on the flip side, this is the shortest track on the album and he doesn’t rap much.

L: yeeeah. Everyone liked this one at some point, memes and all…speaking of memes, where is no new friends on this?

drake adventure land

D: I KNOW RIGHT!!!. No new friends was initially supposed to be the remix to started from the bottom, They even have the same vibe, but then He decided that it was too good for a remix

L: and he just handed the thing over to DJ Khaled. Seeing Khaled’s name on a record is a sure-fire way to make me skip the track.

D: he even referenced the thing on no new friends. “Mhen, this shit is so real. Had to restart it


D: one of my personal favorites if not my actual personal favorite. Too sick! So sad it’s short tho. Just one verse

L: first up, the title is just misleading cos for someone like me who expected to hear the WuTang’s lyrical blades or the echoes of the 36 chambers on this, it was disappointing but if you really don’t care then you’ll like this song like MAAAAD

D: LOL. I listen to the Wu too and I saw no relation

L: my fave part was when he refernced Raekwon “Machine gun raps for all my niggas in the back. Stadium packed, just glad to see the city on the map

D: the first 1:43 was just on point. “it ain’t about who did it first, it’s about who did it best. Niggas looking like Preach!

L: that line was a sub to so many all at once. He owned it just like the title of the next song

D: Nice pun

L: thank you, thank you. I’m a punstar

D: nah bruh. It didn’t work there



D: haven’t really heard this so much. Just twice, I think. It is slow, almost a little too slow

L: yeah mahn, too damn slow. While “wutang forever’ has Drizzy telling the woman “it’s hers”, this one flips it the other way. The Drake that showed up on this one is the one that people like me loooooooooove to diss.

D: LOL, he made himself pretty easy to diss here. I don’t think this is something anyone would want to listen to more than once

L: with that said, I think it’s FUNNY DRAKE PICTURE ADVENTURELAND TIME!!!!. Hmm..okay, that sounded better in my head.



D: this is one slow song that was actually good. The thing I didn’t like there was the repetition, sadly. But when he did rap, it was beautiful

L: yeah, the repetition was the worst part of the thing for me but a lot of people don’t even like this one straight up.

D: that’s cause the repetition is getting to them. If they listen to the verse, they’ll like it

L: My best part was when he lifted part of Ma$e’s verse from Mo’ money, Mo’ problems

D: which part was that?

L: who’s hot, who’s not. Tell me who rock, who sell out in stores. You can tell me who flo, who cop the new drop. Whose jewels got rocks. Who else making rap albums like it’s pop. Same old pimp: Drake, you know ain’t nothing changed . Except that Ma$e’s ended with “Ma$e, you know ain’t nothing changed but the limp

D: oh OH. I see. Nice line, that is

L: wait. Are we doing Yoda talk now?

J: moving. Moving on

FROM TIME ft Jhene Aiko


L: This one is gentle and mellow with Drake and Jhene Aiko having a convo over soft playing piano keys. Nice track but at the same time, it has the same problem that conversation tracks (including R Kelly’s trapped in the closet series) have: they get boring after a while

D: yeah, Well, it’s still his style and feel but it’s different in a way. He had a lotta sick lines tho

L: sick Or sickening? Mahn, I’m just kidding. he actually had some G lines on this

D: rapping about his relationship with girls and family. There is probably a story behind this one but I don’t care so much to find out

L: LOL. And I’m supposed to be the evil one here



D: I like this one. Feels a bit old. Like it’s the 70s or something like that

L: they were going for the Micheal Jackson – Quincy Jones feel and they pretty much acheived it. It sounds like a slowed down version of the Billie Jean intro. Not what I was looking for in a Drake album but it’s okay.

D: it’s a good track plus you could totally imagine MJ singing this

L: The afro MJ tho not the melted nose one. SHAMONE!!!

J: who is shamone?

L: iono. MJ used to shout that shii a lot. Maybe he is the invisible sixth member of the Jackson Five

L: 5! Jackson FIVE


D: there might not be much to say about this one but its generally a good track. It is sorta catchy.

L: I actually really like this one plus it bangs mad bass in cars. SWANGING!

D: Lol, it does?

L: yuuuup. It was made for car jamming cos Swangin itself is a car thing. “What is this?” “Peugot Music” “I love this Peugot Music”

D: LOOOL. The track is a bit “just there” to me



D: yeah, I like this one cos its like a sick rap verse after a long track list of slows.

L: yeah, I’m feeling this one too. We finally have a rap track on this. Tell the towncrier

D: plus the hook once again is sick. “She just wanna smoke and fuck. I’m like girl that’s all that we do.”

305 TO MY CITY ft Detail


D: I didn’t really feel this one

L: I didn’t even feel it at all. It is prolly the worst song on the album. I mean, what city is he even talking about? The niqqa is always claiming a new town/city like every month. Which one is he 305-ing now? Huh? Huh? NEXT!!!

J: Lagos?

D: prolly Maiduguri

TOO MUCH ft Sampha


L: Yeah, I like this one. This is the Drake that I actually like. The one that let’s someone else handle the chorus while he defiles the beat

D: LOL @ ‘defile’ but I like this one too. It draws more attention to what he is saying than to the actual chorus/hook

J: na wa for you people saying all I have to say. My only problem was how the Sampha dude kept on going “woo woo” while Drake was rapping

L: yeah, I noticed that too.

D: I didn’t before but now that you mention it, it’s a little bit annoying. Thanks for ruining this for me

L: you are welcome




L: iono mahn. Hov makes it really hard sometimes to argue for him being the G.O.A.T and verses like this are the reason

J: I get you. What is cake cake cake? his verse on this sounds like he just phoned in his verse and collected the check

L: I swear! And I’m pretty sure even Drizzy realized how wack it was but didnkt want to do no disrespect

D: LoOOL! I thought y’all were Hov fans

L: I’m the Hov fan. Jon P is a Nas fan. But there is a line between being a fan and being a stan. Difference: A stan would actually think Hov’s verse was fire

D: that said, I think Drake “killed” Hov on this one.

L: Co-sign

J: Co-Co-sign

L: like Co Co pops

J: would you like a slap to be sent to you thru the phone?

D: Just dial 1-800-CATCH-A-SLAP




J: Okay, so here’s the thing, was this album what I expected it to be? absolutely. First time I heard what the album would be called, I kinda had a feeling that the album would have an emotional vibe and trend to it like on TAKE CARE. So with that said, lemme give you my conclusion:

Drake delivers himself on a silver platter to be dissed on this album (I’m not taking that back). I personally don’t believe Drake to be much of an emotional guy as he portrays himself on this album. Honest? Yes . Yes the album is emotional and all, most of the themes are about ex’s, bad relationships and stuff he did back then and what not. Just plain honesty. Which is somewhat of a downside cos I felt he had dealt with that on TAKE CARE.

Musically, you just have to admire the work of 40 and Drake as a team, their work is impeccable. Drake’s ear for beats is golden. Though I must say that he should stay away from sampling when it comes to music. I really didn’t enjoy the music samples on this, most especially the one on “Pound Cake even tho the track was dope, he just didn’t do wu tang justice for me.

In all, this album is like 75% of what TAKE CARE was (I’m starting to appreciate TAKE CARE now). It’s a good album except for the fact that some of the issues are sung about rather than rapped about, a major minus for me. Yes I liked some of the singing most especially on “hold on we’re going home” (no homo). So the album is good no doubt, an album whose main goal is to sell records and not necessarily affect the music game or challenge his rnb counterparts (o sorry rap counterparts) in anyway. From me, a B+.

drake-with-fro AAMidseasonreports_b_plus



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