The latest album from Mr. Release-a-new-single-every-other-week. My yoruba isn’t that good so the potency of some of the lines might be lost on me.


Mad hype. Mad mad hype on the intro from Dotun. To say the truth, this Irritated me.

Esu Pofo

Before reviewing this album, I skipped this track so so so many times. I have no idea why but now that I’ve jammed it, it is really not a bad jam. I love the live instrumentals on this and dem bars but not really feeling the flow.

Rep Adugbo ft Pheelz & Buckwylla


Based on how well Olamide describes his hood, you can’t even pay me to live in Bariga. This jam has Olamide at his lyrical best and Buckwylla doesn’t sound as pretentious as he normally does. Even Pheelz doesn’t go wrong on his own beat.


The sampling on this one is just straight up classy. Ahmean, you just have to feel the way the beat follows the KWAM-1 sample. This song was good enough to make me download the song that was sampled. [Wait, you downloaded a kwam-one track, please, where’s the link?]

The song itself has Olamide rapping about coming up poor , getting rich and giving back to those who suffered with him on his way up.

Skamma ft Pele Pele

If you do not want to jam the rest of the album,ja? I beg you. I plead. Jam this song [I concur]. The beat is sicker than. Fxck. I have nothing to compare this to. Pheeelz is a god among producers for this. This beat be turning nuns into hoes.

Eleda Mi

Not really feeling this one. It has Olamide cursing those that stand in his way and thanking God for his rise to the top.

Not just feeling this. [Are you okay? You could sing this track in some churches and get the whole congregation singing and dancing if delivered well tho, this is Olamide basically in a musical  element he grew up with, solid one]

Baddo Love

Fxck mahn…How does someone make a love song sound so good? The title says all there is to say about this one.

Position Yourself

This is a dance track that pays tribute to the Makossa dance craze of the early 2000s. Good dance track. Wack rap song (if it is meant to be a rap song). [Not a through and through makossa like you’ll hear from Awilo, it sounds more of the Nigerian interpretation of makossa music with just the chords and tune but not the real core elements and vibe].

Skit ft Ketchup



Gbadun Arawa

Another Love song but while Baddo Love works because it is so unusual for a love song this one doesn’t work for the opposite reason. It sounds too damn mainstream lovey-dovey for an album from the self-acclaimed King of the Streets.

Motivation ft IcePrince,Endia and Pepenazi

f235f7c6356911e2bec722000a1f8c33_7 999291_622197957840419_289382707_n Ice-Prince-Adidas-2-1

Another track that I skipped everytime it appeared in my shuffle.

Gawd! After hearing Olamide’s verse, I was praying to God that Ice Prince shouldn’t mess the track up. Oh Lord please! And thank the Rap angels that he didn’t mess this up. Even the Pepenazi dude tried. I just dunno why Endia the hitman wasn’t given more time to rap. This is probably the best rap song on this album.

Church ft Viktoh

Ok, this is not as strong as the others but that is prolly cos everything else has been so so good. This one has a soulful feel to it even with the Yoruba verses and shii.

Sitting on the throne

This samples Drake’s Worst behaviour and has Olamide spitting about how he is aiming for his own seat at the top instead of fighting other rappers for their own spots on the top. JAM!

Mu emu ft B Banks

God bless Pheelz. Another sick beat that gives Olamide the licence to just do as he pleases to on this. Ahmean, he doesn’t even have to really rap. The B Banks guy almost ruined this entirely.

Turn up

This sounds like some King Shii and serves well as a bridge to the next track. This sounds like some Calabar Carnival jam. I actually like this one. [The way this track starts, the first 16 seconds, is just bliss for me]

King Shii

Pheelz is a moffacking G for this beat [the chord progressions weren’t all too impressive tho]. Ahmean, even Olamide cannot get on the same wavelength that the beat is on. He just has to resort to shouting and trying to drown the beat in his voice [yeah he failed to deliver on the beat, bored me a bit]. Nice track tho. You just have to imagine someone like Vector on this beat. Bliss.


Do I need to say anything about this one. Even Hausa men know the words to this shii. Prolly the naija-rap jam of the year and this is a jam that a lot of people won’t even accept qualifies as rap. [This is actually a re-mastered version of the original, nothing much different, the re-mastering could have been much better but still a JAM!

Dope Money ft Phyno


Put these two on a track together and you can be sure that the end result is going to be a sure jam and this is no exception. It is not as good as Ghostmode but still, this shit goes! [I really feel like these two shouldn’t have made this one, the genius of GHOSTMODE really can’t be replicated and this sounds so much like GHOSTMODE, this shit is not just as genius level as GHOSTMODE ]

Yemi my lover

Didn’t like this one bit when it first came out but I’ve warmed up to it now after seeing him perform this at that Guinness colourful world of more concert. Jam. [The ease of the beat is just soothing to the ear that’s why the song has so much mass appeal and the title is on point in terms of appeal, it’s just a really enjoyable soft song].

Rayban Abacha

This is my favorite single from the album. This just had Olamide ranting about really random stuff and he does it without sounding annoying.

Higher ft Bez


Bez is a fxcking boss! I doubt there is a better way above and below the earth to end this album (Olamide’s H-factor aside). This is as personal as Olamide gets on this album. The beat, the chorus, the overall feel of this just combine to make it a confam jam.


My complaint here: this album is so so fxcking long. Ahmean, I was thinking to myself “when will this end?”. 22 track album in the year 2013? My nigguh, FOH with that. Also, some of the features are not needed and Olamide,like most nigerian rappers, refuses to stay with one topic for the duration of an entire track. He veers away from whatever he is talking about to spelling doom for his haters/appreciating some fine thing’s booty/boasting about just how good he is. There is no track that gives a peek into who Olamide the person is. Almost Everything on this is party oriented which is not a bad thing but it would be nice to hear him kick some knowledge once in a while.

[The great thing about this album is that it reflects the state at which Olamide is now with his career. The element of joy, accomplishment and relaxation is all too glaring. It really shows how much he enjoyed making this album, it’s safe to say his found himself and I won’t expecting anything less than the quality of beats on this album (shoutout to pheelz) and the all around professionalism on this. The album also shows how far he has come, this isn’t a hustling album from Olamide trying to make a hit and make his presence felt, we all know he’s around and we respect him. ] P.S: listen to this album in reverse.

That said, this is a really good album and the larger bulk of praise for this should be given to Pheelz for producing what should rate as one of the best nigerian album in the last couple of years and Olamide’s best album to date.

I’m giving this a B+. Drop your rants in the comments section.

Grade-B+ BGEL-Horizonhotspot1


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