The return of one of the Greatest of all time.

Why did this review take so long to be published? Well, we’re prolly not worthy enough to review this

Anyway, all Stans can drop their complaints in the comment section.

Bad Guy ft Sarah Jaffe


Well I never recovered but tonight I bet  ya that what ya

’bout to go through’s tougher than  anything I ever have suffered

Can’t think of a better way to define  poetic justice

Can I hold grudges, mind is saying: “let  it go, fuck this”

Heart is saying: “I will, once I bury this  bitch alive

Hide the shovel and then drive off in the sunset”

This song has 4 verses and not a single line is unnecessary or wasted. Every single line goes to tell the continuation of the Stan story (the voice speaking on this song is the voice of Stan’s now grown up little brother). A great way to start the album by providing the end to a story from the first MMLP.

As much as I hate music videos, I’d love to see a video of this one.

Parking Lot Skit

Slim Shady gets killed in this skit

Rhyme or Reason

Michelangelo with a paint gun in a  tantrum

Bout to explode all over the canvas

Back with the Yoda of rap in a spasm

Your music usually has them

But waned for the game your  enthusiasm it hasn’t

Follow you must, Rick Rubin my little  Padawan

A Jedi in training, colossal brain and,  thoughts are entertainin’

But docile and impossible to explain  and, I’m also vain and

Probably find a way to complain about a Picasso painting

Puke Skywalker, but sound like  Chewbacca when I talk

The beat on this one sounds all “boy band snapping fingers and dancing”-like (but it actually samples a classic rock song) and Em plays that off so well with Pop culture references (Star Wars,Die Hard, Charles Manson) delivered in a way that just goes to show that he was having fun with this beat.

So Much Better

Bitch, where the fuck were you Tuesday

With who you say

I wasn’t at the studio bitch

What’cha do screw Dre

You went there looking for me

Boo, that excuse is too lame

Keep playing me you’re gonna end up  with a huge goose egg

You fake, lying slut you never told me  you knew Drake

And Lupe, you want to lose two legs

Verse one had me like: OH MY GAWD!!! Who is this girl? She has banged everybody who breathes. Don’t her legs ever close?

But then I jammed it again and realized that he was talking about the rap industry as a woman and how she treats him. 4 tracks in and no weak joint yet.

Only problem, I wish he’d stop saying “relapse” and “recovery”. I’m trying my best to forget that those albums were ever released.

Survival ft Liz Rodrigues

liz rodrigues

I can see the finish line with each line  that I finish

I’m so close to my goals I can almost  pole vault over the goal post

And if I don’t got enough in the tank,  maybe I can just siphon enough

To fill up this last can, man will I survive  in this climate or what

They said I was washed up, and got a  blood bath

I’m not a rapper, I’m an adapter, I can  adjust

Plus I can just walk up to a mic and just  bust

The opening hook already had me like


And the rest of the song just made me want to fist pump and jump around but I didn’t want to get kicked off the bus so I just did cartwheels instead…in my head. This sounds like war music ( It was even used for the Call of Duty trailer) and has Em talking about how he has stuck with the game and always come out on top even with the odds stacked against him.


And I don’t need no goddamn  psychologist

Tryna diagnose why I have all these  underlying problems

Thinking he can try and solve ’em, I’m  outside chalking up

Drawings on the sidewalk and in the  front drive talking to myself

Either that or inside hiding off in

The corner somewhere quiet, tryin’ not  to be noticed

Cause I’m crying and sobbing

I had a bad day at school so I ain’t  talkin’

Some cocksucker shoved me into a  fuckin’ locker

Cause he said that I eye-balled him

I’m not so sure about this one. Ahmean, I’d prolly like it if the mood was right and shii (this is prolly a good time to say “no homo”). It is not weak by any stretch but it just feels like going into cruise mode in the middle of an F1 race.

Asshole ft Skylar Grey

Performer Skylar Grey appears backstage at the 53rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

Quit actin’ salty

I was countin’ on you to count me out

Ask Asher Roth when he round-a-bout  dissed me to shout me out

Thought I was history

But goddamn honkey, that  compliment’s like backhanding a  donkey

Good way to get your ass socked in the  mouth

Lay ’em off it, but what the fuck is all  this thrash talking about

Woooooooo! This is some Ric Flair body slam shii. Em collaborates with Skylar again to create another sure banger. While this one prolly won’t get played on Radios, it is really awesome music with war drums and even more furious lyrics from Slim about how he has always been,is and will always be an asshole.


Let’s bring it back to that vintage Slim,  bitch

The art of MCing mixed with da Vinci  and MC Ren

And I don’t mean Stimpy’s friend, bitch

Been Public Enemy since you thought  PE was gym, bitch

The Beastie boys tribute sounds like exactly that with Rick Rubin working the production on this. This song just sounds like an Eminem joke reel despite the fact that he was shouting thru out. Okay track, I guess.

Rap God


MC’s get taken to school with this music

Cause I use it as a vehicle to ‘bus the  rhyme’

Now I lead a new school full of students

Me, I’m a product of Rakim, Lakim  Shabazz, 2Pac N-

-W.A, Cube, Hey Doc, Ren Yella, Eazy,  thank you, they got Slim

Inspired enough to one day grow up,  blow up and be in a position

To meet Run DMC, induct them into the  motherfuckin’ Rock n’

Roll Hall of Fame

Even though I’ll walk in the church and  burst in a ball of flames

Only Hall of Fame I’ll be inducted in is  the alcohol of fame

On the wall of shame

“6 minute Slim Shady, you’re on”

This is a 6 minute song. I repeat, this is a 6 minute song that has Em destroying a DVLP beat with dated references(Monica Lewinsky,Kneel before Zod,Columbine) and some surprisingly weak lines. This song just goes to show why Em is one of the greats.

Jammed this again and Fxck!!! Length aside, this is one of the best Em tracks in a while


I look like a freakin’ wuss, a pussy

This kid just took my stick of licorice

And threw my sticker books in a pricker  bush

I wanna kick his tush, but I was six and  shook

This fucker was twelve and was six foot,  with a vicious hook

He hit me, I fell; I got back up, all I did  was book

Now there’s using your head, Momma  always said

This one has Em spitting about how dangerous he’d be if he actually tried to put his brains to use (he’d prolly be a Mad scientist or some shii) over a dark beat that he made himself.

Stronger than I was

Felt like I was in for a long bus ride

I’d rather die than you not be by my side

Can’t count how many times I vomited,  cried

Go to my room, turn the radio on and  hide

Uh, we were Bonnie and Clyde

No, on the inside you were Jekyll and  Hyde

I, felt like my whole relationship with  you was a lie

It was you and I, why did I think it was  ride or die

If you’ve heard Kim from the first MMLP then you’ll notice how this song is a couple of worlds far away from the gritty and violent nature of that track. This song is a reply by Kim to Em’s accusations against her. Even though it is mostly singing I actually like this one.

The Monster ft Rihanna


Now, I ain’t much of a poet but I know  somebody

Once told me to seize the moment and  don’t squander it

Cause you never know when it all could  be over tomorrow

So I keep conjuring, sometimes I wonder

Where these thoughts spawn from

(Yeah, pondering’ll do you wonders

No wonder you’re losing your mind, the  way it wanders)

I don’t even have to tell you that this is a sure jam! This is their fourth collab and you can almost feel the emotion reaching out thru the speakers as Em spits about trying to save himself from himself. This is the Em vs Slim Shady battle all over again.

If you’re some sort of music snob, at least download this one and jam it to the end when the instrumentals take over.

So Far…

In a public stall droppin’ a football

So every time someone walks in the  john I get maddened

“Shady, what up?” What? Come on,  man, I’m crapping

And you’re asking me for my goddamn  autograph on a napkin

Oh that’s odd, I just happened to run  out of tissue

Yeah, hand me that, on second thought  I’d be glad then

“Thanks dawg, name’s Todd, a big fan”

I wiped my ass with it, crumbled it up in a wad and threw it back and

Told him “Todd, you’re the shit”; when  does all of this crap end?

I swear I thought this was Asher Roth at first cos of the intro singing.

This is one of the things that made me an Eminem fan in the first place. Tracks like this where he talks about his troubles (here, he is talking about fame) in a way that makes it sound so so funny. Another good one.

Love Game ft Kendrick Lamar


I’ll say it, you can suck a softball  through a straw, used to be my fiance

‘Til you sucked on Wayne, Andre, and  Kanye

Lebron, Akon, Jay, Lil Jon, Raekwon,  Ma$e

Polow Tha Don, Dre, Dante Ross, James  Conway, Kwame

Guess I’m gettin’ my g-god dang Jigga  on eh

Cause your name, I’m beyond sayin’

But fuck it, I’m movin’ on, you women  are all cray

– Eminem

And Kendrick don’t forget to buy two  pair of those

Expensive heels, you little fuckin’ ferris  wheel

Fuckin’ spinnin’ on me, fuck you think  we gon’ get married still

Fuckin’ Mary had a little lamb, this ain’t  no fairy tale

Fairy godmomma better tell you how I  fuckin’ feel

Like you should fuckin’ beat it or fuckin’  eat it while I’m on my period

Now have a blessed day”

– Kendrick Lamar

Before I actually jam this let me just say that I’m not expecting this to be any good. Ahmean, Zeus and Buddha shouldn’t be in the same skies.

Ok, this isn’t actually that bad. It sounds funny like a 1960 commercial but it is not a hardcore rap track tho. This is probably the strangest track on this.

Headlights ft Nate Reuss


But I’m sorry Mama for Cleaning Out My  Closet, at the time I was angry

Rightfully maybe so, never meant that  far to take it though, cause

Now I know it’s not your fault, and I’m  not making jokes

That song I no longer play at shows and  I cringe every time it’s on the radio

Wait. No. WTF?! Wow.

Is Em actually apologizing to his mom here? Fxck how strange the previous track sounded, this one is weirder. Ahmean, this is an awesome track that has Em going extremely personal and apologizing to his mom for all he has said about her. Even the Nate Ruess chorus didn’t suck as much as I thought it would but hearing Eminem apologize to the same woman he destroyed on “Kill You” is as weird as hearing Marilyn Manson sing gospel or seeing Ice Cube dance.

You can almost feel the emotion coming thru the speakers as he gets really personal on this.

Evil Twin


I believe people can change, but only for the worse

I could’ve changed the world if it wasn’t  for this verse

So Satanic, K-Mart chains panic, cause  they can’t even spin back

The curse words, cause they’re worse  when they’re reversed, motherfucker

[Shit, motherfucker] (rape your mother,  kill your parents)

And these kids are like parrots, they run around the house just like terrorists

Screamin’, “fuck, shit, fuck”

Adult with a childish-like arrogance

Wild ever since the day I came out I was like “merits, fuck that”

I’d rather be loud and I like swearing

From the first album even the gals were like “tight lyrics, dreamy eyes”

But my fuckin’ mouth was  nightmare-ish

This is prolly the hardest jam on here and it has Em trying to draw lines between Eminem and Slim Shady. This shit is hard as liquid swords. He even talks about not having any boy bands to diss anymore.

Dope way to end the album. You need to pay close attention to this to get it.


To say the truth, I was expecting this album to be kinda crappy like his last 2 comeback albums. Infact, just naming the album as a sequel to one of his greatest ever was a ballsy move in itself [though it’s not an actual sequel]. I can’t imagine Guns n’ Roses releasing Appetite for Destruction 2 and we can all remember how badly Hov’s Blueprint sequels paled in comparison to the original. That said, this album is a success. A big success infact judging by album sales (which actually don’t mean shit. Nelly went Plat and it took Illmatic years to go Plat. So numbers don’t mean shit.

This album has Em finally realizing that he is older now. His subject matter no more comes from the perspective of a teenager stuck in a 30-something year old’s body. He even apologizes to old foes and makes peace without stooping too low. This album is not as emotional or personal as his previous efforts. This album doesn’t just have him evolving as an artiste, it also shows how much he has evolved as a person.

There are no complete fails on the album. Ahmean, the production falls a bit short at times but Em’s lyrical powers save most of the tracks on the album. Also, it takes a particular mood to enjoy most of the songs on here and this album prolly won’t win him a lot of new fans but it also won’t alienate old fans too.

I’m going to have to rate this an A-

A-_2 Eminem



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