Fire of Zamani cover

2013 was a good year for Ice Prince, with the BET best African act award added to his other accolades, you could say he’s the man of the year and with an album to top it all off, a really great year for him. Let’s see how this album shows off if Mr Ice Prince has any Fire cos his first album was a disappointment to some of us who actually believed in his talent.

Stars and Light ft Ruby Gynang

ruby gyang

From the offset of this one, you know it’s just one of those tracks that has everything going for it. Though the beat kind of overshadowed the rapping on this and made the song sound a bit rough. This is still a solid offering for an intro.

Skit ft MC Longs

MC longs

If I understood hausa, I’m sure I would have found this a whole lot funnier.


We all know this one, dropped early this year. It just has him shouting “Aboki”. Really don’t know what it’s doing on this album VIP would have been a much better choice for me.

My Life

This a well thought out song from Ice, he clearly put himself into this. Despite his questionable lines that are never going anywhere most times, the piano element on this just makes a subtle impact on the overall feel and makes a bit enjoyable.

Mercy ft Chip


Another relaxed vibe going on here. He also gets his “Jamaican” on here for reasons I don’t know why. Never the less, Chip saves this one, not a prolific verse but considering Ice’s regular sub standard deliveries, he did well.

Whiskey ft Sunny Neji


This started with a very cool high life thing going for it then Ice just starts with this ‘whiskey, whiskey, whiskey, whiskey” thing and I’m like “are you talking to a dog here?”. That aside, it’s a conscious track, lyrically, talking about life in the fast lane. Sunny Neji on this track is still a piece of the puzzle I can’t crack.

N Word

Probably the best beat on this album, Amean it’s Donjazzy on the beat. Oh! Such a shame when a rapper doesn’t deliver on a dope beat, Ice should be sued for this. His lines were just way below the quality of the beat. Yes he rapped from start to finish but what’s the point if the lines are weak (I’ll just stick to jamming the instrumental of this one)


Here’s Ice from more of his first album behavior, singing and not really rapping. It even sounds like something off his first album. That said, it’s still a relatively good track but nothing special like his first album.

No Die Tomorrow

Back to the whole Caribbean thing again. I’m just really bored at this point (it’s not my fault). Don’t get it wrong, it’s not an awful song it’s just that it’s boring musically from Ice even though this might catch some airplay and the fans like it cos he talks about corruption, struggle and coming up.

Gimme That (extended) ft Burna Boy, Yung L, Olamide


Now this my Jam! My favorite off this album from the very moment it starts. Yes I’ve complained about the Caribbean thing, it totally works on this one. All the features worked well on this and Ice actually delivered with his verse. Jam!

Komotion ft Wizkid


Most people would agree that Wizkid is the go to guy for a hit in the industry, his delivery is mostly always on point. And this is no exception. He definitely delivered on this. Sadly, the same can’t really be said for Ice, maybe another artiste on this would have made it a tad better. It’s just an okay song.

I Swear ft French Montana


A lot of people actually don’t know who French Montana is (don’t act like it’s not true, it is). Even though it’s supposed to be a big deal of a collaboration, the track pretty much just falls apart.

Person Wey Sabi

The whole mix of the traditional highlife and guitar on this beat is really something. The rest of it is just Ice doing his usual thing.

Kpako ft MI Jesse Jagz


If you remember Nobody Test Me, you would know that these three guys were a very badass trio when it came to rap in naija. Though they may not be together again due to label issues, they come together on this to deliver a not so hardcore track but still Jesse Jagz on this was just bliss can’t really say the same for the other two.

Pray ft Sound Sultan


If you’re an Ice Prince fan, you’ll like this one truth be told. Ice goes about his usual business of rap-singing on an easy going good beat.


This one was a bit of a hit when it dropped and Ice goes on to re-master it. I do like the beat and sound of it and it is nice to see Ice talk on something about relationships and all. And though this is actually a good song I’m just not feeling it.

On My Knees ft Jeremiah Gyang


This is an indigenous track off this album, it just sounds very traditional with the help of a few synths and also help from fellow statesman Jeremiah Gyang. This sort of feels like a gospel track in some way which is alright. Not a hot way to end the album but still a good end to it.


Yeah so that’s another album signed, sealed and delivered by Mr Panshak Zamamni. And he should be given credit for releasing this album cos he didn’t have to really, and it’s not easy to release an album in Naija especially as a rapper.

Now to the album, there is pretty much no FIRE on this Amean! Is Ice prince really Ice cool to the extent that there is no FIRE in him? He should have just called this the Ice of Zamani (bad joke yeah? I apologise). But on a real tho, there is very little fire on this, you can count the number of hot songs on this with just one finger (yes one finger not one hand). That said, there were some really dope beats on this but Ice’s delivery is just lacking, most of it is just not that enjoyable.

This LP album is more of a rush-rush mixtape kinda thing the thought, time investment and careful planning just seems to be lacking on this. It just feels like a bunch of songs complied together and called an album.

Before I go all out and appear vindictive, let me just give my grade. This gets a C.

grade-c Ice-Prince1


One thought on “FIRE OF ZAMANI: A REVIEW

  1. You also forgot Tipsy ft Wale and Morell, which was actually a good track. Where the f*** is that track, huh?!?

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