This list went thru a lot of hiccups and shii. I didn’t get all the lists I wanted (the breakdown of the votes are in the next post) and there were some rappers who I had not heard a lot about before seeing people’s lists (Vic Mensa for example. Had to go download his mixtape). Anyway, enjoy and leave your comments at the bottom.


Jesse Jagz

Picture 1 -Jesse-Jagz

It has been said and repeated for years but because Jagz had been focusing on his production hustle, people seem to have forgotten: JESSE JAGZ IS THE GREATEST.  His album which was released this year has to be one of the best albums ever created on this side of the Semé border. He appeared on features and killed those features. It doesn’t seem like he is going to be resting on his oars next year too as he is releasing a joint project with Kahli Abdu. Expect the fire that is Jesse Jagz.



The single (Durosoke)off his album (Baddest guy ever liveth) has to be a strong contender for song of the year. It was even nominated for the Headies’ song of the year. Dude was so damn hard working this year. Seems like he released a song every other week. Also, this year marked a change in his style as he is now more comfortable switching accents, languages and flow.



Didn’t really feel him this year but the fact that not a lot of rappers actually did anything spectacular this year means that he finds his way to the list. Dude is slipping but his verses on Satan must fall and The 4 Horsemen are a sign of just how well Mr Abaga can be when he feels threatened. Ahmean, Loose Kaynon (who I hope will be on this list next year) almost killed him on the 4 horsemen.



Repping the east to the fullest with hard bars whose potency can sometimes be lost in translation. I didn’t even know non-Igbo dudes knew the words to his songs till he performed at the Guinness Colorful World of More concert and the crowd was rapping along. It is going to be pretty hard for him to top his 2013 acheivements but hey! He has an album coming out in 2014.



How did this dude get on this list? He is still suffering from the after-album-blues. For some reason, Nigerian rappers just fade for some time after they drop their albums which is what happened to the Vec. His songs with Pheelz have been good tho and I think we should be expecting better things from him next year when he gets back in the funk.

Ice Prince


This was the only selection that I saw coming. Apparently, there are people out there who believe this dude is the hardest rapper since 50 left porn and started rapping. The pun is obvious like an Ice Prince line. Mr Zamani was just grabbing awards from all angles this year, he had songs with international artistes and released an album which is more highlife than rap but still he somehow finds his way to this list.



I can’t explain this selection mahn. I just cunt (that is me attempting a british accent). Even Godwon killed him during the Notjustok list fallout period.



Another indigenous rapper who tries his best to emulate Nas. Ahmean, he really tries but let me not knock his hustle cos he is actually good. Dude also released an album this year after his first one flopped. He had a good year with features but has to learn how to pick those he features more carefully. That shii pretty much fxcked up his album.



Another choice I can’t explain. This dude is usually picked cos of that nostalgic respect we all have for him but even with the projects he released this year, dude has been caught slipping and should just retire to the land of guest appearances.



I’m really happy that this dude got on the final 10. He has been doing his thing for a while now and it is good to see all his hardwork finally pay off. His distinct style has even been picked up by other rappers.



The punchline rapper who can’t tell a story. This dude is certainly one of Nigeria’s best rappers but we are going to have to chill till the release of his album to see if he can go a whole song without a punchline reffering to him being the shit. I also doubt if his punchline-every-line-till-the-word-punchline-loses-meaning style would serve him well when he wants to tell a story. Anyway, I could be wrong. All that aside, this is one of the few Nigerian rappers that I actually enjoy listening to.



MTV EMA's 2013 - Show

Em had a quiet year till he dropped a couple of singles then an album. The album saw the death and possible rebirth of Slim Shady, maturity of an artiste who has long been accused of being stuck in the last decade and just straight up murder on instrumentals.

Kendrick Lamar


He did not even release an album this year. Let that sentence sink in. Now think about how many features he murked. Now look back at the first sentence. Now look at your favorite rapper. Now remember his ungodly verse on Nosetalgia and the fallout from his verse on Control. Now look back at your favorite rapper. Now look at the first sentence. Old Spice.



Someone must have really pissed this dude off last year cos he entered 2013 with guns blazing. For someone who is constantly mocked for his effeminate tendencies, this year has seen him mature both as a person and a lyrical swordfighter. I don’t even have to say anymore cos y’all know he is supposed to be here.

Jay Z


Hola Hovito the Presidito! Dropped an album that showed that even though he still has IT, he is on the decline. Guest appearances on songs and his tours (He is coming to Nigeria soon!!!!) just go to show how much of an enigma this man is.

J Cole

Radio 1 Big Weekend Festival - Day 1

Fxck the grammys for snubbing this dude. Just when I had given up all hope in this dude, he dropped an album that was just pure genius. Ahmean, it is the kind of shii that motivational speakers get motivated by. I still haven’t deleted any songs off the album to this day. True story.

Kanye West

kanye west

I still aint got the answers but this god here dropped what has to be one of the best alternative hip hop albums in a while. Forget his relationship with the Armenian. Forget his outbursts and rants. Forget his kilts and torn shirts. Forget his claims to be Warhol, Jobs, Mandela,etc. Forget his Nike Red octobers (coming soon. Heard Nike is finally going to release them). Concentrate on the music he has brought out this year and see why he is still highly regarded by critics.



Another dude that surprised me with an album that showed a mature and more rounded approach to his music. He embraced the live band instrumentals fully for his album and that paid off for him big time. Might have to call Wale to drop some spoken word at your funeral.



Indie never got so mainstream. NEVER. Don’t you hate it when you get an album and you’re telling everyone to download it but they all keep saying “nah!” And then all of a sudden, they start acting like they were there from the start? I hate it. It got so tiring that at some point I just stopped listening to his songs and watching his videos. For crying out loud, most of the praise should go to Ryan Lewis for those beats.

Chance, the Rapper

chance the rapper

Chiraq really really brought the heat this year with Chance,Vic Mensa, Childish Gambino, Alex Wiley and Kembe X all representing the city well but nobody repped better than Chance who just popped out of virtually nowhere with one of the best mixtapes of the year.

Pusha T


I really dunno why King Push didn’t get as much votes as I thought he would. This dude is prolly the realest for miles and had one of the best albums this year and that is saying a lot for a year that had MMLP2, NWTS and Born Sinner. What I’d love to see now is a Clipse reunion.

Vic Mensa


Like I said, I hadn’t heard a lot from this guy prior to compiling the lists and the little I had heard were from his features on other Chi-town rappers’ tracks but after Ree recommended his Innanetape to me,  Dayum! I don’t even fully understand the guy yet but what I grab so far has me waiting patiently for an album

Dizzy Wright


I first heard this dude on the XXL freshmen freestyle and I was impressed with the amount of knowledge he delivered in so little time so I downloaded his mixtape and I was even more impressed. Watch out for this dude.

Earl Sweatshirt


The return of the big lipped monster went well with his comeback album doing even better than was to be expected from a rusty niqqa. Dude can still tear apart beats for real.


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