Since We’ve been gone


Uhm…so we haven’t put anything up in a while and for the first time in a long time it is not because we are being lazy. Nah.

The thing is that no albums or mixtapes have come out which are really worth the stress of downloading, listening to, reviewing, listening to, typing out, looking for errors, correcting errors, posting, tweeting about and all that shii that we have to do every time we put something up.

Ahmean, Childish Gambino’s album was pretty cool and I had even written the review out but it just wasn’t it. The album is supposed to act as a soundtrack to a movie which was released with the album but I believe the music should be allowed to stand alone. Ahmean, Snoop Dogg’sMURDER WAS THE CASE came with its own mini movie but the song on its own already told the story perfectly without it so the movie only served to drive the song’s point home while in Gambino’s case it is the other way around. In fact, the full impact of the album as a whole might not hit you until you watch the accompanying movie.

My thirst for good music was so bad that I downloaded Giggs album which turned out to be one of the greatest mistakes man has ever made. I got the Dizzee Rascal tape which was cool but had its downside. It was like he had just one emotional level throughout which combined with the fact that he was always shouting and his gargled accent just made me delete most of the album in the end. The best album of the British bunch was TinieTempah’s album: DEMONSTRATION. Now that was a good album that spread across continents and genres.

There are two female albums that I’ve been really waiting on and one of them was released recently. Angel Haze’s DIRTY GOLD which turned out to be more talk than rap. She had these little “interviews” before most of the tracks that was just distracting. Deleted everything but ECHELON and NEW YORK the same week I got it.

Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip’s collaborative effort was one of the few good things about this break from the internet (should we call it “the hermit break”? we are calling it the hermit break). The album had one too many skits but all in all it brought back that nostalgic feel from SCENARIO.

The FRESH VEGGIES tapeby Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies was exactly what the doctor ordered. The beats were sick and everything from the guest verses to even the sequencing was on point.

The surprise album of the hermit break was Hopsin’s album because for the first time. His anger wasn’t misplaced and he finally realized how much he was ripping off Eminem. If you haven’t gotten the tape already, you should.

Let’s see….what has happened since we left.

Oh. The Grammys.

I don’t understand why people still care. The committee in charge of the grammys do not give two fvcks about hip-hop and rap. The only reason why they bother with the genres is so that they get viewers from the hip-hop world, who would otherwise be uninterested, to watch the ads, increase the number of viewers and express their displeasure with the ceremonies online (bad press is good press). They don’t even present the rap awards during the ceremony. All that is done before the ceremony itself begins and don’t kid yourselves by saying that the pre-grammy is part of it.

The funniest thing about the uproar that greeted the announcements that Macklemore won 3 awards and Kendrick won none was the fact that nobody mentioned Drake. Mo one talked about how Drake had been slighted by the grammys. Nah. It was KendrickNation all the way.

aaaaaaaand what does that tell us kids?

What it basically tells us is that the outrage is not because Kendrick is black and Maclemore is white. Nah. What it tells us is that people are finally beginning to see the difference between pure grimy hip hop that appeals cos of its poetic essence and commercially appealing crowd songs that are called rap because the one who says them calls himself a rapper.

There are a lot of greats who never won a grammy. I’m not saying that a grammy doesn’t look good on a shelf. Nah. I’m just saying “don’t judge a rap artiste based on the grammys”.

Pusha T

Yeah, so Push announced that he was going into boot camp with the Neptunes in preparation for his new album and the hip hop world went into overdrive about a possible reunion of the Clipse. I don’t think a Clipse reunion is anywhere in the near future. The only way it is happening is if Pusha accepts Jesus or No Malice decides to spit coke rap again. So, sorry.

Outkast will headline Coachella

Yeah, this one had me excited for like a day but then I realized that:

  1. I won’t be there
  2. There still isn’t going to be a reunion
  3. There won’t be a new album (fingers crossed on the issue of a solo effort from Andre this year)

TDE run LA

The rap world figuratively wet its pants when Top Dawg announced that all the TDE artistes would be releasing albums this year. Of the bunch, the album I am waiting on the most is Schoolboy Q’s OXYMORON and the one I’m least looking forward to is Ab-Soul’s. To put dem albums in order, starting with the most anticipated for me:

  1. Oxymoron
  2. Isaiah Rashad’s tape: after hearing his BET cypher verse I downloaded a crapload of his work and I have to say that i am enormously impressed
  3. Kendrick’s tape: I’m not really waiting on this one cos it is not going to be a concept album like the last one. It is prolly going to be a run of the mill based-on-a-mood album and I’m waiting on it cos I want to see what he would do with it
  4. Jay Rock: cos I want to see his hard work finally pay off. Dude was the first one signed to the label and still isn’t regarded as a star
  5. Ab-Soul: cos he has been boring me of recent
  6. SZA: cos I haven’t fully connected with her music. She seems like a cross between JheneAiko, Nancy Sinatra and Lana Del Rey