This is the review of Yung6ix’s debut effort. We’re just going to try to ignore some of the weak bars here cos they’re prolly going to be a lot.


Intro to Greatness ft. YQ, Wole Show Yinka

Body in Lagos. Heart in London

Fine girl left my feelings in a condom

So the album starts off with YQ hailing the cities they rep and 6ix then takes the baton and goes in as he raps about being headed for greatness. Downside was how he repeated that Wole Soyinka line again. It wasn’t funny the first time. Abeg shift.

Can you move please


Ilefo Illuminati

See this boy got bars, no panti

I no dey beat a3ound the bush, I no be hunter

But I’m out here looking for my dear like a hunter

First off, the beat on this one is just something else. It sounds simple and at the same time it sounds like head-banging material. 6ix doesn’t get beaten by the beat as he also pulls punches on this one and makes it his.

Kings ft. Phyno

Warri boy flow. You might hate this

Back then we dey dodge bullets like matrix

Didn’t know I’d live long enough to say this

But Warri made that. Now look I made this


This is a step down from the previous one in every way although he has good lines sprinkled here and there but it is not enough to make this track standout. Plus he should have let Phyno beast on this.

Notice (one tweet)

Pass me the shhhhhh. I don dey high since

Swagga l’omo. See na me your girl dey eye since

I speak the truth. All these rappers don dey lie since

Drive the girls crazy and I never used a liscense

Sometime in 2013, Yung6ix tweeted that he was the greatest Nigerian rapper or some shii like that and the internet pounced on him and Lord V dropped what had to be one of the best diss tracks in recent times. End result: 6ix replied with this track which is more singing and paying tribute to Fela than actual rapping but when he does rap, shii get crazy. A good track but not good enough for a diss track plus he doesn’t even actually name anyone

Who the fuck are you talking to

Before I go broke ft. Olamide

Mehn I hustle until I hammer

I’m living with Tony’s pain

That’s not 9ice, I’m talking Montana

– Yung6ix

Yeeba! Awa ni landlord. Eyin Caretaker

Won ni mo ti je’wo, mo to y’okun bi Obi Asika

– Olamide


Damn. This shii sounds like campaign music. That open roof music.

The verses? 6ix’s verse is prolly the best thing he has penned in a while. It has dem funny lines and word twists that made him famous in the first place. Even Mr Feature-on-every-track’s strong ass verse paled in comparison to Yung’s verse.

Lights ft. Yemi Alade

I’m sorry. I’m just thinking ahead

All I heard was pussy. She said fxck what you heard

J holiday swag. I put it to bed

Then I followed her orders. I fxcked with her head

This song is 6ix’s own ode to sex. It seems it is a requirement now for every rapper to have one on their albums. Moving on, 6ix isn’t even half bad on this one. I was actually surprised by this one cos I fully expected him to fail with this subject plus Yemi Alade’s soulful chorus adds another dimension to it. 2 strong tracks in a row. Niiiiiiice.

Say Yes (to the altar)

You make a fine boy wanna rock suit and tie

Straight to the altar. I’m talking you and I

You even turned my favourite alphabets to U and I

My baby you’re my Kush that’s what call you when high

Yung6ix is one of the few rappers that can actually rock a hook and still kick a good verse but on this one, the hook overshadows the rapping itself. It is a Good song but it doesn’t really kick in like that.


In the name of the Father, of the son and The Holy Spirit

I bought her the champagne but she said that she drinks only spirit

This is not the best track on the album.

This is not the worst track on the album.

But for some reason, this is my favourite track on this album. It sounds like a super long chorus. Ahmean, it is sort of hard to know when he starts rapping or when the chorus even ends. I’m not saying it is a really good track. It is just catchy as fxck.

i have no idea what they're saying but i like it

Picking Things ft. Naeto C

She asks for my kicks

She wanna know what the name is

Well, this is called “costs too much”

Promoters be talking how the boy cost too much

-Naeto C


This was one of the 5 singles released before the album dropped (Yes, 5 out of 14 tracks have already been heard).

Naeto spits some of his best shii in a long time. Stuff so good that it kills 6ix’s verse. Shii so good that we might as well call this Naeto C’s song.

Turn Up ft Ice Prince

—— I swear we no dey look face

Draw attention with the swag. We no dey use trace

Yeah, we lose friends. Oluwa knows we no dey lose faith

Chop money anyhow. Guy! We no dey use plate

– Yung6ix

My father was a cop so I was born with a Tec

So when a nigga pull a nine. I put 99 niggas on threat

Ooh yeah babe. I ain’t scared of touching the rest

Pretty with the floor. Even faggots pay me respect

-Ice Prince


Oh my Lord!


Ice Prince can still rap? Wow. His verse on this is a testament to how good he could have been if he never used the aboki flow.

6ix’s verses ended too early tho. If he had just gone on for a little longer, his verse would have been the highlight of the song. It feels like he robbed us of the full experience.

Highlight: Yung6ix’s 2nd verse

Heart Break Swag

You said you saw me in Lekki making out with Tonto

Always looking for a chance to leave

Cos all you really wanted was the ring: Frodo

While Lights was the sex song, this one is the romantic cut on the album that has 6 talking about a breakup and the reasons for the breakup. He doesn’t tell a story but he gets the message across in a way that only 6ix can.

First Class ft. Percy

It’s OTEE on the beat

K-K-T-B-M we legit

It’s Percy and Yung6ix. I’m sure that you can see the feat

My team will never lose. We never see defeat

I will be buried 6 feet before I see defeat

Another one of the singles off the album and I daresay that this is the best song on the album. The majestic feel of the beat, the way 6ix rides the beat and Percy’s almost emotionless singing. Ahmean, the first 10 bars or so centred around just one word: lesson. Jam!


He-gets-it ed yung6ix

Uhm…yeah…this album doesn’t come across as an effort to pass a message across or a particularly defining body of work. Rather, it sounds like a compilation of tracks.

Chill. Let me rephrase that.

This shii sounds like a mixtape with original beats.

I’m not saying it is wack but it just a certain Je ne sais quoi. That stream or line of thought that connects the songs on an album. This sounds more like a compilation of 6ix’s freestyles and what this even sadder is that it is coming from a rapper who should know better.

Ahmean, there is just one wack track on the album but at the same time, this is not an album that one can really present as a defining piece for Yung6ix. There is a creative flow on it of course but there is no fixed idea on this one.

I know I’m doing a bad job of explaining what is missing on this album but that is only because it is incredibly hard to pin point.

I think it would be best to just go straight to grading this.

I’m giving this a C


And now that I’m done with this review…



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