Here’s the latest offering from hip-hop’s number one stoner making waves at the moment (yes I know this review is way past it’s due date, but chill, you’re still going to read this, Yes? I thought so) Mr. Wiz Khalifa. Now let’s get to it.
This album begins with a scene painted with words about “blacc Hollywood” and on the same track, Wiz goes on to talk about the kinda “bitches” you’d find in this city of showbiz. Though it offers some truths, it however doesn’t offer any intriguing or well thought scenarios to engage you to an appreciable level. And this shows on a few more tracks on this album like ASS DROP and RAW. But it’s definitely what you’ll expect from Wiz, I mean he was still married to Miss “Twerk Dat” Amber Rose, so it’s totally permissible. And there is a bit of that whole effect of a married Wiz rapping like on the track PROMISES it’s really one for the ladies. It has him singing, rapping and just feeling a bit “romantic” and it lasts long enough to be remembered on this album.
Wiz being the stoner that he is would be obligated to songs about weed (yes I know I’m stating the obvious) and he does deliver that with his own specially branded joint KK (khalifa Kush). One this track has to offer in particular is a short verse from Juicy J. It also has feels like a moment where a huge amount of kush is being consumed at a time. Compared to SO HIGH which is a so much calmer side to blowing kush, the type of waking up in the morning and getting yourself to the level that makes you happy and staying at that level through the day. It has so much appeal and reaches to a level that borders on just plain awesome. And also there’s STAYIN OUT ALL NIGHT which is such a great vibe (I jam this song on my phone a regular) cos it feels right even though it doesn’t teach anything but hold up, it’s Wiz we’re talking about here.
It’s easy to get lost with Wiz at times, with his playful side and all that smoke in his system. But, it shouldn’t be taken from him that he can still bring it. STILL DOWN has Wiz spitting some of his real real with fellow Taylor-Gang mates Chevy Woods and Ty Dolla $ign. It’s a laid back tune with a nice hook but feels gangster, the kind of tune that makes you want to chill with your crew. Now, put that up with the collaboration with Nicki Minaj where Wiz talks about the haters basically. And he isn’t aggressive about it, he just speaks his mind, he living his life and having a good time. These two tunes stand out for me just because of how laid back they are and are definitely good choices for this album.
Regardless of the hit single WE DEM BOYZ which was a real hit, the memorable tracks for me on this album are definitely HOUSE ON THE HILLS and NO GAIN. These tracks offer real perspective in the life of Wiz. In these two moments, you don’t see much of the ‘stoner’ but more of the person that is Wiz and you connect with it and get to appreciate him a bit more.
In all this LP passes on some levels but fails on some levels. It doesn’t feel like a perfectly rolled joint, it feels a bit too regular, too predictable at times and too easy in a way. In some way, Wiz should have pushed himself some more and not just settle for an album that feels kinda lazy. Except for a few stand out tracks which aren’t so stand out, this LP sounds average and gets a C- from me.


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