This is the review of the tenth studio album of the Game
Bigger than me
Angry, that is exactly what the Game is on this track as he goes on a tirade about the current hip hop scene while at the same time boasting about the people who he considers his mates and superiors. The line about the XXL freshmen was especially harsh.
The anger in the previous track spilled onto this one with Game calling out those he didn’t call on the previous track. Special shout out to G-Unit on this one. Lol. He even uses Eminem’s rage flow towards the end of the track to great effect with the chainsaw beat helping to drive his point home.
Really ft Yo Gotti, 2chainz, Soulja Boy, TI
I thought Yo Gotti already murked this and then the Game just showed up and once he started with that slaughterhouse bar, I knew it was all over Jackie. That verse just spelled the end for Negroes. Y’all need to jam this song just for that verse as he starts with 5’9” and somehow ends with Rick Rubio. How? I know not.
Fxck your feelings ft Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
What is this crap? This is definitely not why Jesus Christ was born. In the Game’s hall of weak shxt, this has to be the weakest out there.
On one ft King Marie, Ty Dolla $ign
This song has a different tone from the ones before it. He doesn’t even sound pissed here. This might even be the romance track of the album. It’s just okay.
Married to the Game ft French Montana, DUBB, Sam Hook
This is a sweet jam and sounds more like stuff from the Jesus Piece album and not from this poser of an album. Montana was being shady with his verse but it was still chill as fxck tho.
The purge ft Stacy Barthe
This is the social commentary track. If you follow this dude on IG, you would have noticed that dude has taken a more mature tone and this track is just his way of saying stuff that the pictures he posts won’t show.
Trouble on my mind
The ideas, message and mood from the previous track are continued on this one with the primary focus here being the cop killings. Another track that hits the nail on the head.
Cellphone ft DUBB
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back to the WTF tracks. This one has the Game using Kendrick Lamar’s trademark helium voice technique. Just hearing that distracted me and prolly painted this song in a negative light for me.
Or wait. Maybe the track is actually just crap. Yeah, it is crap.
Best Head Ever ft Tyga, Eric Bellinger
Not the worst song ever about the best head ever. If this is all the “best head ever” inspired you to write then it prolly wasn’t the best head ever. Also, we’ve got T-Raw aka the sloth from Ice Age aka all tats and no skill aka Blac Chyna’s old ass wipe aka the Game’s bxtch aka run away from Lil Durk aka Bieber’s nutsack cleaner aka Tyga on this so you can only imagine the crap that came out of his mouth in the 25 or so seconds he was allowed to stand in front of the mic before he went back to carrying Chris Brown’s luggage for him.
Or Nah ft Too Short, Problem, AV, Eric Bellinger
I loved this song so much when the album first came out cos of Problem’s verse alone but now upon further examination, I’ve come to the conclusion that this song is actually that good. Despite the beat not being the best for the style of these rappers, they make the best of it with better sex rap than was on the previous record.
Take that ft Tyga,Pharaoh
Aaaaaaaaaaaand Tyra is back again. Join me as we ignore that verse.
Seems like the Game was just trying to showcase the singer’s skills. Dude’s voice is actually good but I feel like I came here for a rap album not this episode of The Hood’s next best singer.
Food for my stomach ft DUBB, Skeme
Hit Em Hard ft Bobby Shmurda, Freddie Gibbs, Skeme
This song right here is grimy as fxck with the beat and even the rage in the rappers’ voices. I’ve got to say tho that the chorus sounds like some Jasper Dolphin shxt (listem to “bitch suck dick” for reference). Skeme’s verse is the highlight here tho.
Black on Black ft Young Jeezy, Kevin Gates
This track has the Game once again adopting the flow of a featured artist on his own track and he gets murked as a result. Dude tried using the snowman’s flow and ended being the worst here with Mr i-eat-ass having the best verse here
Even though the Game’s style has matured along with the rapper, this record sees some steps back for him. He keeps trying to do what Biggie Smalls did in Notorious Thugs where he jacked the Bone thugs and Harmony and killed them with it. The Game has been trying this for years and while he is occasionally successful, he wasn’t at all here. Instead, he ended up looking like he was chasing trends and trying to please everyone. Ahmean, if this is what he could offer I’m worried about the DOCUMENTARY 2. Seriously worried. His lyricism is still what it was but there are too many filler tracks here and in the end it seems like he only had a few ideas and just decided to throw in mixtape quality stuff in here. The features were on point for the most part but those his tracks introducing his label mates were not needed. If he wanted to do that, he could have released a compilation album or something. Also, the Game needs Dr Dre back in his life stat!
I’m going to have to give this a C-



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