So here’s the tenth album from G.O.O.D Music rapper and legend in the game, Common. Let’s first take out a few seconds to thank G.O.O.D Music for giving us another album from another one of their prolific rappers because most labels are not doing this right now the way they’re doing it. (Thank you G.O.O.D Music).
Now that that is out of the way let’s get to this.
Common sets off this album with a Curtis Myafield sample where he features Cocaine 80s and an up and coming rapper Lil Herb on a track called THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. This track sets the tone for what to expect from this album. an album that addresses something close to Common’s heart, his city, Chicago.
There are some tracks off this album that I kinda had to question. DIAMONDS which features Big Sean who delivers a hook that offers the track as a more commercial single. And SPEAK MY PIECE which is a B.I.G sample of B.I.G’s “hypnotize” that doesn’t come off sleek even though this has a nice bell ringing beat with the drums and some wavy in and out scratching synths.
The vocal deliveries on this album from Jhene Aiko on BLAK MAJIK and that of Elijah Blake on REAL are really on the money. Like on Blak Majik you have a locomotive sounding tune with Jhene just almost blending with the sound all too well and giving Common the room to do his thing and when Jhene finally came on it was right. The arrangement on this was just alright. But it doesn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with Real. The soulful tune to this is the sound. Elijah’s contribution on this was the icing on the cake.
So there are two tracks with some really hard beats that should be mentioned. HUSTLE HARDER and NOBODY’S SMILING (the lead single for the album). Hustle harder features Snoh Aalegra and Dreezy. It’s a hard track even though it’s something that relates easily with the ladies “she hustle harder than a nigga”.
This album features a good offering from young talent and this young man Vince Staples is packing some heat. KINGDOM has a processional marching tune to it with vocals from a choir (or it sounds like a choir). The notable thing about this track is Vince Staples. His verse made this track that even much better than it already was. He almost eclipses Common on this and that’s something if I might mention.
The album comes to a close with REWIND THAT where he Common flashes back to how it all started and all that.
Truth is, this is a really good album for Common to add to his music shelf of work he has put out. Even though it’s just 10 tracks long except you have the deluxe edition with has three bonus tracks which are really good namely; OUT ON BOND which features Vince Staples, 7 DEADLY SINS and YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE which if added as regular tracks to the album would have made for a more wholesome experience of the idea Common was trying to push on this album. Grade on this, a resounding B.



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