The long awaited album is finally here and although we’re prolly the last to review this, we’ll do it anyway. This album, and I say this based on the track titles, is apparently supposed to be a concept album about Mr. Abaga’s rise to the top but while the track title reflect the journey, the songs themselves do not. It seems like M spent more time on the track titles and music production than the lyrics themselves. This is not to say that the album is crap (Nigerians will listen to anything with a groovy beat and the production here is top notch) as this is one of the best Nigerian albums since JagzNation 1. M uses that rap style of his that is super hard to copy. Some copy it and end up with afro-dancehall-pop while others just end up with some comedic shxt a la Vic O and Darlington. The production on this album means that even tracks with sub-par bars, features or choruses end up sounding better than they actually are. i shall now do a quick analysis of the album.
1.  Nobody: MI always has the best and most imaginative skits and this one right here is no exception
2.  Monkey: this one is full of quotables. Most of them being 2014’s funniest memes
3.  Rich: M’s flow in the verse before last and what he actually says in the last verse are worth the price of admittance. The chorus also isn’t bad at all.
4. Mine: watch these two try hard as fxck to recreate the magic from their first song together. People who listen to music through their anus should like this one.
5.  Bullion Van: I can’t even handle the beat here nor do I know how to analyse it. It obviously serves the purpose it was created for cos this one is a…. you know what? I actually can’t put my finger on what I like about this one but I feel like this is what Yahoo Boys jam before going to spend 8 figures in the club.
6.  Bad Belle: The best song on the album thus far with M not even trying too hard to impress over jazzy trumpets and a trap-like tune.
7.  Shekpe: this is the song with the divisive chorus. It’s either you find it funny and like it or you think it is some ratchet shxt pandering to the South West (wait. Which non igbo songs don’t pander to the SW?) And you hate it as a result. Ahmean, I’ve not heard anyone complain about the bars, just the chorus.
8.  Brother: the track I wanted to hear based on the title alone and it was actually worth it. This is a heartfelt tribute to Jagz and his brother from another mother Ice Prince. Quick question tho. Who are the fake friends surrounding Ice Prince that MI was talking about?


Can I get some more sugar in my tea please?
9.  The Middle: this track tho. I thought I would like it but I gave up when Olamide dropped that bar about animals and museums.

10.  Enemies: this is another jam I love. The line about people recording what you’re saying had me conducting security checks for like a day until I remembered that I wasn’t famous enough to be bothered. Another gem that M dropped has to be the bar about Judas
In every 12, there’s one Judas
For every 2pac, you’ve got shooters
For every Caesar, there’s one brutus
Where ever food at, you’ve got looters
11. Millionaira champagne: this song has what I consider to be Ice’s best verse (bar N word) in a long long time with that dope ass “16 bars “ ending. The beat sef was sick with Sarkodie’s line about being a charley’s (Charlie’s) angel serving as his own highlight. M, on the other hand, was just okay.
12.  Always Love:  based purely on Seyi Shay’s vocal performance, this should count as the best song on the album but M’s attempt to sing and the less-than-impressive verse just robbed it of all that.
13.  Wheelbarrow: the best way to describe this is to say that it works. One would expect the fake patois to hurt the ears but it actually works here because the beat is the MVP on this track.
14.  Yours: another track  I love cos this one says thank you to the fans although with the way he kept on saying that his fans are responsible for all his wealth, I just kept wondering why no fan has actually stepped to him to collect his share of M’s wealth.
15. Beg: quick question. Why don’t the people at Choc City want to let Loose loose? LK has some mean bars FFS even though he uses only the nice ones here on this mandatory sex track which does not even serve its purpose. I’ve never gotten a de-erection so fast.
16.  Human Being: 3 greats on one track and the result totally shows just that. The theme of this track is the vulnerability of people under the spotlight and how they’re really like the rest of us despite the packaging.
17.  The End: this oritsefemi dude is on a roll and even though he is not the star of this one, he almost steals the show as M thanks God for all that he just thanked the fans for in track 14.
This album shows that MI knows how to please his fans as this one contains what are now MI staples: hilarious skits, the sex track (Beg), the fan appreciation track (Yours), the God appreciation track (The End/Chairman), the Choc Boy track (Brother) except it is about the others and not with the others this time around, the clear-the-air track (human being) and the love songs (mine, always love). This is a formula that he has stayed with over the course of his career and there is really no reason to change it if everyone keeps liking it but stuff like that plus the fact that there is a feature on every track means that instead of listening to a king at his greatest, we are listening to a Local Government Chairman at his weakest point covering himself with features so that we never actually see the true him. Not once do we see the MI that almost wrecked the 4 horsemen. Instead we get the gala selling and jingle singing MI. this album has M pandering to the loud park speakers rather than the deep listeners who are looking for shxt that will make them throw their headphones across the room. It is for this reason that this album cannot be reviewed as just a rap album (if it is even that). Despite all this, the sequencing and positioning of the tracks is admirable and should be seen as a manual on how to do shxt right. It is sad tho to see lyricsm go to waste just so someone can sell beats. I think I’ll just stop here and give this a B-


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