Here’s the debut album of the bahd guy, repping the label “bahd guyz”, Barrister Folarin a.k.a Falz The Bahd Guy.
Let me first of all give this notice; this album is 19 tracks long. And that’s really long. But thankfully, it doesn’t feel too long and I’ll explain why.
Falz is a rapper (just incase you didn’t know). But far from your regular naija rapper. His style is unique, first and only of it’s kind I’ve heard of in the rap game in naija. He fuses all sorts from afrobeat, to fuji to highlife not just on his beats but also in his flows. He could go from rapping like a razz guy to rapping like a polished gentleman, he’s that good. No wonder he calls himself a “Bahd Guy”.
Since this is a debut album, let’s get to know Falz as he introduces himself to us.
First of, let’s meet the playful side of Falz. On tracks like TOYIN TOMATO & MARRY ME (ft Poe and Yemi Alade), he addresses issues of the relationships, in the former, he talks about a fed up chick who just wants the finer things in life and not interested in the love of the relationship. And in the latter it’s more about a lady who just is just in dire need of a ring on her finger and he goes in on this from the ladies point of view which makes it more appealing . What makes these tracks fun is the approach he has to the issues, he’s just laid back and damn right straight with his flows on a some really cool afrobeats.
Like I said earlier, Falz is unique. On JESSSICA, he goes on this fuji vibe from singing to rapping and just really showing his skill and talent. This is one of the tracks that’s really enjoyable both in sound and lyrics.
There’s hardly any naija album these days without one or two love themed songs added to the mix. And despite Falz’ unique style, he also delivers a really dope and cheesy tune in RIGHT NOW (ft. Dipo). Don’t know who this Dipo guy is but his vocals were a nice touch (he sounds like Timi Dakolo). The second is OH GOD which is a less memorable offering on this album. (L: that track is the worst)
Falz being a barrister that he is talks about the situation of the society in two different ways. On SENATOR he addresses a “Mrs. Senator” and about all the lavish spending while on HOW FAR (ft. Sir Dauda) he takes it from the aspect of the questions people ask on why the society is still in the state it is.
Now let’s talk about Falz the rapper. If you’re judging or doubting his skills as a rapper because of the single HIGH CLASS which was a hit, you should really take time out to listen to this guy. WAZUP GUY, WAZUP GUY REMIX(ft. SDC, Phenom), O PARI (ft. Olamide) are three tracks that show how good this guy is. And because of the way he delivers his rhymes, he makes it sound fresh but razz (or is it razz but fresh) but still dope. There’s also SEE ME which feels like a warm-up to something but shows a little of what he’s capable of.
I do have to say that some of the sounds off this album are just “weird”. Like the way he mixes sounds to fuse with afrobeat and come off clean is tight. (shoutout to his producer). CURRENCY is an example of this cool fusion.
Falz sounds like a really relaxed person and tracks like 1,2,3 (ft. OYINKANSOLA) and COOL PARRY are really just laid back tunes with him dropping some nice lines.
In all, this is a good debut album. Though it hasn’t been a hit despite the good beats and very acceptable production with a unique rap delivery from Falz, it still is a good album. i guess why it isn’t a hit album is just because it’s a sound most people are not used to. The whole fusion thing is something that deosn’t really sell in the naija music market. But if Falz can play his cards right, he could carve a niche for himself with his unique style and with time grow his fan base. This album gets a B- from me.



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