by Ladi


Ok. Don’t funk with Deja M. Trimble. From what this mixtape tells us ,she hood as fxck yo! Lool. She’s best known by her stage name “dej loaf” she’s here to redefine trap music. Working up the top slowly from her last album “just do it”, she comes out with a new mix tape to thrill gwer fans and get some more stans

“Sell sole” dropped sometime in 2014 and has lots of awesome peeps and songs on it. Ladi is going to break down the tape track by track. Legoo.

Bird call (4:02)

this jam has hood written allover it. It talks about how she hustles from the scratch, and apparently almost all her folks are behind bars.. of chocolate. Lol, you know what I mean. It illustrates how the urge to make money and blah blah (fades slowly) blah.

Flow: basic

Delivery : not all that but then again not so many chicks  rap this good.

Accessibility : real accessible. We all wanna get rich.

Rhyme scheme : none.

Imagery : quite vivid my niggas. Quite vivid.

Punchlines: zeroooooo.

Beat: basic

problems (3:00)

this started with the fact that her brother in jail alongside some of her cousins and grand dad. That’s a hood family maan. She also featured some guys that really didn’t make any major change to the track.

  •  Basically this song had mad rhymes
  • Plus you have to give to give this baby a 10 for her flows maan ,Not menstrual .lool (why am I not a rapper for God’s. Sake)

I don’t know (3:40)

this here basically talks about her “swagga”. And not to mentioned it that her father was taken away from her. Prison? I don’t know. Lool. She also sub’d some fake as a rappers “ fake rappers we’ll pull off your tour bud, iono wanna do no songs or do no features with them I ain’t no groupie Ion wanna take no pictures with them..” whose sub?

Delivery : superb

Beat/production: basic/crisp.

No rhymes but she painted a vivid picture of how haters hating cos she’s all all dappered up. Bae haters gon hate and potatoes gon potate.. pardon me, lol.

Blood ft birdman & young thug (4:33)

*rubs palm* this track Didn’t need birdman yo. And we thank almighty that young thug was a little audible. The song talks about how concrete her circle is- her blood. “It ain’t no hoe in my blood, now way no sir”. She stated that her pops was taken from her at the age if four and she grew up thorough so she ain’t a hoe.

Delivery was beautiful and just right it had this nicking minaj vibe to it. Ladi wonders what a song with two of them will sound like…

Charisma was ok alongside the imagery which was a little bit blurry.

No storyline here nigga, go look elsewhere. Lol.

On my own (3:11)

get ready cos you gonna wanna nae nae to this track. This basically talks about how she climbed the ladder of relevance all by herself. Also talks about ‘loaf living the boss life where she employs her friend and stuff. “Did it on my own didn’t need nobody came up on my own didn’t need nobody….”.

Basic flow with delivery that was just right.

We be on it (3:26)

talks about her status in the rap game basically

It’s has a wonderful flow with super basic rhymes and delivery.

Me u & hennessy (1:44). This track got thirst and senshual vibes allover it. She paints a vivid picture of how ladi thinks she prefers sex ; hen newsy included. ” I feel you inside.. no better feeling.. you shifting inside you gat me screaming.. you kiss on thighs and then you eat it..”

Yo! She painted some damn vivid pictures here maan. The rhyme was basic with superb delivery. Her voice really did justice to the mood.

I got it (3:41)

‘loaf, my niggas was just trynna tell y’all that she’s getting to the top little by little while keeping it real.

Pictures here weren’t so vivid but quite accessible. Basic beat with simple rhymes.

Punchline: “half these rappers is phoney they ain’t really getting money , pocket flat as my tummy..”. But how we gon confirm that flat tummy ma’am? … ladi wonders.

Ayo (2:57)

turn up theme right here. When she says “all my niggas” does she mean guys or her girlfriends? Well all her niggas stay turnt. Period.

Vivid picture.

No punchlines, basic rhymes.

Grinding (4:16)

this track describes her overall hustle as a rapper . “I ain’t Tryna working no 9 to 5 .. I got a hustle bruh “ . She talks about the perks of hustling hard – houses, whips, bricks, fame and blah blah.

Vivid pictures painted on a basic beat. No punchlines, ladi didn’t catch any.

The song is also quite accessible.

Never (2:13)

seems like the content of the songs on the album got better as you go further… just like the noodles at the bottom of the pot. pardon me Lool. This song reminds dream chasers that they shouldn’t be timid and not let anyone discourage them..

The imagery was quite clear. It had good content. And it is an accessible song.

Easy love (2:54)

mushy up niggas. This song discusses love until she said “put that pussy on your face…” and ladi was like.. wooow! Iono the nigga she was referring to but she said he/she makes loving someone easy. ” scratches on your back I didn’t mean to do that baby I couldn’t help myself you be fucking me crazy on the couch, in the….”.. I guess that’s love

Try me (3:57)

this here talks about how gangster this babe is yo. “Let a nigga try me.. imma get his whole mo’fucking family..” O.G babe this ‘loaf babe.

There’s nothing more vivid than than this yo. Don’t cross her. Period.

Accessible to we gangsters…

Awesome beat and basic Delivery to match.

  •     Like I’ve been saying, don’t fucks with loaf, she hood (at least she makes us believe she is, who knows?)  Overall, the album is typical of one with a whole lotta potential. All it needed was a bit more collaborations and that’s it, but still it was a good one. She has Mc lyte’s style but without all the nineties energy. Loool.

Ladi gives it a 6/10.

  • Thanks.


by Ladi


At first, I wanted to review the album as he does  rap albums (as its ice prince and he’s known as a rapper) but neh. Ice prince (Panshak Zamani),  has two albums out ; EVERYBODY LOVES ICE PRINCE –  2011 and FIRE OF ZAMANI – 2013, and on the 30th of January 2015 he decided  to grace us with this EP. Lets get deep…

CONFESS (04:15):

This here song has a wonderful beat no doubt. The song has Panshak ‘confessing’ how he feels about someone (a woman hopefully), and how she makes him feel too. No major punchlines really, and imagery was quite clear.

Delivery was smooth and alright with wonderful flow. the song is quite accessible.


Turn-up tune right here. This pop song majorly talks about the lounging lifestyle in relation to Elegushi beach. Nothing more, nothing less.

MARRY YOU (03:41):

The third track on the EP talks about his affections for someone and his intentions to get married, preparations and all.

MUTUNMINA (03:54):

The beat to this jam had this northern flow to it; the producer did a good job no doubt. Content wise, I could hear iceprince shouting out to his crew and tells us subtly that they are a force to reckon with. I don’t understand hausa much, neither do I know what ‘MUTUNMINA’ means, but the the song is good nevertheless.

NOBODY GIVES A… (03:42):

You have to give ice credit when it comes to flossing, and on this track he comes out to tell us that he’s still king in that zone. “I go harder than you… nobody gives a fuck about your whip.. your Balenciaga suit”

ONE DAY (03:35):

This song has a peculiar lively beat to it. The tracks centres round the idea of hustling in the ghettos. The general idea that one just has to keep working and one day he will find his breakthrough (can I get an AMEN?). He also made shout outs to several people Chopstix, Grip boys, AND MANY OTHERS. “See the gal dem ah eye my nigga till ah drop like a fucking visine ” – ICE PRINCE.

 Overall,  I believes ice prince could have done better. The EP didn’t really have any vivid scenarios painted; neither did it have content and punchlines one would expect from an ‘a-list’ musician. Nice one tho, if staying relevant is the game here,then he aced it. Asides that, ladi will give the EP – 40.