By Ladi


HEY!  This here is badass, no pun intended. The album is from joey badass (Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott). One album, 17 tracks, uncountable mind blowing lines etc. This is the third album from this prolific 20yrs old hip hop artist under the record label “PRO ERA” .The album dropped on the 20th of January 2015 (his birthday). here‘s a link to the review of his previous album . With the content of this album, only Jah knows what this youthful mind has gone through. Enough of that, let’s get cracking…

  • Save the children:

“im in chi-raq and im getting blown like the breezes. The chicken strip teasers, thighs, legs and the breast part is the cleavage, she even lick it down to the bone marrow. She in love but I aint got a bow and arrow…” 

I swear I had to listen to this track like 10 times and I still didn’t get to document it properly. The message ladi got from this track was joey being badass, lol. Mainly bragging with all the punchlines. No clear message. The first verse here was the same as what he spat on the BET cypher.

FLOW – smooth


CHARISMA– just right


RHYME SCHEME – complex

IMAGERY – blurry


  • Greenbax : (introlude)

Cute kid, cute interlude. Especially that part where he said he’ll tease women when he gets this greenbax- real nigga. let’s move on

  • Paper trail$

Here, Joey talks about money being the root of all evil and how “cash ruins everything around” him. How the pursuit of money makes good people do the worst things. The message here runs contrary to the one being pushed in a lot of tracks right now about how nothing is more important than money.

Flow: 10

Delivery: 8

Accessibility: not so much

Rhyme scheme: both simple and complex, imagery was quite vivid.


“… They put this mic on trial cos he be killing now…”

Depth, content and not so much of a storyline but hey this song is dope.  The song is introduced by a phone call with joey telling someone to listen closely to the song. The song also talks about the average black man struggling – racial profiling.  These Negroes better come to Africa where nobody tryna beat you up and spray some coke on you, Kendrick’s words, except the Africa part. Arrrgh! , fxck it. He talks about his friend in prison too, I’m guessing he was the one at the other end of the phone.

Charisma was chill, accessibility – it was out there in your face

 Rhyme scheme– was simple

Punchlines – “…I’m a schoolboy too, hopping trains, I just missed my Q…”

“Put our backs on the fence , so we self-defense…”

Imagery – 6, flow and delivery was just right too.

  • Big dusty :

“Lines so deep a great shark is what I reel up …Hit the flow and it can’t go realer, my whole camp gorillas, nxgga”

Don’t jock my style was the message he was passing across. Boastful lines also present here. Ladi feels he has every right to boast tho.

  • Hazeus view:

The most obvious part of this song is the chill melody in the background that just mellows you out. The song probably has joey in a not so right state of mind, hence, “hey jesus will ever get to see you through my hazeus view”… Wonderful flow, charisma and delivery not to talk of that chill beat. The imagery doesn’t come across as well as it should tho.

  • Like me Ft BJ the Chicago kid :

This track has about 6 verses and everyone talks about a different issue. From personal to social and almost political issues too.  Smooth beat and awesome content delivered just the way it should. Plus BJ was just making the song gay with his subtle voice underneath. Loool.

Punchlines – “So we burn the mary jane til’ the third degree

                          Some niggas bitin’ flows yo, that’s burglary”

Phrasing: “She throw it back like she time travelin’

                   Rocked the boat so well, she jumped out and started paddling

                   I’m screaming “Land, ho!” ’bout to hit for sure

                   I motorboat it slow then I ripped the flow”


  • Belly of the beast Ft chronixx:

This summarizes his life growing up. He gives shout outs to those he grew up with and he paid homage to biggie too.  Jamaican jam, you feel me?.

Imagery was quite it here, very vivid.

  • 99:

This is usually one of those songs, I didn’t really get the message in this song but he had some basic rhymes and superb delivery. ..” Brought my demo listens, I’m a demolition specialisI got the blueprint to this shit, Jay to the Oh Vee, If Blue was a prince, I’m still Joseph Kony, Niggas know they can’t ever little bro me, No matter how big they blow, they still a little below

  • Christ conscious :

This track has joey talking about his preme lines/bars and how he won’t stop till he reaches a godly level..  Superb delivery on this one, mad energy.

Wouldn’t want to be ya, dish lyrical fajitas. Got dragon balls, like my name was Vegeta”

  • On & on Ft: Dyemond Lewis & Maverick Sabre:

This here is a cool track. The voice on the hook is soothing and couldn’t be “perfect-er”. The song talks about joey tryna leave a legacy when he leaves this earthly chaos to go to heaven. This nigga tho, how he so sure that he gon make heaven. Lool. Hopefully he does tho.

  • Escape 120 Ft Raury:

This Raury nigga sounds like andre 3000, or that nigga had a child and didn’t tell us? This high tempo rap song describes how work has made joey distant from loved ones, friends and how things have changed since he started paying bills. Superb delivery, basic rhyme scheme and vivid imagery.

  • Black beetles:

This track here got one of em slow melancholy instrumentals going. The song talks about how the life of fame isn’t really what he thought it would be. How a whole lotta people wanna kill his potential.


This track talks about joeys childhood, being the only child with a single mother and how he occupied himself with music till he became a recognized rapper. The beat has this jazz side to it. Much love. Jazz and rap music will always go.  (if the rapper does it right)

  • Curry chicken:

Like most rappers aint shit without their mums. Lol. Joey talks about how fame been treating him and also his relationship with his mum and success. Smooth delivery with vivid imagery.

  • Run up on ya Ft: Action Bronson & Elle Varner :

“High class whip, be above the average, Headed north west, that two seater Kardashian”… the song has joey telling us that he wants his own perfect woman. If you listen closely, you’ll notice that jingly sound like Santa Claus around the corner, I don’t know why tho. Joey why? Smooth delivery. The combo wasn’t bad at all. With some other epic punchlines like “…Ask her, rode my rocket til I made that astronaut”.

  • Teach me Ft kiesza:

The last song on this fire album has joey comparing life with several dance routines, the beat –  up tempo., delivery- average.


In conclusion, joey is a mad lyricist. Watch out for this young dragon, spitting fire and shiit. Right now I have an ice pack to my head, because joey badass. He is not so much of a story teller tho, but he has the punchline game on lock.

In total, ladi says the album is a B


Thank you


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